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Friday, December 30, 2016

Can Openers and Coffeemakers Everywhere!

Hey, ya’all.  Hope everyone is doing great today, and that you had a fantabulous Christmas, and have a fun-filled New Year planned ahead!

Woo Hoo!  It's PARTY time!

So, last time we met here, I was contemplating a potential Red that could possibly bring me another new red coffeepot.  Well, here’s the update...

We all opened our new jammies—an idea I stole from Marie Osmond where I always get everyone new jammies and socks or slippers for Christmas.  We open our jammies first, and then we put them on and open the rest of our Christmas presents in our jammies.  Soooo fun!  And it makes the pictures really cute!

Of course, it helps if you have the right photographer.  LOL  Me and my boys on the couch...and I just now realized the oldest got away with having his picture taken in his jeans...that will NOT happen again.  LOL

Anyway, we were all dressed in our Christmas jammies, opening our gifts, when my twenty-year-old grandson opens one of his gifts and exclaims, “Hey, I got a coffee maker.”

I looked up just as my son said, “Oh crap, I put the wrong tag on it.  That’s gramma’s gift.”

Imagine my horror!

My grandson laughs and tries to hand it to me.

I stare.  That can’t be mine.  So I lodge a protest.  “But I already have two...and it’s not Red!”

That’s when the laughter really starts, and I realize I’ve been had.  I squint and scowl at my son as he roars.  “Gotcha.”  Then his wife takes pity on me and explains, “We got Justin a coffeemaker to take back to school in Tucson.  He just thinks he’s being funny by teasing you.”

Seriously?  My son is NOT right!  Something he clearly got from his father.

So, I breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t have to make room on my counter for a third coffeemaker.  Two presents later, I start to open a small box when I realize everyone has stopped ripping paper and it’s quiet.  I look up and they’re all watching me.  That’s not a good sign!

I look back at the box.  It’s too small to be another electric can opener, and way too small to be another red coffeemaker.  I think I’m safe.  I continue, while everyone watches intently.  I get the paper torn off, cut through the three pounds of tape holding the lid on the box, and slowly open one side very carefully, just in case my smart-ass son has decided I now need a collection of gerbils.  Nothing jumps out, so I pull the lid off and stare at my gift.  Well, it’s not an electric can opener, nor is it a coffeemaker.  But it is a duplicate of something I already have, and it is Red.

I am now the proud owner of a new (second) Red manual can opener.  So, I now have one in red, and one in white.  My son and grandsons are all howling, and my DIL is looking at me in sympathy because she knows this will never end.

But the good news wasn’t a coffeemaker, and it was Red...and everyone got a good laugh out of it, which is what Christmas should be all about.  So, I guess that means our Christmas was a rousing success.  I know I’m looking forward to next year...and, truth be told, I’m just damn grateful it wasn’t a gerbil!

That’s my story, wacky and wonky, and red all over—and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hang on tight now, ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Be Safe!


  1. Be careful! I'm sure they read this blog, and you might start getting dyed red gerbils for Christmas every year...LOL! :) I'd tell them you want cherry vodka and see how far you can take THAT one...LOL! :)

    1. Red gerbils -- I think you may be right, Tina. And now Kayce has to worry about that for another 51 weeks. Of course, knowing, Kayce, even if it does happen, she'll find a way to make us all laugh about it.

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