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Friday, September 13, 2019

Veronica Reviews: LOVE AT SUNSET by Pixie Chica

Love at Sunset 
Forever Safe Romance Series
by Pixie Chica

4.5 Stars
“I’m not leaving until I discover every spot that makes you wet, what touches make you come undone, and you’re hoarse from calling out my name.”

Veronica is a powerful CEO in a fast-paced designer industry.  Suffering from “burn out”, she takes a vacation to the Keys.  Never did she dream that two weeks in paradise would take on an entirely different meaning when she sets her eyes on Lacey…

Smexxy bartender, Lacey, has a rule about not hooking up with tourists, but when blonde bombshell Veronica walks into her bar, Lacey realizes rules were made to be broken…

WOWZA!  Pixie Chica is a new to me author, and when I read the blurb for Love at Sunset, I just had to snag!  Loved and highly recommend this verra hawt F/F insta-love romance, and look forward to reading more from this author!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Son's Visit

Hello, gentle readers!
I’m so happy! My son is here visiting for the weekend. It’s always a pleasure to see him. He’s living in Dallas so visits aren’t that often (it’s not like he lives down the road or over in the next town). We do talk a lot by phone, but it’s not the same as seeing his face or that sheepish grin he sports.
He’s a good son. Hard-working. Kind (though, I will admit, he has an intolerance for stupidity, which he probably got from me). And, like his father, he makes me laugh…which started in the car on the way home from the airport.
That’s not to say it was always this way. His teenage years were rough, but we persevered. I tried to keep the lines of communication open, though sometimes it was hard (you remember those teenage years, don’t you? Ask a question and get a grunt in response? Yeah, there was a lot of grunting going on back then).
But as with everything, things changed. He grew up (almost without me seeing it) and became an adult and the lines of communication opened up once more, though the conversations were different. He wasn’t the little boy anymore who liked to be read to and cuddled (yeah, I’m a hugger). He wasn’t the teenager who looked at me like I had “Stupid” tattooed across my forehead (fortunately for me, that tattoo faded the day he admitted I was right about so many things!)
Sometimes, I miss that little boy sitting on my lap while I read to him (his favorite story was “Are You My Mother?” He loved the noises I made), but I love the man he’s become and every once in a while, when he looks at me, I get to see that little boy grin.
By the time you read this, he’ll be gone, back to his own home, but until we visit again, I will treasure this time I was able to spend with him.
Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Veronica Reviews: HIGHLAND CROWN by May McGoldrick

Highland Crown 
(Royal Highlander #1)
May McGoldrick

4 Stars

“They’d known each other for only a short time, but life was short with no guarantees of tomorrow.”
Isabella Drummond is a trained physician in a man’s world.  Fighting hard to garner the respect so rightly deserved, she treats those that come to her in need of her care.  But unbeknown to her, some of her patients are part of the Scottish rebellion and her husband is one of them.  After a skirmish between the British soldiers and the rebels, Isabella finds herself a widow on the run from both the British and Scotts for information.  Hidden away in a small village along the shore, she meets Cinaed MacKintosh, a wounded sea captain with secrets of his own.  Together Isabella and Cinaed fight for their lives while falling in love in the wilds of the Highlands.

While reading Highland Crown, I found the story more of a work of historical fiction rather than romance.  The characters are well developed as well as the conflict that surrounds them, but I found the romance a little lacking until I changed my reading point-of-view and thought of this not as my typical historical romance and more of a telling of two characters fighting for what they believe in and finding solace in each other’s company.  Highland Crown is the first installment in May McGoldrick’s Royal Highlander series.  While there is an ending, there are questions still left unanswered.  Overall, Highland Crown is an enjoyable well written historical that I would recommend. 


