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Sunday, May 28, 2023

PAINTING THE EARL by Lexi Post now available for PreOrder!

I'm so excited to share my cover for PAINTING THE EARL (Marrying a Mabry: Book 2). This book comes out in just a few weeks! What do you think?

Lady Amelia Mabry is determined to paint her masterpiece before marrying, but she’s struggling with the male form. It isn’t as if she can hire a nude male model or she’d be shunned by the ton. So when the Earl of Sommerset, who she’s privately dubbed the Golden Adonis, surprises her with a marriage proposal, she can’t resist making a counter proposal – pose nude for her, and when the painting is complete, she’ll marry him if he still wishes her to.

Andrew Crauford, Earl of Sommerset has just inherited his title, and as he’s discovered, his father’s significant debt. He needs to marry a woman with a sizeable dowry, but no young lady has interested him. Running out of time, at his friend’s recommendation, he proposes to Lady Amelia, but he never expected a counter proposal, nor such a brazen one at that! Now he’s interested. Unfortunately, the lady has an aversion to being married for her money, which means he must entice her to fall in love with him.

Though Lady Amelia has fancied painting the Earl since meeting him, she’s shocked he agreed to her counterproposal. As his sittings begin, she finds it more and more difficult to focus on her painting instead of her model. If she’s not careful, her carefully laid plans for her future will go amiss. Bargain or not, falling in love with the Earl before completing her masterpiece is not an option.

Painting the Earl

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Coal River by Ellen Marie Wiseman

Coal river, Pennsylvania  has made it's mark on historical fiction/romance.  The town is created, yet the history is a horrific reality.  To soften the blow, romance blossoms in a bad situation.

Emma Malloy is pushed out of a New York hospital after her parents are documented as dead from the same theater fire Emma survived.  In 1912, the social programs haven't been created, so the only place she knows to go, other than the poor house, is Coal River.  

Her aunt and uncle grudgingly take her in with the prerequisite to earn her keep as a house maid and stay in the shadows.  Uncle Otis is a supervisor for the local coal mine, which sparks Emma's curiosity after she notices many local boys with missing limbs, coal-dirty, and not in school.  

Clayton Nash works in the coal mine and can't help but notice Emma as a new woman in town.  He has his family, minus a wife, in mind when he works long dangerous hours in the toxic environment of coal.

By an accidental meeting, Clayton and Emma hide their interest in one another as they realize the mutual help to attain their goals is foreseeable if they team up.  Clayton is determined to make the coal mines safer and operate under better regulations while keeping his adopted orphans healthy and safe.  Emma dreams of teaching children and adds making the coal mine safe for the families and children after learning how dangerous they are.

Meeting frequently, Emma and Clayton develop a bond with strong feelings as they organize to bring safety and health to the coal workers.  

An amazing story replicating the danger present in early American coal mines and the fact that health and love can grow in a toxic and fixable work environment.

Happy reading,


Sunday, May 21, 2023

Kicking Starters and Kicking Asses.


Good Morning!  How are ya’all doin’?  I’m hoping every last one of you are rockin’ it and rollin’ through life today with no obstacles…nothing but clear skies and roses everywhere. 

Okay, now that the formalities are out of the way, apologies are in order.  I was supposed to have blogged two days ago, but I’m on a wild roller coaster ride right now and drinking from a fire hose as I learn how to put together a Kickstarter campaign for the Butterscotch Martini Girls. So, my Friday blog turned into my Sunday blog. Forgive me, and let’s just go with better late than never.  😊 

Anyway…no, I am not really kicking starters (or asses), but I am putting together a Kickstarter campaign.  (See what I did there?)  Well, in all actuality, the BMGs are putting it together, but Dani Petrone and I are doing the legwork. 

The go-live is still a little way off, but you should be seeing a pre-launch page showing up in Kickstarter sometime in late June or early July. I promise to keep you posted as I try to bring ya’all along for the ride. 

But there are a lot of moving parts to a Kickstarter campaign. Which means if we are to put together the most kick-ass campaign we can, there is a lot of up-front work to do. 


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been learning the platform…well, 3 platforms, actually. It turns out that while you can do Kickstarter all by itself, there are other products/services that can be paired with it to simplify the process, increase revenue, or reduce cost. This turns out to be a good news-bad news scenario where there is assistance available, but it comes with a LOT to learn. 

