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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Highlander's Reward

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I will be diving into a newly discounted book by Eliza Knight. She is one of my favorite authors. Just this week, The Highlander's Reward went on sale for just 99 cents. Check it out and read about the hunky Scot for yourself.

BOOK ONE: The Stolen Bride Series She belonged to another… But was destined to be his… Lady Arbella de Mowbray abhors the idea of marrying an English noble occupying Scotland. When she arrives in Stirling, she is thrown into the midst of a full battle between the Scots and the English. Besieged by rebels, she is whisked from her horse by a Highland warrior who promises her safety. But when he kisses her she fears she's more in danger of losing herself. The last thing Magnus Sutherland wants is to marry the beautiful English lass he saved. As the laird of his clan, he has a responsibility to his clan and allies. But when Arbella is attacked by one of his own men, he determines the only way to keep her safe is to make her his. A decision that promises to be extremely satisfying. Magnus brings Arbella to his home of Dunrobin Castle in the Highlands. And that’s where the trouble begins… Their countries are at war and they should be each other’s enemy. Neither one considered their mock marriage would grow into a deeply passionate love. What’s more, they were both unhappily betrothed and those who've been scorned are out for revenge. Can their new found love keep them together or will their enemies tear them apart?

You can find your copy here or at your favorite retailer.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Shameless Self-Promotion - Captivating Captains Box Set

Hello, gentle readers!
Doing a bit of shameless promotion here. My publisher, Crimson Romance (I love them!) is releasing a box set called Captivating Captains and my story, A Treasure Worth Keeping is included (whooo-hoooo!).
Here’s your chance to meet Captain Trey, my hero. I pictured Hugh Jackman the entire time I wrote it. Do you remember the movie Australia with him and Nicole Kidman? Most of the movie, Mr. Jackman is scruffy (unshaved, umkempt…you get the picture…love him like this!), but there is a scene where he cleans himself up—freshly shaved, hair slicked back, dressed in a white sport coat—that always makes me gasp no matter how many times I’ve seen it (hang on while I clean up my keyboard….I just drooled on it). Anyway, that’s how I picture Captain Trey.
         Here’s what A Treasure Worth Keeping is about:
Caralyn McCreigh has always believed in three things: that her father, Daniel, would never force her into marriage; that she could have a storybook romance with a man who sweeps her off her feet and a loving marriage like the one her parents share; and that Queen Isabella’s legendary lost treasure, Izzy’s Fortune, exists. When her father tells her that her marriage has been arranged, all her beliefs are shattered, and she does exactly as he hopes she will - embarks on a quest to find Izzy’s Fortune. She believes that if she finds the treasure, she’ll be able to buy herself out of a marriage to a man she doesn’t know or love. And who better to help her than Captain Trey, the infamous treasure hunter?
Tristan Youngblood, captain of the Adventurer and future Earl of Winterbourne, would much rather sail the oceans and search for lost treasure than settle down and take over the reins of the Winterbourne estates. However, when he receives news that his future has been decided for him, he knows he has no choice. He has no qualms against marriage itself, except for what he witnessed in the misery of his parents' union. He does not desire the same for himself, but instead of rushing home to England to court his future wife, Tristan accepts Caralyn’s proposal and embarks on one last grand adventure to search for Izzy’s Fortune.
Remember: Spread kindness wherever you go!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

ZOE'S MATES by Izzy Szynn and a $10 Amazon Gift Card Contest!

Zoe's Mates By Izzy Szyn
Izzy is giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. Those locations may be found here
Previously released under the title Sexual Healing in the Coming In Hot Boxed Set. 
Zoe's Mates has been edited with some new material. 
Paramedic Zoe Whitaker is set to become engaged to Saratoga Falls Hospital's Chief of Staff Derek Barnes. But when his twin brother Liam returns with his lover Brent Taylor, Zoe begins to think she's with the wrong twin. 
Liam and Brent came back from Ravana for one reason only, to claim Zoe Whitaker.

