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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Witch's Dream, Knights of Black Swan, Book 2, by Victoria Danann

The Witch’s Dream, Knights of Black Swan book 2 by Victoria Danann

Definitely a deep paranormal romance of the future.  Book two of seven, so hold on as the forward and prologue fill you in on the intricate background of the many characters. 

After catching up with the hierarchy and background of the many paranormals, vampires, werewolves, and many others, Danann finally gets to the story. 

A love, a marriage, and a few more.  The story begins in Ireland-love that place- and a celebration for the expectance of Ram and Elora.  The B-team takes a break and heads over from Edinborough.The Witch's Dream: The Order of the Black Swan

Many new paranormals are introduced and they all have relations, whether protecting humans, the paranormal, or themselves or falling in love and proving it to their chosen.

 A powerful witch, Litha, and her mate, Storm take the lead in this story. Litha doesn’t have a problem knowing Storm is for her, but he blocks the obvious.  So round and round they go, and can Litha finally conquer her one-and-only’s blind side??  

With a lengthy narrative and soft conflict, it is apparent that the actions all revolve around proving, sacrificing, and protecting the good in the relationships.

I think this series is for the hardcore future romantic paranormal readers, but a good trial for those who occasionally test the paranormal world.

Enjoy your read!


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Interview with Author Karen Lynch

Happy 2019! I hope the year has been good to you so far. I've been hibernating in my house. Way too cold outside! This month I was able to track down Karen Lynch who has a New York Times best selling series. Let's dive into the interview!

Tell us a little about yourself. When did you begin to write?

I’ve been writing since I was very young, probably nine or ten. I started writing my first book when I was eleven and finished it when I was fourteen. My writing was influenced by my favorite books at the time so my first book was basically a Nancy Drew knock off with younger characters. My next book was a teen romance, and after that I got into writing paranormal and fantasy. I’ve been writing that ever since.

Tell us about your books, especially your newest release Hellion.

Relentless is my first series. It started out as a trilogy about a girl named Sara who lost her father ten years go. Sara knows about the supernatural world and she goes looking for answers about her father’s death. She finds a lot more than she bargained for, including a warrior named Nikolas and the truth about who and what she is.

I had originally planned to just write the trilogy. But the world took on a life of its own and the readers kept asking for more, especially from Nikolas. So, I rewrote the trilogy in his POV in one big book. After that, I wrote books for three of the favorite characters from the series: Roland, Chris and Jordan. Hellion is Jordan’s book and it’s the last book in the series. 

You have several characters in your series, which character was your favorite to write and why?

This is like asking a mother which of her children is her favorite. I have a special connection with all the characters who got their own book. Otherwise, I would not have been able to write their story. I think my favorite to write was Nikolas. In the trilogy, we only see him through Sara’s eyes, and there is so much we don’t know about him. I spent a year writing the first draft of Warrior and getting to know him better than I ever thought I did. It was exhausting but fun reimagining the events of the trilogy from his perspective.

What are you working on now that your series is complete? Do you have your next project in mind?

My next project is a YA urban fantasy trilogy about bounty hunters and faeries. It’s a completely different world from the Relentless series with all new characters. I’m working on book one now.

Bounty hunters and faeries sound intriguing! I can't wait to read. I see that you are a Jane Austen fan. Does she influence your writing at all?

I’m a bit of a romantic soul and I love Austen’s characters and stories. But I don’t think she has influenced my writing, except my love of a good HEA. 

What is something not many fans would know about you?

I don’t think most people realize what a slow writer I am. I am meticulous about making sure the pacing of the story is right and all the subplots weave together the way I want. I can spend ten minutes trying to come up with the right word to capture mood or an hour agonizing over a single paragraph. I’m jealous of authors who can write thousands of words a day, and I even tried doing writer sprints with some of my author friends. But I ended up rewriting what I wrote. I’ve come to accept that I’m more of a slow boil writer. And I can’t tell a story in less than 100k words. Hellion was my shortest book and that was 106k. Most indie YA books are between 60 and 80k.

How can readers find you?

Readers can find me at my website or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Karen, thank you so much for the interview! 

See you all next month!
Nicolette Pierce signing out.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Veronica Reviews: CHRISTMAS IN CANCUN by KaLyn Cooper

Christmas in Cancun
KaLyn Cooper
Contemporary/Military Romance
 4 Stars

“I’ll be right beside you every step of the way…”

Former Navy SEAL Jack Girard is still working on not being there when his brother Jimmy was tragically killed.  With the holiday approaching, his family once again is faced with another Christmas without Jimmy.  But there is some comfort in that his widow Jillian, and their daughter Addison, will be joining the Girard family in Cancun for the holidays.  Not sure what to expect when Jack picks them up at the airport, he’s awestruck at the beauty that approaches him.  While his brain keeps saying this is his sister-in-law, his heart keeps telling him that this woman is the one.