Given the steepness of the learning curve, I managed to convince Dani Petrone that she was just dying to help. (She may never forgive me for the lies I told her.)  LOL 

Anyway, Dani and I have been researching process, graphics, costs, merchandise, vendors, promo, shipping methods, shipping rates, and a million other little things that tie into a Kickstarter campaign…not to mention that we are trying to wrangle nine authors so we can come up with a single, comprehensive and fun solution. 

(Sorta like herding lizards. Those little suckers are fast, and they can get away from
you in the blink of an eye…much like lizards.)

Over the past month, we put together some surveys to see what this group of authors would like to do…what they love, what they hate, what they don’t give a flying rat’s ass about. Good thing we did because there were some surprises in there that gave us a few things to sidestep and others to do a workaround for. But we have now nailed down our theme and our tagline…which I cannot yet reveal. But it is freaking awesome! So much so that it makes me almost giddy every time I think about it. 

The core of the campaign will be a special edition box set of five pre-published cowboy stories in the sensual to sizzling heat range. While most of these stories can be purchased separately online, we will be doing some special formatting and some really cool stuff that is exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign. 

We will NOT be making this box set available at online retailers. Those of you who have been fans of the BMG box sets in the past should plan to back a tier in this campaign if you want this special edition set with some of the fun extras we’ve never offered anywhere before. Wait and you will miss it. 

As I said earlier, we are digging deep into merchandise and goodies we think our readers will love, which means lots of late nights on the internet looking at things I’d give my eye teeth for and things I wouldn’t bury with my worst enemy. OMG, some of the stuff that is available is mind-boggling. 

Here are some of my top contenders for the WTF award…


That first one I don't even know what it is. The bendy pens are cute, but no one can concentrate with those weird-ass dudes waving and bobbing all over the  And those teeth...sometimes you just have to ask yourself…WHY? 

Well, I promise you we will NOT be including crap like this.  We are gonna offer really cool stuff.  So, you gotta stay close and watch for us to post the link to our campaign pre-launch page sometime in late June or early July. 

In the meantime, go set yourself up a Kickstarter account…free to all…and look around out there at book projects, which will be listed under publishing / fiction.  It might take a little bit to figure out how the site works, but I promise you it will be worth it. There are some really cool projects being worked out there and I heartily encourage you to find one you love and back it. I’ve backed about a dozen in the last month and it's so much fun when you run across one you can really get behind and you back a tier, then watch the process and cheer them across the finish line. 

As a backer, you end up owning a little bit of their success.  It’s fun. 

Remember, we indie authors work very hard and are often paid pennies on the dollar for very good books simply because our marketing skills have not yet caught up with our writing skills. This means that good books often go unnoticed or unwritten because the funding simply never comes. 

Kickstarter is a relatively new approach to marketing books. It allows us to involve our readers in the process by sharing with them and by offering special bonuses and spiffs along the way in exchange for their help in bringing these special projects to life. This is your chance to spend your reading dollars in a way that directly supports creators, a way that enables creators to bring new and deserving stories to life.  

Set Up An Account Today

I thank you for getting on the Lassiter Express (😊) and taking this little ride with me. Stay tuned for more information on this project. Just as a little glimpse inside the workshop…I’m looking today at the possibility of sourcing leather bookmarks with the BMG logo on it. 

How fun would that be if I can make it work?!

Well, that’s my story, ass-kicking and ass-tounding, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,  

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Progress on the New Project

            Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
        It’s a beautiful Sunday morning as I sit down to write this. The weather is perfect, but then again, the sun hasn’t risen yet (living in Phoenix, mornings are my favorite time of day…the world is peaceful, the birds are chirping, and it isn’t hot yet).
Work on my new project is going well (hahahaha, that doesn’t surprise me)! I love starting a new project. The beginning of a new story is so full of promise and the words seem to flow well. This is the point where we’re getting to know our hero and heroine…and already, I’ve been surprised, but I’ve learned to never question those surprises. Those unexpected little tidbits of information become very useful as the story progresses.
My other favorite portion of the story is the end. I love those happily ever afters…and if they can make me tear up, so much better.
I will admit, the middle of the story is what gives me the most problems but I’m far from there at the moment, so I’m not going to worry about it.
So, who are my hero and heroine?
My hero is the sheriff of Possibility, Texas. You all met him if you read Wife For Hire. He also made a few appearances in Wife Wanted, which hasn’t been released yet (I still need to print that out, read it out loud, and make edits/corrections). Wife Desired is the Sheriff’s story (yes, he deserves one…he’s not a bad guy).
My heroine is Talia West. Tally for short. She’s independent, spirited, and stubborn. She also isn’t a satin and lace type woman, which the sheriff has always been attracted to but that’s all right. I think their romance will make for a very fun story.
Speaking of that, I should get back to it. They’re not going to fall in love unless I write it. 
Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Runaway Groomsman by Meghan Quinn

 I love this story! I am really into romantic comedies lately, and laughing is a great aphrodisiac!

Sawyer starts out in great form by ditching his agreement as best man in the middle of his best friend's and ex-girlfriend's wedding.  Along with the middle finger double salute, he runs back down the aisle, loses a shoe, jumps in his car, and heads for somewhere with a liquor license.

Fallon adores her home in Canoodle, CA.  It's her grandparents' resort, which is in need of repairs with a perfect spot nestled in the mountains within a village having a cat as its mayor.  

Fallon and the rest of the village adore the bar where her BFF, Jaz, bartends and serves waffles for dinner.  This is Sawyer's choice to drink himself into oblivion.

Fallon and Jaz feel sorry for him and drag him in his light blue suit to her resort to sleep it off.  Jaz, witty and always with her big knife in her back pocket, threatens him to behave along with giving him the nickname Julia, from Runaway Bride.

This is Fallon's second impression of Sawyer, and it's not any better than the first of which he doesn't remember.

Sawyer begins to like the tranquility of Canoodle, away from the hustle of being a screenwriter for romance and the betrayal of the betrothed.  It'll take a lot for Jaz to be nice, or maybe never, but when Sawyer sets his mind on Fallon he has to be a gentleman.  She has a boyfriend and he's actually a nice guy.

Maybe the peace in the mountains will be enough, but the heart keeps wishing.  Sawyer finds ways to secretly help Fallon with her remodels while he plans on how to get back to life.  Fallon's boyfriend loves her, but she can't force the reciprocation of the three magic words "I love you".  Could this be the chink in her current relationship to allow room for a change?

I can't put this book down, so I hope you try it!

Happy reading,


Wednesday, May 3, 2023

It's Here! It's Here! Wife for Hire Has Been Released!


        Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
        Well, the release of Wife For Hire went off without a hitch. It’s available in both ebook and print (whoooo-hoooo!).
        There’s a special kind of excitement (and fear) when one releases a new book and I’ve been going on that roller coaster of emotions. It’s been a few years—since before the pandemic—since I’ve released anything new and the same old questions go through my head. Is it good enough? Will people like it? Is it ready?
        Sometimes, you just can’t answer those questions. Sometimes, you just have to have faith, put all those doubts aside, grab hold of your heart, and let it go.
        I’m not sure about other writers—I can only speak for myself—but for me, the characters in my stories become so real—and it’s hard to let them go. It’s like sending your child out into the world.
        So why do I do it? Why do I write? Well, several reasons really. I’ve had a love affair with words for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest—and fondest—memories is sitting with my grandmother in her rocking chair while she read to me from Little Golden Books (remember those?). It wasn’t long before I was reading to her. And then I bought my first romance novel and voilà ! Not only was I hooked, but I wanted to write these stories (because I’m such a sucker for that happily ever after—still am!). I write not only because I have stories to tell, but because I am not the same person when I don’t. Despite the difficulties (writer’s block, anyone? Characters doing what they want and not what you want them to do. Writing yourself into a corner with no way out—yeah, I’ve done all that), it’s still one of the things in life that I love the most (aside from my family and friends).
        Now to get back to the third book in the series so I can go through this roller coaster of emotion once again!

Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


        If you want to check out Jared and Merrilee’s love story, I’ve provided some links.


Friday, April 28, 2023

TRACE'S TROUBLE (Last Chance #2) by Lexi Post is 99¢ for a limited time! #Romance



(Last Chance #2)

by Lexi Post

is on sale for 99¢ 

for a limited time! 