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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Primal Obsession by Susan Vaughan

With autumn speeding towards us, many men are stoked about hunting.  That includes The Hunter in  Primal Obsession.
Granted The Hunter is not your average man, he's a monster and hunts people.
Annie Wylde gave the killer his name when she journaled his actions in her reporting for a newspaper.  Too bad The Hunter noticed her.
Emma, Annie's best friend was one of his victims with a brutal chase through the woods and despicable torture, death, and rape in that order.   Emma and Annie had planned a canoe trip in the woods of Maine, and Annie was determined to fulfill her part and maybe learn what energized The Hunter.Primal Obsession
Sam Kincaid nursed his own problem and forced himself to turn from pro baseball to a Maine guide.
Sam appreciated Annie's features, convinced he had nothing to offer any woman.  Self confidence was one of his problems with the change in his life.
Annie had no use for an egotistical jock.  Aren't they all full of themselves?
A week traveling by canoe and land along with less than gourmet food, should give both of them an idea on what can create trust and a friendship, which is also the start of, dare I say it, a relationship.
There are six people and four tents on the trip.  I hope the wrong one doesn't sleep alone.  I'm concerned with safety in this comment!
Where else would The Hunter be, but in the woods and tracking his prey?
The story keeps the mystery alive with doubt and suspicion alternating between characters.  Also, with so much danger and unknown traps, how can there be time to get to know someone, let alone find love in a spooky, dark woods?  Grab this novel and keep the lights bright as you find out!

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

BLIND SYMPATHY by Roberta Bombonato now Released!

Blind Sympathy
Roberta Bombonato

So let's say you were on Tinder and this image came up, would you swipe right? Come on, he has a good heart!

What if he had an eHarmony profile? He loves cooking, carving, and shape shifting.

It is NOT easy to love a Beast, NOT even when the beauty is blind.

Get scared like the Exorcist because Israfel's last school assignment is to possess an innocent soul! 

Vafara, on the other hand, is a blind composer blessed with music and kindness. She prayed for someone who would challenge her without taking consideration that she could not see. Not even the goodness of her soul could have prepared her for this destiny. She will not go easy into the night, for her innocence is guarded by Angels.  

When Heaven and Hell have been at war for souls over the centuries and contracts are fraught with loop holes, could an unexpected love tip the scale of balance between good and evil or even change the course of fate the afterlife? 

Blind Sympathy, by Roberta Bombonato on sale now. Buy your copy today on Amazon
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Where stories are weaved by a basket case with twisted pain and unconditional love


Friday, August 30, 2019

TRACE'S TROUBLE by Lexi Post on Sale for Labor Day. Only 99¢!

Trace's Trouble
(Last Chance #2)
Lexi Post

“There are some twist an turns , a few oh my God moments, a lot of loving, wow if I had Trace I would be just like Whisper.” – Amazon Reviewer

Cowboy Trace Williams thought he had trouble when his wife served him with divorce papers, forcing him to move to his cousin’s horse rescue ranch. But that was nothing compared to handling the female squatter he’s supposed to evict from Last Chance Ranch. Though she’s a crack shot and has no use for politeness or subtlety, her ability to communicate with animals has him seeking her out on behalf of the ranch…and himself.

Whisper Adams lives off the grid. She cares for her invalid uncle and watches over the wildlife that finds her. The animals are more trustworthy than the people she’s encountered. So when a hard-bodied, easy going cowboy arrives at her trailer and causes her heart to race, she’s anxious for him to leave, until he asks for her help at the ranch.

Since they end up together more often than she prefers, Whisper doesn’t deny her attraction to Trace, who introduces her to new experiences, from riding horses to an erotic night in bed. But mixing with people, any people, opens her to new threats. This relationship might cost Trace his heart, but it could very well cost Whisper her life.

Buy Links: 
B & N  
Amazon CA  
“A rich story full of interesting characters, living every day lives with a touch of excitement and romance… I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and revisiting old characters, (as they still feel like friends) from previous Lexi Posts books I’ve read. I loved this story, and highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!” – Amazon Reviewer

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