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Friday, September 22, 2023



Hey, gang, how the hell are ya?  Doing good here, just busy as all get out trying to work my way through Kickstarter and now BackerKit. But I’m getting there! 

So, today I wanted to tell you about what I faced last week at home…a dog.  To be specific, a little “wack-job” of a dog that can’t weigh even 20 pounds.  He’s (I think) a chihuahua / Jack Russell cross and is crazy as a goat that’s been loosed in an LSD lab.  Seriously!  The dog is a freak. Nothing this animal does makes sense. 

Okay, let me back up.  Here’s a cartoon picture of the little guy from a couple Christmases ago.  I know…he’s cute. Don’t let that fool you. He’s not all there, and he's a bad judge of character.  He actually belongs to my son and DIL, and he’s a total mommy’s boy…and the biggest fraidy cat I’ve ever seen. His name is Zeus.  I think they were hoping he would live up to that, but I honestly don’t see that ever happening. 

Anyway, here is where being a poor judge of character comes in…Zeus is afraid of me. Terrified, actually.  Or at least that is how it would appear to the casual observer. But the truth of the matter is…the dog just ain’t right.  He’s so terrified of me that he won’t let me catch him to go outside, so we have to leave his leash on him the whole time he is here…because he’s not smart enough to know that just because he’s under the bed, the leash is still out there where that woman can get to it. 

I have never abused the poor little thing, nor have I even threatened him and no one in the family can figure out why he has fixated on me. But Zeus has been part of the family for…hell, I think about eight years, and yet you would think every time he sees me that he is seeing some big, hairy monster for the very first time ever. They pull into the driveway, and he gets out of the car all excited to be here and I step out the front door and say, “Hi”, and he freaks the hell out. It’s the same routine every time and is so funny and weird that it has become the family joke that Zeus loves going to gramma’s house until he learns who lives there…because clearly, no one has ever told him before who lives at this house. 

Recently, he’s surprised us all, as he’s begun to warm up to me—well, sort of. His mom and dad will bring him and his sister, Zoe, by and leave them with me to babysit for a few days. Zoe…no problem. She’s in my lap the minute they are gone and, while she will cry a little bit over them leaving, she does great with me. 

Zeus, on the other hand, needs time to warm up to this stranger he’s clearly never seen before ever in his whole life.  Who could be so heartless as to expect a sensitive young man like him to just jump into the lap of a perfect stranger?! 

Well, the newest thing is that within an hour of his parents leaving, a switch flips in his brain.  He spends the first hour he’s here cowering behind a chair, peeking out to see if I’ve left yet. Then he just can’t stand it anymore and when he sees me sit down in the recliner in my room and Zoe getting all the pets, here he comes, launching himself into my lap. Scared the bejeebies outta me the first time he did it.  I saw him flying at me and worried that he'd finally snapped. 

So, once in my lap, he’s as happy as can be…stays glued to my side the rest of the day.  I sit, he’s in my lap.  I sit at my desk to work, he’s right behind me in the recliner…we are best buds…in my room, for the remainder of that day.

Then he sleeps... 

Apparently, when he sleeps, his brain does a “clear storage” operation and he’s the living embodiment of 50 First Dates. I go to get them out of their kennel, and he is cowering in the back, avoids me like the plague all the way to the door, then hides behind a chair the minute I take his lead off and snap the short leash on him.  Yes, he still has to drag the leash because friendship is a very fleeting thing with this wackadoodle. 

This photo is the morning after he has just spent the entire day following me and laying in my lap.  Now, all this said, keep in mind that I do spend most of my day in my bedroom, working—either in the bedroom recliner or at my desk.  If I move into the living room mid-day, all bets are off…the dog that has just been in my lap all morning is now terrified of me again. I go to the bedroom, we are buddies.  Move back to the living room later and I’m dead to him. His friendship seems to be very location-specific…again, only with me. 

We have tried to sort it out and the only thing we can come up with is that he really only likes the woman in the bedroom.  Apparently, the woman in the living room is a terrifying, mean person that is NOT to be trusted. 

Have I mentioned yet that he is NOT right?

Well, that’s my story, weird and wacky, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,  


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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Dallas Trip Recap


Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
Oops! I missed posting when I returned from my trip to Dallas. My only excuse? I was recuperating. It was a whirlwind of places and sights and sounds! I was exhausted, but so very happy I had the opportunity to visit.
The Stockyards at Fort Worth was everything I hoped it would be and more. We did shop (how can you not when there are so many stores to wander in and out of?) and we ate (too much! I gained five pounds! Yikes! But that’s all right). I did not get to take that ride on a stagecoach but I did get to see that cattle drive down the street. That was exciting (and yes, a bit noisy). I never realized how big the horns on longhorn cattle are! They were huge! And in all different shapes and sizes.
The best part was staying at the Stockyard Hotel. Oh my gosh! It was beautiful and exactly how I picture the Possibility Hotel and Restaurant from my Wives of Bravado County series! Actually, stepping foot inside that hotel brought that fictitious place to life. I took a lot of pictures (lobby, saloon, restaurant, but unfortunately, my brand-new phone failed in that endeavor….it recorded one picture of every 10 I took….not sure how that happened). 
From my understanding, the Stockyard Hotel was built in 1907 and is
reported to be haunted. I didn’t see any ghosts, but as we were leaving at the end of our stay, the elevator kinda dipped a bit, like someone else was getting on though there was no one there. A spirit from another dimension leaving with us? Maybe.
        I didn’t get to see the Cowgirl Museum. Apparently, it has moved to Fort Worth proper, but the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame was fabulous. And we were able to take a tour of the John Wayne Exhibit (I’m a huge John Wayne fan! Love all his westerns!). Here’s a picture of me with the Big Man himself!
I did meet my friend for lunch. You know, it’s amazing when you haven’t seen someone in a long time and then you do, it’s like you’d never been apart at all. Yup, she and I picked up right where we left off and it really was so wonderful to see her! I think I miss her even more now!
The Tiki Cruise around the lake was lovely (there was a nice breeze coming off the lake, which was wonderful because it was so hot) then it was off to a slumber party! I haven’t been to a slumber party since I was a kid. It sure was fun! I even did karaoke, not something I would normally do (apparently, I can’t carry a tune in a paper bag, but you know what? I’d do it again. In a heartbeat!).
We also found time to visit David's Bridal and look for Mother of Groom dresses. Found one or two that I liked, but I'm still looking. I have time. The wedding isn't until April 2024 but we all know how times flies!
Just thinking about my trip and all the things we did makes me tired all over again. I think I’ll take a nap.
Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


Friday, September 15, 2023

I just wanted to quickly remind everyone that our Butterscotch Martini Girl Kickstarter campaign ends at 8AM this morning.  Just a few hours left…go get your goodies!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

There's Something About Greece by Sue Roberts

 One last summer read.  The warm weather feel does not have to traditionally end with Labor Day weekend!

The island of Crete, Greece is a scene of sandy beaches, tropical colors, and warmth of the sun.  Tania randomly visits her Aunt Judith on the island and currently accepts an offer to help Judith with her animal rescue farm while Judith undergoes an operation.  

Right there is the perfect summer! 

The workers at the farm are typically young volunteers.  After tending to the dogs and a few random donkeys and pigs, the twenty-somethings and a few older helpers sightsee, have bonfires and cocktails, and check out adventures on the island.  

Nicos has a beautiful home near the farm where he tends to his adopted dog.  Dogs may be chick magnets, but they are guy magnets, too!  Nicos and Tania meet, yet Tania isn't sure she should pursue the handsome young man because she doesn't know how long she'll be on the island.  Why start something you can't finish?

I'll tell you why.  Tania doesn't have permanent plans for her future, so she has the option of creating plans in any direction.  

As for Nicos, she needs to find out his future plans and see if she fits in.  

Although, another volunteer seems to have caught her eye, so it's time to make a choice.  A choice of either one, or no one at all.  Let's skip the "no one" choice because who can resist a romance on an island.   That leaves Tania to kindle a relationship with divorced Nicos or fun loving Euan.

As I read the story, I lean back and forth between either man until the decision is easy.  Easy for me as the reader, not necessarily as easy for Tania, but she made a great decision!

Happy reading,


Friday, September 8, 2023


Who, you ask, are the literary world superheroes?

Why, YOU, of course!

What? How can that be? 

Well, let me explain. Some say authors are an endangered species who have been forced to navigate some pretty choppy waters. Not only have they fled in masses from the traditional publishing industry to “do their own thing” or to be hybrid authors with a foot in each world, but then there is also the rumor that if scammers don’t kill the industry first, AI will render them useless. 

Nooo!!!  Say it ain’t so. 

(See me shaking my head and shrugging.) 

I don’t know. I have always believed that life makes a way, that when one door closes, another opens. Of course, that door might be a window or…as is often the case for me…a hole in the wall hidden behind a tarp. In any case, when things start to go south, I tend to start turning shit over, looking for that hole in the wall. 

But you can pretty much count on the fact that there is little protection for the average author under the wings of the big publishing companies. As competition gets fiercer, they do too. They are not charity organizations; they are in business to make money. And to do that, they will dictate changes to your stories, dictate topics that will and will not get published, dictate prices and formats and every other little thing that feeds into their bottom line. That is how they stay in business. 

And who does that affect? Not just authors—it affects YOU too! Because it changes the stories we write for you, it eliminates stories you will never know you needed to read, and it sometimes frustrates authors to the point of driving them into other professions.  

Who loses? Everyone! 

But wait, before you scoff at the idea of authors in need of rescue, let me remind you that while there are many authors making a bundle selling books, there are others who are actually paying people to read their books with the cost of giveaways and advertising, on top of slow sales. In 2022, the median writing and self-publishing revenue was $12,749. For a full-time job, that works out to somewhere around half of minimum wage in some states. When you consider that there are authors in that bucket who are making millions per year, that means there are a whole lot of authors on the other side of that $12K median point! 