Buy Link: Amazon

“What are you doing to me?” she asked them. “Making you ours,” Brent brushed the hair from her face. “You’re our mate, we’ve waited too long to take what is ours. What has always been ours.” Lifting her by the waist, Brent laid her across the padded bench in front of the couch. Kneeling between her thighs, Brent opened her lower lips, before sinking his tongue inside her. “BRENT,” she cried out. Damn, that felt good, she thought, opening her thighs wider, her hands going to Brent’s head, pressing him closer. Suddenly Zoe was glad that Derek wasn’t willing to do this for her. It seemed right that Brent and Liam were the first ones to give her the experience she’d always craved. “I love this table, it gives us the right angle to do certain things,” Liam said.  Zoe’s head lowered, Liam’s cock near her lips. Mentally licking her lips in anticipation. She just hoped she did it right, “Liam, I’ve never,” she started to admit.  You’ve never sucked cock before?” asked Liam, “Derek is even dumber than I thought. I’ve been waiting for the day that I can see your sexy lips wrapped around my cock. Sliding in and out of your mouth, down your throat. ”“OH FUCK ,” she yelled. Her body stretched, never in a million years did she think it would ever feel this good.
About the Author: 
New York Times Bestselling Author Izzy Szyn was born in May of 2014 when a friend dared her to write. Born and raised in Detroit, Mi. Izzy now lives in Oklahoma City with her furchild Misty, the friendliest Chihuahua/Terrier you will ever meet. Currently works in a call center, where she writes in between phone calls. Izzy loves to keep in touch with her readers. Email her at
Find her on Facebook :)
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

PASSION OF SLEEPY HOLLOW only 99¢ through October 20th and a Venetion mask Giveaway!

Happy Halloween! Since this is my favorite holiday, I thought some celebrating was in order.

First, I've put the Passion of Sleepy Hollow eBook on sale for only 99¢ (usually $3.99). You can pick it up at all these retailers:

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Second, I released Heart of Frankenstein just in time for  Halloween, but if you're looking for a scary story, you'll be disappointed. This is all about the romance :-) Though if you asked Frankenstein's creature, he would say that falling in love is VERY scary!

Amazon      Barnes & Noble   iBooks        Kobo
Amazon UK      Amazon AU                              Amazon CA      Amazon DE                             Amazon FR      Amazon ES

Third, where would Halloween be without a Venetian mask giveaway? This hand decorated mask from Italy is up for grabs. Just enter the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be pulled on October 21st. Good luck!


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Assassin Next Door (A Bad Boy Inc Story) by Eve Langlais

Calvin’s life is two-faced…he’s an assassin when out of town and a suburbia homeowner in between jobs.

He’s a man that should keep his eyeballs in their sockets instead of allowing himself to be distracted by the pretty little blonde next door.

Lily has nothing else on her mind except to move into her new house, take care of her young daughter, find a job, and maybe purchase a few cheap furnishings to make the house feel like a home.Book Cover: Assassin Next Door

Although, the gorgeous man next door, who isn’t home much, is interesting.  Lily doesn’t trust herself anyway…her ex-husband physically and mentally abused her.  She left that behind and has no need to think another man might be better.

Until Calvin helps her with a few handy-man actions, Lily wasn’t even going to meet him.   After a few encounters, she finds he has a great sense of humor.  Really?  A job as an assassin?  He’s such a jokester.

Good, she doesn’t believe Calvin could do such a horrific position…an assassin.  No one does that. 

Calvin prefers to work out of town, but his village is being overrun with drugs.  He has to do something about it, and he’d never want his darling neighbor to experience a dangerous atmosphere. 

He didn’t realize she’s right in the middle of the problem.  Lily doesn’t know it, either until chaos breaks out.

It’s magical how a little (or a lot) of danger can sprout into love!  Lily doesn’t try, but she sure succeeds in wrapping Calvin around her heart.  Great contemporary/suspense romance😊

Happy reading,


Sunday, October 8, 2017

FREEING THE BEAST by Tina Donahue up for Pre-order!

Freeing the Beast - book one Taming the Beast series.

