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Friday, October 15, 2021

Veronica Reviews - WHEN THE EARL MET HIS MATCH by Stacy Reid


When the Earl Met His


(Wedded by Scandal #4)


Stacy Reid


5 Stars

Historical Romance

“I feel as if I am fated to love you…for I’ve never dreamed I could feel such a yearning for another soul.”


Lady Phoebe Maitland has the expectations to marry for wealth and power to better her family in the eyes of the ton.  Wanting to do what is expected versus what her heart wants, Phoebe is at a crossroads…throw caution to the wind and beg to be permitted to wed her long-time friend or be an obedient daughter and marry a man older than her father.  But destiny has given Phoebe another scenario…one she never dreamed possible…one that could cost her or give her everything she always desired…


Hugh Winthrop, the future Earl of Albury, has promised his ailing father to wed and to wed quickly.  With no time to travel to London for the season, Hugh puts an advertisement in the paper for a proper wife, never imagining that he will dual wits with an anonymous lady who intrigues him more than any other…


Phoebe and Hugh share a connection that starts off in the most unlikely of circumstances and whisks them headlong into a love affair overcoming obstacles that would tear most romances apart…


When the Earl Met his Match is the 4th installment to the Wedded by Scandal series, but may be read stand alone.  Stacy Reid has woven a broken hero romance that tugged at my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  

Dear Read, I loved every moment and didn’t want the story to end!  Devoured and highly recommend!  Wish I could give more than 5 Stars!!

Sharing what I love, 


**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Mister Know-It-All by Amelie S. Duncan

 This is a fun read.  Although the cover makes me think of summer on a beach, it takes place in New York city where there's too many fun and exciting experiences to mention.

Finding out that her long-term boyfriend cheats on her and thinks nothing of it, Jasmine writes to a help column, written by her cousin, for advice.  Her parents are all about her relationship with her professor who employs her to get the advantage she needs for future success, so an objective view is necessary.

More advice from a best friend and the the Summer of Me evolved.  Don't date men, use them for a confidence building fling.

Fine idea, but not really Jasmine's style. 

Men everywhere.  Of course Ford appears, all handsome and touchable.  Naturally he has issues.  Past (maybe still current?) girlfriend, work related to Jasmine's employment, and acts like a know-it-all.

Not good at the "fling" thing, especially when she's interested, Jasmine plays her cards tightly and probes the idea of a casual relationship complete with the sex.

As summer, the work, and college looms, Jasmine makes a big decision on how to tie her future plans with a complicated and arousing man.  Hopefully her family will back her, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do!

Happy reading,


Friday, October 8, 2021

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A New Computer



         Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are well!
        So, here’s what’s happened since the last time I wrote to you.
        I’m not one for drama. Hate it. Being such a routine oriented person, drama just doesn’t belong. And I had some drama (though, it could have been worse)!
        My computer…died…sort of. Not sure what happened or why, but for some reason, my entire desktop disappeared. It was just a black screen with a white cursor and that was it. Couldn’t access any of my files. My DH’s account was fine; however, his account is not set up with anything like Word or Excel. I could email from his side, but that’s all I could do. I couldn’t work on my current manuscript at all even though I email myself a copy every day (I suppose I could have downloaded my copy of MicroSoft Office onto his account, but what if I made everything worse and lost everything?)
        I called a repair place. They make home visits, which is great, and I talked to the guy for quite a while. He said they could probably fix whatever the problem was so I made an appointment for the following Saturday (the next time they had someone in my area).
        And then, I sat down and thought about it. The computer (it’s an All-In-One desktop, which I really like) is old. Like eight years old (I bought it in 2013) and it has served me well; however, I have been having problems with it. As you know, I had that hiccup where I lost over 5000 words and lately, it has been refusing to take any updates so…
        I bought a new one. Ordered it online. It’s another All-In-One desktop and it arrived the same day I was supposed to have the repair guy come to the house (I cancelled that appointment as soon as I placed my order). Took me an afternoon to set everything up and copy things from my external hard drive. I did discover that I really need to get better at saving things to that hard drive and I will do that, but now I have DropBox and OneDrive so I’ll be saving things there as well as emailing myself. Can’t be too careful and at this point, I can’t afford to lose my stuff…I’m so close to finishing The Maverick and Miss Miller, I can taste it.
        I will have the old one looked at and fixed, but it isn’t urgent now (thankfully) and I’ll keep it as a spare.
        So, that was my drama, as unwelcome as it was. Hope things are going better for you!    

 Until next time, be well, be safe, and remember to spread kindness wherever you go.