Also, while there are a number of publishing platforms that allow authors to upload their books for free, it ain’t free to produce and sell a book. Not by a long shot. Remember, there is the time invested in writing, editing, formatting, cover creation, uploading, promoting, determining market positioning and pricing, and if there is anything left over at the end of the month, there is the cost of advertising. Then, after the book is sold, there are more costs, such as the middleman’s cut, the delivery and shipping costs, packaging costs, and taxes for every stinking taxing authority imaginable.  And don’t even get me started on the cost of all of the tools an author has to invest in, such as word processing, text formatting, graphics creation, mailing list support, royalty reporting, sales reporting, free download portals…and so, so many more. 

It ain’t cheap…not if you’re going to do it justice. 

Hence, the push toward new options like Kickstarter which, in my opinion, is a platform where the weird and wonderful collide, where a potato salad or a lighted camp stool can grab the limelight, and where authors are now seeking refuge from the ever-elusive publishing fairy godmother—who I sometimes refer to as “the bitch with the wand.” (I think she might be related to Karma.) 

So, what makes you a Literary World Superhero? Your ability to kick the ass of the bitch with the wand, that’s what!  Your reading and spending habits, your determination to support authors you enjoy, your commitment to making sure you obtain your reading materials legally…and these days…your willingness to explore new avenues for supporting your favorite authors directly. 

So…that pretty much makes authors the endangered species you never knew you needed. And now those elusive creatures are beginning to turn to Kickstarter—not only for their survival in the wild, but also to defend their right to write the stories in their hearts, and your right to read what you love. 

But what's in it for you aside from all the stories you can read? 

VIP Access to the Bookish Binge Party. Imagine sipping your tea and reading that hot-off-the-press novel while the masses are still stuck in "pre-order" purgatory. Backing a Kickstarter campaign means you get early access to the literary goodies. Talk about a bookworm's version of Netflix and hot cocoa! 

Behind-the-Scenes Drama. Forget reality TV. Get your backstage pass to the creative process. Expect updates, sneak peeks, and glimpses into the author's wild writerly journey. Will there be tears? Drama? Writer's block-induced meltdowns? Tune in to find out. 

Collector's Edition Goodies.  Those signed copies, limited-edition covers, and custom artwork—in other words, the good shit. 

You're Not Just a Reader, You're a Co-Creator. Backing an author's Kickstarter campaign sometimes comes with the power to influence the story, cover design, and more…sometimes they will even give you a walk-on part! And…don’t forget that your backing sometimes allows them to create the weird and wonderful. 

Swag Galore. Shot glasses, flasks, bookmarks, artwork, and other book-related swag—things to let you flaunt your indulgence like a boss! 

Joining the Literary Illuminati. Become part of an exclusive club. You're supporting emerging voices, shaping the future of storytelling, finding new talent, and encouraging risk-taking. Who needs secret handshakes, anyway? 

Fueling Your Book Addiction Guilt-Free. Got an addiction? An insatiable craving for books? It’s all-out gratification without any of the guilt—you're investing in literary artistry. 

Keeping Karma From the Door. Lastly, there's the warm, fuzzies of earning karma points. Who knows where helping an author to survive in the wild can lead? Will you be the one to put the next bestseller over the hurdle, or to launch the next big-name author? 

So, there you have it…Kickstarter isn't just a platform for quirky projects; it's your ticket to a world of literary extravagance, where you can support authors, wallow in your bookish obsessions, and revel in the delightful chaos of it all. Now, go back a few campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you back them for a thousand dollars or a buck…it all helps—and it is all APPRECIATED. 

Now go put on your cape and bask in the glory of being a literary superhero. YOU ARE THE BOMB! 

And here is the link to start with.  😊  Just sayin…    (What?  You knew I’d get there eventually.)


Well, that’s my story, unvarnished and unexaggerated, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re runnin’ this puppy for the finish line—we got less than 7 days to kick the ass of the bitch with the wand!

Bring it on!

Love ya,  

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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Lady In Waiting by Melody Tyden

 Lady In Waiting is a grand story where the soon-to-be-married prince, Cassian, and princess, Cordelia, mix it up a bit the week before nuptials.  

Cordelia is promised to a gallant prince who does not show up to meet her and take her back to his kingdom.  Cordelia doesn't expect much from an arranged marriage, but he could at least show his face.  

Prince Cassian doesn't arrive at Cordelia's family castle for a reason.  It wasn't because he didn't want to meet her.  

In Cassian's stead, a group of trusted men bring Cordelia on the week-long travel.  Cordelia decides she would like to be someone else for the trip.  If she's not the princess, she doesn't have to behave as one.

Sean is in charge of Cordelia's travel.  Cordelia has brought her lady-in-waiting to pass the time with.  Sean is aware of the rules for Cordelia to arrive along with her virtue untouched, but there's no rule for a knight and a lady-in-waiting.  They can't seem to keep their eyes or hands off each other.  This is not exactly the romance that is supposed to blossom, but any happy couple is welcome.

The trip to Cassian's kingdom is met with many difficulties and marauders along the way, and the safety of the princess is in question.  Not only is their arrival to the castle challenging, but the result of the planned marriage has a shocking surprise!

Happy reading,