Cowboy Trace Williams thought he had trouble when his wife served him with divorce papers, forcing him to move to his cousin’s horse rescue ranch. But that was nothing compared to handling the female squatter he’s supposed to evict from Last Chance Ranch. Though she’s a crack shot and has no use for politeness or subtlety, her ability to communicate with animals has him seeking her out on behalf of the ranch…and himself.

Whisper Adams lives off the grid. She cares for her invalid uncle and watches over the wildlife that finds her. The animals are more trustworthy than the people she’s encountered. So when a hard-bodied, easy going cowboy arrives at her trailer and causes her heart to race, she’s anxious for him to leave, until he asks for her help at the ranch.

Since they end up together more often than she prefers, Whisper doesn’t deny her attraction to Trace, who introduces her to new experiences, from riding horses to an erotic night in bed. But mixing with people, any people, opens her to new threats. This relationship might cost Trace his heart, but it could very well cost Whisper her life.

Amazon | Barnes&Noble  | AppleBooks  | Kobo

Amazon UK  | Amazon AU  |Amazon CA  

Don't miss this Chance to visit 

Last Chance Ranch 

About Lexi

Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of romance inspired by the classics. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved. From Edgar Allan Poe's short story “The Masque of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, she's read, studied, and taught wonderful classics.

But Lexi's first love is romance novels so she married her two first loves, romance and the classics. Whether it’s dashing dukes, hot immortals, sizzling cowboys, or hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides a sensuous experience with a “whole lotta story.”

Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her two cats in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you’ll never see her without a hat.


Lexi Post Updates




Amazon Author Page








Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Courting Catherine (the Calhoun Women) by Nora Roberts

The Towers sits on a cliff in Maine.  Beautiful and majestic until a closer look at the need for repair puts Catherine "C.C." Calhoun in a struggle with her sisters and Aunt Coco on how to afford the costly mansion and keep it from falling into disrepair.

C.C. owns and works diligently at her auto shop.  Her temper is good for creating adrenaline in getting the vehicles repaired to perfection.  Dirty clothes and grease smeared regularly on her hands and face can give an unusual first impression.

Trenton St. James arrives in-tow with his broken down BMW.  Work boots sticking out from under a car aren't telling of the woman who pops out from underneath.  And the surprises never end as C.C.  lets him know she won't put up with his demanding and callous order to fix his car fast.

He's in town to buy the Towers and change it into a luxury hotel.  That's what he does all over the country, and this is just another business deal.

Parts need to be ordered.  Trenton is stuck in town.  Out of her family, C.C. is the only one that isn't aware of Trenton's offer to stay at the Towers until they run into each other in her house.

Aunt Coco, deciding that if their home is to be sold, at least one of her nieces is going to get a marriage out of it.  Not sure which one, she sets up a séance.  This is one of my favorite passages as the women sit around, with the invited Trenton, and believe their ancestors are sending a message. 

Trenton is usually all business, but something warm and familial draws out his feelings, ones he didn't know he had.  When C.C. begins to treat him more like a human being, something sparks to the surprise of everyone.

The problem is, will Trenton still buy the house and kick the women out of their dream life, or will he find a way to help them and stay in C.C.'s heart?

Happy reading, 




Sunday, April 23, 2023


 Do you like chocolate? If you do – frankly, I’m an unrepentant chocoholic – then you’ll enjoy my newest release Anything You Want. When my editor at Extasy said they were looking for chocolate-related (and other treat-related) romances, I knew Anything You Want was perfect for them... and anyone else who enjoys two smokin-hot billionaires, a sweet yet feisty heroine, luscious chocolate, a decadent resort, and romance that can't be stopped.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this sneak peek… preferably with a box of chocolates nearby.




At a hedonistic resort, her indecent cravings are about to be sated…

With the big three-o only days away, Jamie’s had it with dieting, exercise, and being alone. Off she goes to Wicked Desires, a decadent Caribbean resort where clothing is optional, carnal appetites rule, and food, especially chocolate, is celebrated. If only she had a guy to indulge with…

How about two? Billionaires Creed and Tav are checking out ideas for their new video game. The play features a resort where anything goes and an unlikely heroine as the star. Jamie’s luscious curves and sweet vulnerability make her the perfect type to base their game on. Since she’s also in IT—having put her dream to create candy on hold—she understands their lingo.