A reluctant witch, a minor god, and dangerous potions. Oh my.

Who said love and sorcery wasn't fun?

Erotic Paranormal - Romantic Comedy

Ready to read October 17

Please help get out the word on Freeing the Beast 
by supporting my two social media campaigns.


Book one in the Taming the Beast series

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

For Becca Salt being a witch isn’t all magic. Too curvy and lonely, she spends her nights running a makeover service for demons, vamps, weres and zombies who want to project a more human, normal side. Their goal? To get the babes without the authorities hunting them down like rabid dogs. Once Becca suppresses the worst of their beast, they’re on the hunt and gone.

Dating has been a definite bitch for Eric Diletto. Although he’s hot and hung, he’s also one of Cupid’s descendants—a god born to believe in courtship, courtesy and all that other junk. Tired of women dumping him for the bad boys, Eric hires Becca to release his inner beast. Grrrr.

Two potions later, they’re crawling all over each other. With Eric’s newfound dominance, he’s definitely the man. And the god, who intends to take Becca here, there and everywhere. Who said sorcery and love wasn’t fun?

Warning—a witchdoctor’s nightmare. Contains potions with weird side effects, a sorceress with limited magical skills and a yearning heart, plus a minor god who wants to get down and dirty. Bad, bad boy.


“You’re going to do my treatments in here?” There wasn’t any equipment around or things one might use for magic, like chicken feet, wands and other stuff.

“Before we begin, you need to read this.” She slid the papers she’d been reading across the desk to him.

He grabbed a chair and sat. “Is that the process?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It’s the contract you have to sign or nothing, and I do mean nothing, happens.”

Jesus, she was hardcore today. As a rule, business owners were that way with people who didn’t want their services, not ones who did. He bounced the inch-thick papers on his palm to test their weight. “I’m guessing this sucker weighs a pound. Am I right?”

She drummed her fingertips on her naked belly. Tiny silver stars cascaded from her navel. Each time she breathed, the jewelry caught the light.

He wanted to kiss the baubles and her dewy flesh.

She wore the same basic outfit she had when they had first met—flowy pants and a top that tied beneath her breasts, only these were in sapphire blue. The same shade as her eyes. Her makeup was no less dramatic than the last time—crimson lipstick that made her mouth undeniably kissable and black stuff surrounding her lids.

What a babe. Too bad she wasn’t into him. Maybe with the junk she came up with to bring out his beast, she would be. “Is your service usually this complicated?” He lifted the papers and hoped she wasn’t using them to run him off.

“The contract is simply full disclosure to help you understand the process. So you’re completely protected.”

A Wall Street hedge fund manager couldn’t have sounded as evasive. “Protected against what?”

Her face paled. She gestured to the papers he held. “It’s all in there. Go on, read it.”

“That could take days.”

She glanced to the right, the left and past him. When she’d run out of places to look, she dragged her attention back to his face. “Most of it’s standard legal junk. I’ve highlighted the important parts.”

“The ones that will release my inner beast.”

“In a manner of speaking.”

That again. She sounded far less confident than Eric would have liked or expected. He dropped the contract on her desk. The draft it created sent other papers floating to the edge.

Becca caught them before they fell to the floor. Her top gapped, exposing her lacy black bra. He gripped his chair and leaned up, rubbernecking.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Woo Hoo! New BMG Release...Get Yours TODAY!

Hey gang, hope everyone is doing well.  Hugs to you all.  I've gotta run because I'm working like a crazy woman on my next story, but I wanted to stop by real quick and let you know that the Butterscotch Martini Girls have a new release out.  Yay!!!

This is a collection of four stories from USA Today, NY Times, and Amazon best selling authors.  So hurry over and check it out.  The cowboys inside are as H-O-T as the one on the cover.  


So head on over and check it out now.  These are some fabulous authors, and you won't want to miss out.  Just to make it even better...the book is just...

99c for a limited time only.


That's my story, fun and fantabulous, and I'm stickin' to it.  Hang on tight now, 'cuz we're gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,