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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Progress on Wife Wanted (or lack thereof)


        Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
It’s Sunday morning again. A little hot and humid in Phoenix, but I’m surviving by hibernating in my nicely air-conditioned house.
What’s new for me? Nothing really. It’s the same old, same old, but that’s good. I’m not one for changes to my routine (because, you know, routines are sacred).
I have been writing. Not a whole lot (even though I fire up the computer every morning). I seem to be a little stuck (hahahahaha – what else is new?). I’ve gone back over what I’ve written so far (I’m working on Wife Wanted, the second in the Wife Series) and I’ve come to the conclusion (with the much-appreciated help of my critique partner) that I’m lacking some conflict. Well, not on the hero’s part….he’s got plenty, but on the heroine’s side so it’s back to the drawing board. I don’t have to get rid of anything (thankfully), but I need to add more to show her conflict (she has her own “baggage”…I just didn’t include it and boy, that was kinda odd). Not sure why I didn’t do that. You’d like them both. They really are destined to be with each other!
I’m still submitting my other completed novels to various publishers, still crossing my fingers, still hoping.
The day job remains crazy busy, but that’s a good thing. It keeps my brain humming along like a well-oiled machine (hahahaha!).
And that’s all for me. I’m off to the grocery store. Think I’ll being my defibrillator with me for that sticker shock at the check-out.
Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Thick as Thieves by Sandra Brown

The only thing to get thieves to rat on one another is the woman, no matter what the consequences to themselves.

Arden Maxwell returns to her home town and deserted childhood home.  Her mother passed when she was a child, and her father has been missing since the great heist of Caddo Lake, Texas.  Her father is blamed for the murder during the robbery, and she wants answers.

The small town immediately becomes on alert when she arrives.  Two co-conspirators of the heist remain in town, the corrupt district attorney, Rusty Dyle, and Ledge Burnet whom owns the local bar.  Not a word has been whispered between the thieves in the last twenty years.

They are both watching her closely.

Against Arden's sisters wishes, she immediately sets out to fix the dilapidated home.  No one will do the work except Ledge.  Grudgingly he agrees to be the contractor.  At least he can keep an eye on her.  

Although, Ledge loves what he sees and is afraid of bringing trouble her way.  Rusty has connections and gets rid of anyone he finds disagreeable.  

Arden and Ledge mutually fight their attraction, yet some things are too big to battle.

Sandra Brown masters the surprise in her story.  Whatever you think comes next, think again and you'll still be amazed.  Mystery, romance, deception, and death create the headline for this novel.

Happy reading,



Friday, July 15, 2022

TRACE'S TROUBLE by Lexi Post on Sale for 99¢ for a limited time!

Trace's Trouble

(Last Chance #2)

by Lexi Post

This second book in the Last Chance series is on sale for 99¢ for a few weeks. This is a 7 book far. Enjoy 😊 

Cowboy Trace Williams thought he had trouble when his wife served him with divorce papers, forcing him to move to his cousin’s horse rescue ranch. But that was nothing compared to handling the female squatter he’s supposed to evict from Last Chance Ranch. Though she’s a crack shot and has no use for politeness or subtlety, her ability to communicate with animals has him seeking her out on behalf of the ranch…and himself.

Whisper Adams lives off the grid. She cares for her invalid uncle and watches over the wildlife that finds her. The animals are more trustworthy than the people she’s encountered. So when a hard-bodied, easy going cowboy arrives at her trailer and causes her heart to race, she’s anxious for him to leave, until he asks for her help at the ranch.

Since they end up together more often than she prefers, Whisper doesn’t deny her attraction to Trace, who introduces her to new experiences, from riding horses to an erotic night in bed. But mixing with people, any people, opens her to new threats. This relationship might cost Trace his heart, but it could very well cost Whisper her life.

Buy Links:

Amazon | B & N | AppleBooks | Kobo | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

First Look


          Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
        Well, it’s Sunday morning as I write this (and it’s been a lovely weekend…a little hot, but what do I expect, living in Phoenix in July?!?!?). I have, so far, completed half of my Sunday chores, so I’m right on schedule (Sunday is my busy day where I do as much as I can to get ready for the work week ahead. I do them early because who wants to go out in the heat?).
        What else have I done in addition to half my chores? I got to read the first chapter of my critique partner’s new story! Would it be bad of me (or biased) to say that I love it!?!??! I don’t think so. Quite frankly, the woman amazes me. She can go from Sci-Fi/Fantasy to modern day cowboys to Regency England without batting an eyelash! She, on the other hand, has read the first chapter of my new story (the one I’ve been working and getting derailed on and I finally figured out why…I have hit the middle of the story where I always have trouble. Ugh!). I have not looked at her comments yet, but I think she enjoyed it (I write much differently than she…I write historical westerns as opposed to modern day cowboys and I would never venture into Sci-Fi/Fantasy or Regency—there are no cowboys in these genres—well, there could be. Hmmm, something to think about).
        Well, that’s it for me. Off to the grocery store for my weekly mini-heart attack. Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Orphan Collector by Ellen Marie Wiseman

 The Philadelphia homes and streets are ravaged by the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.  Pia Lange loves her home, family, and life before the autumn and the sickness prevails in everyone's life.

As a young teen, Pia lives in the countryside of Pennsylvania until her father moves the family to the city for new work.  He leaves for WWI in Europe and her mother and twin baby brothers are left to fight the flu and their German ancestry.

Flynn is the only friend Pia can rely on.  As a young man, he walks her to school and stands up for her when anti-German slurs are yelled.   

Many months pass and Pia is separated from Flynn.  Neither is aware of why, whether it's the flu, lack of home, food, or doings of police or orphan authorities.  

There is one suspicious person, Bernice Groves, who plays an integral part in the separation of Pia and Flynn.  Groves takes advantage of the weak during a crisis and focuses on babies and children.  She is unnoticed in her activities until odd pieces of information begin to collect in Pia's experiences.

I just hope the information can reunite Pia and Flynn after a scarring existence and endurance of family losses.  Love and happiness can be a great healer.

Happy reading, 


Friday, July 1, 2022

Space Coast Book Lovers event is the best!

I just got home from Space Coast Book Lovers event in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and I have to say it was the best! This was my third year as a sponsoring author, and I think it is one of the best Reader events around. Why, you ask?

It is focused on readers and what they like. Thursday night was a nice Meet & Greet with whoever was there, readers and authors alike. Friday morning, I offered a Booknique. This is where an author or authors can host an activity for an hour. Some offer crafts, games, painting, etc. I taught line dancing. It was so fun! I had 25 people there, and we did a country line dance, one to a theme song for the event’s theme of Alice in Wonderland, and an island song. Everyone received a hat and a bunny because I called it Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole.

Then there was lunch with a few other authors and the readers who signed up to eat with us. I gave my lunchmates a cowboy teddy and a tumbler. Kris Michaels gave me puppy dog eyes and I caved and gave her a cowboy teddy too 😊 Next was an author panel filled with fellow Sci-fi and paranormal authors. The readers asked fantastic questions! Then that night, I treated my reader group members, Lexi’s Legends, to drinks at the bar.

Saturday morning, I got to participate in the Author Feud (variation on Family Feud). The room was packed with readers, and we all had a great time. My Blue Team lost in the end, but we made a good showing. In fact, we got every answer to the question – “Name a reason you might wear your lucky underwear.” That was hilarious. 

Then it was off to set up my table for the book signing, a quick lunch, and then the doors opened. What an amazing group of readers! After that, a number of people dressed up for the costume party at the Alice in Wonderland/Steampunk themed After Party. Winners were chosen, food was enjoyed, and dancing ensued (including a few line dances).

What I love about this event is that the people are so nice, and it is so well organized thanks to Teri Dees Edney, Robbie Cox, Charlene Cox, and Sarah Ahrens Mick. They are all about the attendees, readers and authors alike, having a great time. The schedule is perfectly paced with just enough downtime, the decorations at the After Party are always so amazing, and the pre-event communication is stellar.

If you are a reader or an author, I highly recommend this event. Check it out for 2023!

Always, Lexi