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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Accidental Inheritance by Cate Woods

 Sacramento to Dithercott, England is quite the lifetime move.  Cassidy Beeswhistle's family lineage started here in a grand castle along with the Beeswhistle Inn, and her decision is made rather quickly after her father's passing. 

Cassidy's profession as a Cordon blue chef had puddled out.  Her eleven-year-old daughter didn't fit in at school, so nothing stopped Cassidy from wasting no time in purchasing the Inn unseen to start a happier and more productive life for both.

The Inn held a lot of unimaginable surprises upon arrival.  Heart sinking, Cassidy mentally tallied the time and money to fix the Inn.  A glimpse of the family's former castle didn't help her mind ease because the castle had been lost two hundred years ago in a hasty gambling bet.  

The majority of the English community didn't welcome the American taking over the Inn, yet she found a friend in Angeline and her daughter, Jim, the vicarage, and possibly Ned, the current owner of the castle.

Cassidy rarely made time for relationships with men, but now she had interest in two men.  Jim's personality exuded friendship and delight from day one, and it was a chore to get to know Ned.  

Take the easy mark or make it another task?  Only the heart can figure this riddle out.  

With little spare time while opening the Inn, battling a local sabotage on her profession, assuring happiness for her daughter, and figuring men out, it's a pot filled road to the end of Cassidy's to-do list.  Romance and love will find its own way to the heart! 

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