Friday, October 1, 2021

Veronica Reviews - BEAUTY TEMPTS THE BEAST by Lorraine Heath


Beauty Tempts the Beast


(Sins for all Seasons #6)


Lorraine Heath


4.5 Stars

Historical Romance

“Sometimes when life puts us on a path we don’t necessarily want to travel, we discover it was a journey we needed to take in order to secure happiness.”

Benedict “Beast” Trewlove has a powerful reputation in Whitechapel, and not just as being born a bastard.  Vowing to protect those unable to do so themselves, Beast has found himself on the receiving end of a proposition he never dreamed possible…being asked to teach seduction by the former Lady Althea Stanwick.  But Beast is not sure if he will be able to hold true to his principals of not sleeping with those he has sworn to protect…but sometimes the heart has other ideas…

Lady Althea Stanwick and her brothers find themselves outcast and directly cut from the ton after their father has been tried and hung for treason.  Althea has been given the opportunity to tutor less fortunate women on how to behave more “lady like”, but in return, Althea proposes to receive training on how to be the ultimate seductress so she may make her own choice of how to live her life, and she’s decided to become the most sought after mistress in London.  But when Althea sees how kind her Beast is, her heart shows her the possibilities of how love can provide so much more than she ever dreamed…

Althea and Ben are lovers that are forced to make difficult decisions when it comes to matters of the heart, but even in their darkest moments they are reminded “We always have a choice, even when it seems we don’t.”  Their happily ever after is fraught with hurdles of heartache, and it will take their combined strength to prevail and prove that true love does in fact conquer all…

Oh, dear reader I so loved this story!  I’m a sucker for Beauty & the Beast romances, and had no clue this was the 6th installment to a series.  While it took me a bit to get all the Trewlove characters straight, Beauty Tempts the Beast may be read standalone, and I highly recommend!

Sharing what I love, 


**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by HP Mallory

 Very fun book to read as the October haunting hours are near.  Witches, Warlocks, and Vampires should be scary, but a light twist to their style gives us a feeling that they aren't so bad, even if you're not sure about trusting them.

Jolie Wilkens has a unique gift of seeing and raising the dead. She has a psychic boutique in L.A., but the funds aren't as plentiful as she'd like.  Rand Balfour, powerful Warlock, is the one who discovers Jolie's ability as not only a psychic, but also a witch and he wants her on his side for a battle of the Witches.

Witches have a powerful sexual attraction.  Jolie feels it with Rand, but if she works for him against the dark side of witches, they can't date.  Other Warlocks on their side, or maybe not, attract Jolie, too.  

Not sure what to do when Rand insists Jolie move to his mansion half way across the world to work, she befriends and questions whether to date other Warlocks since Rand holds back affection.  She'll show him that she isn't going to be a hermit in his home.

the war among the witches is for the power of Jolie, and she must trust herself and the gorgeous Rand to keep her on the good side.  She'd prefer it to be on the good side of his bed in addition! 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Veronica Reviews - BOUND BY EDEN by Lexi Post


Bound by Eden

(Eden Series—Tolba Book #2)

Lexi Post

4 Stars Sci Fi Romance


Welcome to Eden…

Rowena wakes up with the monster of all hangovers.  She barely remembers what happened last night beyond hooking up with a couple of hot Edenists and sharing a bottle of tequila…what was she thinking?!  But she did come to this planet in hopes of becoming a beloved, and with her sabbatical coming to an end, her time is running out.  But what if she accidently bonded with these strangers?  What will this mean for her future?  Especially if she can’t even remember their names…

Takoda’s heart is still broken from the loss of the one loved.  How she could have bonded with someone else, he cannot understand…and is unwilling to let go.  A night with a beautiful woman and her powerful drink seemed like a good idea at the time, but now he’s awoken with a fear that he has bonded with this exquisite stranger, and he must do everything he can to prove their bond was never formed.  But there is a danger surrounding his potential mate, and Takoda must make a choice to let go of the past in order to save his future…

Awan is beyond excited that he and Takoda will be able to move on from their heartbreak now that they have found Rowena.  However, his excitement over the possible bonding isn’t contagious in that Rowena and Takoda are “gun shy” in committing to the idea.  It will take all of Awan’s faith to prove to his lovers they are simply meant to be…

If you are new to this series, here is a quick re-cap. Eden is a planet of very hawt, very naked men in search of their beloved…the one that will make them whole.  With women being out numbered greatly on this planet, the men have begun searching Earth for their soul mate.  So, if reading more the merrier romances is your thing, then you will fall in love with this series!

Lexi Post has written a dream world for those of us who enjoy ménage stories.  After each installment, I am left eagerly awaiting my return to Eden.  Highly recommend!

Sharing what I love, Veronica

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