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Friday, March 5, 2021

Veronica Reviews ~ CHORDS: HUNTER by Brynn Paulin


Chords: Hunter

Forever Safe Summer Season II

Book 13


Brynn Paulin




Contemporary/Insta-Love Romance (Novella)

“I have no idea what I ever did in life to be as lucky as to find you.  It’s like you’re in my soul.  You’re at the heart of all the songs I’ve written I just never knew it.”


Romy can’t believe her good fortune getting front row seats to her fav band, Hunter!  But when she has a rude encounter with the lead guitarist/song writer, Dray, her rock god idealizing comes crashing down, and Romy spends her time staring daggers at Dray during the concert.  But when the truth behind his actions come to light, Romy gives Dray a second chance.  In their stolen moments together, her heart strings are drawn more and more to this smexxy rock legend, and she’s ready to give him everything…heart, body and soul…


Dray can’t figure out why this beautiful woman is giving him looks that kill.  It’s true he wasn’t his best self earlier, but if she’ll just give him a minute to explain, he has faith all will be forgiven.  Dray will do anything for a second chance at a first impression because there’s something magnetizing about this girl, and he’s gotta make her his own…


Brynn Paulin has brought this chick’s rock star fantasy to life!  Who hasn’t dreamed of running away to tour with their fav band?  This smexxy short is perfect for fans of insta-love and/or rock star romance!  Highly recommend!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Iron Earl - A Valor of Vinehill Novel- by K.J. Jackson

 Many daughters of an earl of England are happy to be placed in a marriage, but Evalyn is quite the opposite 

The man her step-father attached her to is evil, physically and mentally.  Her only chance to survive a brutal marriage is to escape.

Lachlan, with hatred for the earl of Lincolnshire, travels from Stirlingshire, Scotland to take revenge on the earl.  Lachlan will inherit his father's land, but loves the life of a soldier.

Evalyn takes the chance and convinces Lachlan to allow her to hide amongst his soldiers when they leave.  Step one-check!

Granted, the men she's traveling with have little use for an addition to their load, especially a female.

Tension prevailed during the journey, Lachlan pretending to pay little attention to his burden.  Although, he does notice she has a lot of strength and she doesn't give up over the roughest of terrain.

Evalyn trusts no men.  Lachlan has no intentions of disrespecting her.  The more he sees of her, the more he decides it's imperative to prove this to her.  

When he realizes he wants to save her, he takes some huge steps in order to keep her hidden and safe.

Evalyn wonders why Lachlan cares about her, yet knows her step-father will eventually come looking for her.  

It can't be that bad to pick an eligible upcoming earl as her savior, so Evalyn takes his lead.  Through the pages, I urged her to trust him and not make stupid choices!

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

New Release ~ HER ROCK by Reina Torres


Her Rock

Center City First Responders, Book 2


Reina Torres

If there's someone in pain or in need in Center City, these courageous men and women are there to help. Fire, Police, Medical and Dispatch: they'll be there.

Her Rock
Martin "Rock" Ferris & Kate Turner

A Sergeant in the CCPD, Kate Turner has always known what she wanted to do with her life. She wasn’t the kind of person who could sew up a wound or deliver a baby… okay, she’d done that once, back when she was on patrol, but now her job was watching out for her people and making them better officers. Who was watching out for her? She didn’t need someone to do that, thank you very much!

Martin “Rock” Ferris was a man who would walk through fire for his friends and did so on a regular basis as a member of the Rescue Crew from House 29. As broad in the shoulder as he was brave, he never left anyone behind and he was always there to lend a hand in the thick of a crisis. The problem in his life was that the very person he wanted to protect more than anyone else didn’t want him around.

It wasn’t that they weren’t compatible. They knew how to get along fine enough when they had their hands on each other and their clothes off. And while Kate used her sharp tongue to tell him exactly where to step off, she also knew exactly how to drive him wild. And when she let him, he returned the favor over and over again.

But that’s all she’ll give him. Those stolen moments in the dark. Kate doesn’t want to let him into her heart. Men don’t stick around for long and she’ll never give Rock the chance to break her heart into a thousand pieces. When her world is upside down and everything is falling down around her ears, she knows her family is there for her, but she’ll never let them see the abject fear and deadly doubt that’s creeping into her mind. She hides that away and puts on a brave face.

Martin is determined to tear down her walls because he knows that he’s ready to stand there between her and danger. He’ll always be Her Rock.

Author Bio ~

Books have always been a big part of my life. Reading was an escape from my classmates who teased me because of my speech impediment. Books were the walls of my castle, protecting my fortress, and allowed me to bask in the sunlight of my beautiful labyrinth filled with fantasies. Now, I hope that I can share that same gift with others. If I can give them a place of shelter, of joy, and yes… love, then I will count myself blessed.  






Friday, February 26, 2021

Veronica Reviews - A POCKET IN TIME by Lexi Post


A Pocket in Time 

(Time Weavers Inc. #2)


Lexi Post



Historical/Time Travel Romance

"Love is the only reason to be alive.  To die with never knowing what it’s like to love and be loved is the cruelest sentence.”

Welcome to Time Weavers, Inc. (TWI), where the agents have the power to travel in time to fix ripples caused by the Disruptors.

Katz Almira grew up on the streets and is now using her street smarts to be one of the best agents TWI employs…one of the best agents to bend the rules just a wee bit to make sure the job gets done.  Her newest mission is to travel back to Regency London and intercept a note that was placed in the wrong hands causing a disruption to the timeline in the future.  Posing as a fellow pickpocket, Katz befriends a group of lost boys to get in good with their benefactor Lord John Byron.  But the one thing Katz didn’t plan on was falling in love with her mark.  With the future of the world at stake, Katz must decide if creating a pocket in time is worth saving her love…

LOVED IT!  LOVED IT! LOVED IT!  Oh, did I mention I LOVED IT!  Regency romances are a fav, and add the time travel “Quantum Leap” scenario, and this chick is one happy reader!  Katz is as strong a heroine you could ask for that falls for a hero that manages to melt the ice she’s built around her heart.  Impossible to put down and one of my fav reads of the year! 

While this is the second in the Time Weavers, Inc. series, the author has written it to be stand alone.  Loved and highly recommend!!


Here’s a cheat sheet of the Rules for Time Weavers, Inc., (TWI) Agents:

Rule One:  Don’t change history; only change it back.
Rule Two:  Never travel back to a period and place already visited.
Rule Three:  Travel no more than once a day.
Rule Four:  Do not hint at anything in the future.
Rule Five:  Do not make friends.

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**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **