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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Woo Hoo!  Today is release day for my new book, Barn Burner, which is part of the Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World.  It is an Amazon exclusive, so you can only find it there, and it is Book One of the brand new Dallas Bradshaws Series...Book Two coming out in May-2017.

So be sure to get your copy today!!!

And be sure you read to the end of this post because there is a giveaway at the end.  YEAH!

Release Party:  All day today (1/19) on Faceook...JOIN US

Here's the new cover...

Story Blurb:

Fire fighter Tripp Landers has returned to Dallas, only to discover he’s still in love with Laney Bradshaw.  But Laney is buried under a mountain of life-gone-wrong.  She lost her parents in a plane crash, her feed store has gone up in smoke, and now she’s about to lose part of her ranch.

Will Laney come up for air long enough to realize she has a second chance at love with Tripp?

Will Tripp and Laney finally find their happily-ever-after?

Or are they destined to screw things up yet one more time?

Excerpt - Barn Burner:

Laney watched the firemen as they began to roll up hoses and pack up equipment.  When she spotted Tripp coming through the gate, headed in their direction, her stomach did a flip.  She was annoyed at the little shiver of excitement that speared through her, and she stiffened her back to brace herself.

As he approached Laney and Joe, Tripp removed his helmet and speared his hand through his wet hair, which she noticed was now cut much shorter than the way he wore it in high school.

She opened her mouth slightly to draw a quiet, steadying breath, annoyed at the way her body always seemed to react to her handsome childhood friend.

Tripp smiled and held out his hand toward Joe.  “Hey, how you doin’, old timer?  Good to see you again.”

Joe’s smile widened as he gripped Tripp’s hand.  “Well, I’ll be hornswoggled.  I thought you’d done planted roots in Arizona.”  He pulled the younger man close and clapped him on the back with one hand.  “It’s damn good to see you again, son.  How long you been back?”

Tripp beamed, and Laney had to will her body to be still.  This young man was a far cry from the tall, lanky boy she’d been infatuated with in high school.  He stood about six-two, with broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs.  With his piercing dark blue eyes and crooked grin, he put to shame the centerfold for the firefighter calendar she’d had hanging on the wall of her office.

She could almost hear the gulp as she swallowed the saliva gathering in her mouth.

Holy hell, settle down.  This is just your childhood buddy, Tripp Landers.  Not like it’s Ryan Reynolds. 

Her mind screamed, “To hell with Ryan Reynolds.  This is Tripp-freaking-Landers!”  Her heart was about to beat out of her chest, and she struggled to keep her breathing even.


For a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, be sure you leave a comment here, and the sexy Mr. Random will choose a lucky winner randomly at 5pm EST tomorrow.  So be sure to check back tomorrow night to see if you are the winner...'cuz I'll need your email address to send your prize.

This contest is strictly the shenanigans of Kayce Lassiter!

Thanks for stopping by.  That's my story, fun and fantabulous, and I'm stickin' to it.  Hang on tight now, 'cuz we're gonna go real, real fast!!!

Love ya,


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Until Dark by Mariah Stewart

Kendra Smith has experienced the old adage of “you can run, but you can’t hide” from your problems.

Her problems include an emotionally distressing past in the loss of her family members one at a time ranging from murder, suicide, and just plain unexpected death. 

Kendra took herself and her work as an FBI sketch artist from the west coast to the east, back to the scene of the (former) crimes.Product Details

As soon as she moves to her original home space she’s called in to sketch for a serial killer.  Not only is she in the scope of the killer, but she’s on the team of an old flame, Special Agent Adam Stark.  They have a short history that never evolved.  As the reader, I hope it does this time!

And I have to keep hoping because Kendra has so much going on with the loss of her brother then her mom, that it’ll be hard for her to separate mixed messages from their graves, her current work, and a man she wants, Adam, and doesn’t know if it’s still reciprocated.