Hell, their desires are perfectly in tune with hers, whether it’s food play during meals, punishment in the discipline room, or a romantic evening on the beach.

When it comes to sweet delights and these two hunks…who says she can’t have anything she wants?


If she lived sixty more years, Jamie sensed she’d always remember this moment.

She melted into Tav as though they’d been making out all their lives. There were no awkward moments where noses bumped or elbows and knees hit.

That kind of clumsiness usually happened in bed, at least for her and the guys she’d been with.

No way did she want to think about those other men now.

Tav’s tender and searching kiss stoked her desire until she was near to bursting. Greedy for more, she angled her head to get closer, giving him greater access to her mouth. His lips’ silky warmth, the way his bristly cheeks scoured her skin was a memory she’d already stored in her heart.

Good God, she could get used to kissing him on a regular basis.

Releasing a breathy moan, she drove her fingers into his hair, the locks softer than she expected, and so thick her insides quivered. She held him to her and suckled his tongue, heated and wet, its clean taste more intoxicating than a slug of booze.

He didn’t hold back. Tender turned intense, searching evolved into raw lust. He tightened his hold on her and she pressed closer, both of them making sounds proving their delight and need.

His beer-scented breath was utterly masculine. His musk and clean lime fragrance added to his allure. She was certain the sun couldn’t provide as much warmth as his body did, his chest and pecs hot against her, offering excitement, passion, comfort.

He made her feel safe, not judged or used. She barely knew him but already sensed his wealth hadn’t made him a player, out for what he could get, ready to take off once he satisfied his own needs.

Her enjoyment mattered to him.

He gentled his hold and stroked her back.

Bursts of delight toppled any lingering reservations she might have had. Feeling bold and desired, as she hadn’t for too long, she eased his tongue from her mouth and slipped hers inside his.

His thrilled groan and the way he suckled her tongue proved his satisfaction.

She stroked his muscular biceps and pecs, circled his nipples, and explored his solid abs. When she reached his navel and the short hairs surrounding it, she just about died from pure bliss.

Without warning, he pulled his mouth free and gulped air, looking slightly dazed, his mouth wet from hers.

Her lips felt puffy, bruised from their passion, cheeks stinging slightly from his stubble. Nice.

But she had to have more. No way could she forget about Creed, nor did she intend to deny him or herself…if he’d have her.

She ran her fingers over Tav’s lips in a temporary farewell then turned to Creed. Her breath caught at the sin in his eyes, his shameless smile. She matched it without having to try. He brought out the devil in her—so did Tav.

He and Creed might have been richer than God and hotter than the deepest depths of Hell, but they were also good guys.

She eased into Creed’s arms.

His embrace was stronger than Tav’s had been.

Not hesitating in the least, he demonstrated his alpha position, his hard kiss possessive, demanding.

She surrendered, loving his big body and barely restrained strength. His scent filled her, the fragrance bringing to mind a primeval forest, him clad in a loincloth, hair long and wild, his piercing gaze pinning her as she knelt naked and wanting before him.

Her soft folds grew wet. Make that wetter, especially from the pleasured noises he made, both primitive and fully male.

Heat rushed to her face. Her ears rang. She pushed her fingers through his hair as she’d done with Tav’s. Creed’s skin was amazingly warm, pecs dancing beneath her touch.

While she explored his assets, he cupped her boobs, testing their weight in his palms. He squeezed them gently and dragged his thumb over her nipples.

Reckless need and base desire cascaded through her, every part she owned acutely sensitive from not having experienced a man’s touch for so many months. Her nipples pebbled instantly. With each of his strokes, more delight dashed through her.

They kissed noisily.

His smile lifted his lips against hers. She offered a grin in return and might have remained in his arms forever if not for them both needing a full breath.

Also, Tav waited on her other side.

About Tina:

Tina’s an Amazon and international bestselling novelist who writes passionate romance for every taste – ‘heat with heart’ – for traditional publishers and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. She’s won Readers’ Choice Awards, was named a finalist in the EPIC competition, received a Book of the Year award, The Golden Nib Award, awards of merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competitions, and second place in the NEC RWA contests. She’s featured in the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Before penning romances, she worked at a major Hollywood production company in Story Direction.

On a less serious note: she’s an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, brakes for Mexican restaurants, and has been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally while wolfing down tostadas. She’s flown a single-engine airplane (freaking scary), rewired an old house using an ‘electricity for dummies’ book, and is horribly shy despite the hot romances she writes.










Amazon author page:

Sweet ‘n Sexy Divas:



Friday, April 21, 2023


Hey gang, how are ya all?  Doing good at this end, and hoping all of you are, as well.  Huge hugs to everyone out there! 

Well, today’s blog is about stupid texting…which is the art of texting while stupid. Now, just to be clear…this doesn’t have to be a permanent state…although it can be with some. 

But what I am really talking about here are those temporary fugue states that come over us when we are least aware of it and most ill-prepared to deal with it...never mind actually fixing it. 

You got those? 

Well, I certainly do...and most of them happen first thing in the morning before the coffee has had a chance to fully kick in. 


So, this was the state I found myself in this morning…in between physical awakening and mental awakening. I generally am even aware of being in that fugue state and can tell you I am, if asked. 

However, it does not stop me from texting.  Sort of like drunk texting when you know you’re drunk, and you know that texting your BFF at midnight is a bad idea. But, somehow, it seems like the thing to do in the moment. 


Well, that was me. 

I had received a link from a friend yesterday that I wanted to forward to my cousin.  So I clicked on the message and forwarded it. 

So far, so good. 

But then I didn’t realize my phone had switched me back to the message stream from where the message had originated.  So I’m back in my friend, Patti’s, message stream…but thought I was still in my cousin Glenna’s message stream. 

A couple of minutes later, I noticed a message at the bottom of the stream that said, “Thanks for sharing that!”  So, I responded, “Sure.” Then I followed that text up with another that said, “I got that from my friend, Patti.” 

Now…I thought I had responded to all of my outstanding texts, and that my cousin Glenna had received only the original message with the link I had forwarded. All was well. 

Because I was in the wrong message stream, I had actually responded to my message to Patti from yesterday, thanking her for sharing the link. 


  • First, Patti gets a message out of the blue saying, “Sure,” followed by a second message that reads, “I got that from my friend, Patti.” I’m sure her first thought was, “Huh?” Then the second thought was probably that she should call an ambulance to my house because I was surely having a seizure or a stroke or something significant.

  • Second, I realize that I have actually responded to myself, in that the message that triggered my confusion came from…well, me. 

So, while it is normal for me to talk to myself when alone at the house, I’m now texting to myself? 

Or am I? 

Technically, I sent the message to Patti…in response to me…while trying to send a message to Glenna…in response to me…after sending a message to Glenna that I got from Patti. 

If, nowhere in that scenario did I intend to text myself, does it still count? 

I say NO!  Emphatically and without doubt.

Well, that’s my story, stupid and senseless, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,  

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Wife For Hire Almost Ready for Release!


        Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
So, Wife For Hire is progressing and should be up on Amazon and all other sites by April 20. I’m so excited (and a little nervous—it’s the first book that eyes other than mine, my critique partner and my beta readers have seen since 2018).
There is so much involved in getting a book ready for release but thankfully, I have Carol at Bella Media Management helping (actually, she’s doing pretty much all of it). She’s a whiz at this stuff (whereas I am totally…and maybe even happily…ignorant of the whole process but I’m learning). On top of being so knowledgeable and talented (see the cover she made for me?),

she’s incredibly kind, which is important because I ask a lot of stupid questions! She insists they aren’t stupid, but I know better. They are!
You may not be aware of this, but I try to learn something new every day and boy, have I gotten an education over the last week or so! And to those who took the time and had the patience to teach me (you know who you are!), you have earned my undying gratitude!
So now that this process is almost done, I am off to work on other things. I recently received comments and suggestions back from my beta readers for Wife Wanted (the second story in the Wives of Bravado County series) and I am diligently working on those while simultaneously starting the third story, Wife Desired (yes, I’ve been told I’m a little crazy…this just proves it!).
And that’s about all for me. Back to work! 

Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!