Jillian finally has the time to travel to see Jimmy’s family and to take their daughter to meet everyone.  Two years have passed since her husband was killed, and she feels as if her heart will never be made whole again.  That is until she meets Jack, Jimmy’s brother.  When she looks into his eyes, she feels as if she’s been brought back to life.

KaLyn Cooper has weaved a heartfelt second chance romance around a longtime family treasure hunt for lost Mayan statues with a beautiful setting in the Caribbean.  This reader is a sucker for holiday reads and second chance at love romances, and Christmas in Cancun has it all.  Highly recommend!

Buy link: Amazon

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Friday, January 4, 2019

ON HIGHLAND TIME by Lexi Post on Sale for 99¢ for a Limited Time!

on sale for 99¢ 
for a Limited Time

For fans of sexy Scottish Highlanders who know how to treat a woman like a lady.

When someone changes history, affecting the future, Diana Montgomery, the most experienced agent of Time Weavers, Inc., travels back to 1306 Scotland to change it back. Her mission, to find the culprit and ensure a minor clan chief dies in battle as he originally had.

Diana is well-prepared to infiltrate the small MacPherson clan. What she’s not prepared for is Torr MacPherson, the ruggedly handsome warrior with a kind heart and a steadfast loyalty—the Laird she’s supposed to ensure dies.

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Post creates an un-put-downable time travel romp, rich with passion and conflict.”—Sabrina York, NYT and USA Today bestselling romance author 

Torr took her reaction in stride and began a tender assault on her neck.
She pushed against him, and he allowed her a little space. She was grateful because despite her training, she doubted she could do much to take down such a huge man, especially if she didn’t want to hurt him. But he kept his arms about her waist.
“What is it, lass?”
It was everything. She wanted to cry and laugh at the impossible situation she found herself in, even as her body shivered with a growing need. She simply shook her head and tried to step back, but he held her with gentle strength.
Didn’t he understand? She needed to put more space between them, in so many ways. Her breaths came quickly, her body flushed from the desire he’d ignited. A desire she never remembered experiencing before. She closed her eyes and tried to think of the rolling mountains beyond the castle walls, but they faded quickly and instead she envisioned Torr, cupping her breasts.
She snapped open her eyes to find him staring at her, a crooked grin on his face.
“I want ye, Diana. Ye have a fire in ye that calls me like the spring sun to the seedling.”
Oh, Shakespeare, now he was a poet, too? She couldn’t do this. He was due to die… She had to find the Disruptor… She had to—
His deep voice soothed her. “I understand. Life here at Gealach is new and strange, and I have possibly presumed too much, too soon. Ye miss yer clan, do ye not?”
She didn’t say anything, his kindness causing a lump to form in her throat. His warm, big body so close to hers with the scent of leather and the clean smell from his bath was so primitively male, he had her feeling safe, protected.
He pulled her body against his again. Instead of feeling physical attraction, she wanted to simply snuggle in. Hesitantly, she let her head fall against his shoulder.
As they stood there, his chest rising and falling in steady rhythm beneath her cheek, memories of her dad doing the same calmed her. When she’d done poorly on a test, not made the volleyball team, or when she was dumped by her first boyfriend in ninth grade, Dad had held her just like this. Torr would make a good father…except he was destined to die.
She stiffened. Did Torr have any children after the Disruptor saved him? He deserved children.
He reacted to her body language and stroked her back. “I know it is hard. I too have lost many of my family.”
She pulled back to look at his face, anxious to hear what he’d reveal.
“Unlike ye, I didn’t know my mother. She died shortly after Kerr was born. Five sons took too much out of her. But my brothers and my father made a family.”
She put her hand on his chest, feeling the sadness behind his words. This man deserved comfort more than she did. He had endured so much and yet still offered more to others.
He covered her hand with his and sighed. “The war has taken all but Kerr from me. Him and the few left in our wee clan. I’m glad ye joined us. I hope ye will eventually feel this is yer home.” His inner sadness called to her in a different way from his persuasive sexual advances. In that moment, he touched her heart.
“I’m sure I will. It is the only home I have now.” She grimaced inside at such a bald-faced lie.

From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi Post provides a sensuous experience with a “whole lotta story.”