The story moves along rapidly with many twists.  Although, my mind may have been unusually sharp to Stewart’s writing because I had the plot figured out in advance and the romance, well let’s say it was an add-in and could’ve been more complete at the end.

Sometimes a light romance with a heavier suspense plot is in order, and then this is the book for you!


Happy reading,


Sunday, January 15, 2017

January's Hodgepodge

The first failure of the year:

I had good intentions. Really, I did. I downloaded The Miracle Morning and gave it my best shot. Maybe just a half shot. The title should have clued me in as to why I would fail. Mornings. I don't do mornings. I set the alarm clock to have enough time to feed and clothe my kid before the bus comes. Sometimes I greet the bus fully dressed for the day, other times I might be in pajamas.

When it came time to setting the alarm a little earlier, I was either swatting at the snooze, or actually waking up. It was the latter that had me yawning for the rest of the day. My confused internal clock protested. So, after two weeks of fighting with myself, I tossed in the morning towel. Instead of performing miracles at the crack of dawn, I've set out to do them at night when my son is asleep and I'm on my second wind.

We'll see how it goes. I'm not asking for many miracles. Just to keep writing, plotting, and publishing. Everything else is just a bonus.

What I'm reading:

I'm half way through Dawn Kunda's Presidential Purchase: A President's Confession. It's an intense fictional look behind the political curtain. Shifting from past to present, it takes the reader on a journey of how's, why's and oh-my-gosh's. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait until I can sit down and read the rest. Interested? Here's the link:

Amazon Link

What I'm working on:

I'm in the home stretch of Critical Point. It's the second book of the Metal Girls Trilogy. Following in her sister Morgan's footsteps, it's now Piper Brennan's turn. Have you ever had a crush that you couldn't shake from your heart? Meet Van, Piper's first love and the man she can't have. Since he is a long-time employee of Brennan Metal Works, her family business, she can't avoid him either.

Coming in March: Critical Point

Want to start at the beginning? Melting Point

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Evolution Of a Story—The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Hey, guys, good to see ya again...welcome!!!

Well, it’s blog day and...once again...I have no stinking clue what to write about.  I’re shocked.  (NOT)

Okay, when I draw a blank, I sometimes look at memes to draw inspiration.  Hey, don’t judge.  It’s been a rough month.  I had a book to write and, of course, life ran me over and I didn’t start the damn thing until three weeks before it was due.  YIKES!  So, here I am, the night it’s due to be uploaded, and I’m still formatting it...and doing random edits in between adding a Table of Contents, beefing up a love scene, and trying to come up with something clever to blog about.

No problem with focus here.  LOL  And I’m pretty sure the clever blog topic thing ain’t happenin’.

So I found a meme a couple of days ago which depicted exactly where I was at the time.  I had moved from Box 1, where my story was hilarious and I loved it, through Box 3, where I decide it might not be as hilarious as I thought but it’s funny.  Then it’s sorta funny, seemed funny at the time, and now I’m in Box 8, where it’s not a damn bit funny.  NOOOOO!  My humorous romance sukkkks!

I’m freaking out, I’m out of time, I can’t fix this mess, I’m going to hide in a very dark closet.

So, I call on my muse.  The bitch shows up in a cheerleader costume, with pompoms.  She is repetitive...she is annoying...and she is freaking useless...


But I’m still trying.  I tell her to up her game and see if she can’t do something that will actually...I don’t, maybe?!  This is when the snotty little witch turns sarcastic, and tries to shame me into writing the story.

NOT helping!

Yeah, that still didn’t work...sounded too much like an old boss I had once.  

Then the deadline really got tight when I had only a week left and I was only five chapters in.  That’s when my muse finally came up with a method that would work...

Not nice, but effective...I always did work best under pressure.  LOL

Now I’m a couple of days down the road and I’m in Box 10 where I’m starting to think maybe it really is a little funny.  My hope is that by the time the story hits the internet shelves, I will be in Box 11 or 12, and the damn thing will be back to H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!  Fingers crossed!!!  If you’re a writer, you’ve been here.

Okay, through all of that, I persevered and the story is written...and it’s fun...I think...I hope!  But you’ll have to be the judge of that when it comes out on the 19th.  So stay tuned for more announcements and excerpts from this masterpiece.

I survived the process and managed to defeat writer’s block...which is where your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you. And no matter how hard you try, they won’t say a stinking word.

But there is always another story to write, always another plot to create, characters to wrangle, and more writer’s block to overcome.  So if you see me out and about at the mall, remember...

So be nice!  I’m under deadline, under pressure, and hanging by a thin thread.  LOL And I may be looking for someone to kill off in my next story...don’t be THAT person.

That’s my story, stupid and silly, and I’m stickin’ to it.  So hang on real tight now, ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Old Friends

        My house phone rang the other night. Usually, it’s just sales calls or something like that—have you gotten the call from Windows Help Desk, telling you that your computer(!) has contacted them and there is an issue? Yeah, I get a lot of those. I admit I’m not very nice when they call and my entreaties to not call me anymore get me absolutely nowhere, but I digress.
         My phone call the other night wasn’t one of those. I was pleasantly surprised that an old friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time called just to chat. She and I have that kind of relationship where even if we don’t talk for a while, when we do, it’s just like we talked yesterday. I’m sure you have friends like that, too.
She and I shared an apartment (actually two of them) before each of us married so after we caught up (you know the drill…family, work, health, etc), we launched into “Do you remember...” and we were off, reliving the days our youth, admitting now (in hindsight and much, much older) that some of the things we did were a little….crazy.
Oh, we weren’t bad. We were just young and naïve in so many ways and we took chances that as older adults we never would. Case in point: when we moved from one apartment to another, it was only two blocks away…so we ended up carrying things up the street because they wouldn’t fit in my car. Like what you might ask? Her hope chest, a kitchen table, my grandmother’s rocking chair, and various other things. Yup, we toted that stuff from one apartment to another. In the dark. In Patterson, NJ. Like I said, a little crazy, but fun (and a very long time ago….wouldn’t do that now….probably couldn’t do that now).
         We both remembered (how could we forget?) how broke we were and how I had a little clicker to calculate how much we spent when grocery shopping because we just didn’t have the money if we went over budget. And it was a tight budget, but back in the late 70s, you could get four boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for a buck! To this day, when I see that familiar box, I think of her (and that little red clicker at the grocery).
We have a history, a shared experience that taught us so much. We left the conversation with promises to call each other more often, which I plan to keep because I think of her often and I can’t help being so thankful that we’re still friends after all these years. I'm still smiling!

As always, happy reading (and visiting with old friends),

Monday, January 9, 2017

PASSION'S POISON by Lexi Post now at a lower price & at more retailers!

Passion's Poison is now available on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Amazon, Amazon AU and soon to be available in all Amazon countries!

I am so thrilled by this that I also lowered the price! This full length, contemporary paranormal book is now only $3.99.

Beatrice Rappaccini is tired of the one-night stands that keep her alive. Tired of the illness she causes when she releases her sexual poisons into her partners. But when she meets Zach Woodman, everything changes. Desperate for what she can’t have, she puts her heart and life on the line, ignoring the anonymous letters warning her to stay away.

Zach Woodman, logger turned chainsaw artist, has the perfect life, but no one to share it with after the deaths of the women he loved. Fascinated by the sexually experienced yet naïve Bea, he promises himself he will end their hot relationship before fate takes another beautiful woman from the world.

But he discovers Bea has no idea how to have a relationship, and he is perplexed by her strange behavior, hippie mother, six fathers and her request to give him every man’s sex fantasy. It is only when he might lose her that he realizes he must make a decision that will break his heart either way.

Buy Links so far:


An Excerpt can be read on my website since it's too hot to post here.  

I hope you enjoy this tale inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter" and that it warms you up during this cold weather :-)

Always, Lexi