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Friday, November 26, 2021

Veronica Reviews - DANCING WITH DANGER by Kerrigan Byrne


Dancing with Danger


(Goode Girls Romance #3)


Kerrigan Byrne


4.5 Stars

Historical Romance

“I desire you like I have no other woman.  I would take as many nights as you would offer, but I’ll settle for just one.”

Mercy Goode is a strong willed and intelligent woman and deemed overly much by would be suiters.  Beyond caring what the ton thinks of her and her opinions, Mercy does what she pleases, and currently, it’s playing amateur detective determining who murdered a friend of hers.  Having a penchant for attracting trouble, Mercy is discovered at the scene of the crime and becomes accosted and arrested by the local authorities.  But she swiftly discovers she’s not alone, and is somewhat rescued by a man whose very presence sets her soul on fire…Raphael Sauvageau…

Raphael Sauvageau has been drawn to Mercy Goode since the first day they met, and finding her being struck and injured by another has his blood raging seeking vengeance.  Although he finds himself intrigued to find her investigating the same crime, Raphael knows he must set her aside to keep his promise to his brother.  But Mercy is like no other he’s ever encountered, and he must have her…at any price…for any length of time he has left on this earth…

Mercy and Raphael are fire and ice dancing along a dangerous path to discover who killed their mutual friend…will Mercy finally find the man willing to love her just as she is…will Raphael finally find redemption in Mercy’s arms…or will fate spin the wheel denying them whatever chance they could have found loving one another…

WOWZA!  Another home run for Kerrigan Byrne!  While the third in the series, this story could be read stand alone.  However, I would recommend reading in order to better understand the characters.  Now, let’s get to the next installment to the Goode Girls, because I already know I’m going to be head over heels in love with Gabriel!!!  Give it to me now!

Sharing what I love, 


**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My Everything by Melanie Shawn

 Be honest, a one-night-stand is not as horrible as it sounds.  

Amber spends many nights in her cozy bed in Harper's Crossing dreaming about one night, one man, eight years ago.  

Most would think it's time for her to give up her fantasy.  She has a successful clothing boutique and fabulous friends.  Find a different man who exists.

Seth is a God.  Medically released from an elite Marine Corp unit, he's back home and having a hard time relating to civilians and a civilian's life. 


Amber has family issues, which make it hard for her to trust those she loves.  Her mom has a hand in this.  Along with a stressful mom/daughter relationship, someone is intent on breaking in and vandalizing her home and property.

Let's hope that Seth realizes he has a lot, which includes safety, to offer Amber.  If only he thinks he's good enough for her.  

Fortunately, Harper's Crossing is a small town and has a great sense of community.  It's a challenge not to be put in a situation where the residents mix and mingle, so let's hope there's enough mixing to cause mingling between Amber and Seth.  Their fantasy can be reality!

Happy reading,


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Losing Track of Days


Hello, gentle readers! 
My apologies for being absent. In all truthfulness and toward a degree of transparency, I fully admit that I am losing track of days.
How can that be? I have a calendar on my computer. In fact, the date shows at the bottom of the screen and never goes away. I have a wall calendar hanging up that I can plainly see. I have a day job that goes from Monday to Friday and there specific things that I do each day (Wednesdays I meet my boss for signatures though lately, we’ve been meeting twice a week…maybe that’s what’s throwing me off. I don’t know) so how can I have missed posting on this page.
The plain, simple fact is it seems to be happening quite a bit. Case in point: last Wednesday (and I was well aware that it was Wednesday as I was planning to run out for said signatures), I wished my workmates a happy Tuesday. I know! Crazy, right!
In my defense (though I’m not sure I have one), I have been busy. I’ve been working so hard finishing my current work in progress. It’s been a story full of fits and starts (as you know), but as I mentioned before, I am on the downward slide.
The day job has been incredibly busy (even for me, who loves diversity in my work and can switch gears in mid-stream). Seems like I can’t catch my breath (or catch up, which is so unusual. My workmates are in the same boat and boy, do we look forward to the weekend, when, of course, we get to do everything we can’t get to during the week!)
Maybe it’s just the fact that the days are speeding by too quickly. Thanksgiving is just around the corner with Christmas not far behind (and wasn’t it just Fourth of July yesterday?). Is that my problem? Am I getting too caught up in the holidays and the passage of time?
Whatever my problem is, I hope to remedy it quickly. I don’t like losing track of days! It just feels too odd! And moving forward, I will do my best not to miss a post.  
Until I get back on track, stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


Friday, November 12, 2021

Veronica Reviews - THE HIGHLAND LAIRD by Amy Jarecki


The Highland Laird

Lords of the Highlands, Book 8


Amy Jarecki



Historical Romance

“I intend to have the memory of this time with you to cherish in my heart for the rest of my days…Let the rest of our lives be an endless adventure.”


Emma Grant has lived in a cocoon of protection since the day she was born.  Her brother has done all he can to ensure her safety, but even the all-powerful Robert Grant could never have predicted his sister would run off to risk life and limb to rescue his long-time friend Ciar MacDougall from the gallows for a crime he didn’t commit.


Laird Ciar MacDougall finds himself facing certain death at the hands of the English.  So, when he’s rescued by a wee lass and her pup, he can barely believe it…for the beautiful Emma Grant, whom he’s long held in the highest esteem, has been blind since birth, and the last person he ever dreamed would be outside his prison cell offering him his chance at freedom.


Forced to flee and go into hiding until he can prove his innocence, Emma is thrilled to finally be free and living a grand adventure with the one man who has always treated her as his equal rather than an invalid.  Emma is not going to let the opportunity pass her by to finally tell Ciar how she feels, and offer him her heart, body and soul…


Amy Jarecki’s The Highland Laird was impossible to put down!  Imperfect characters are my fav, and the author has woven a romance with a hero that isn’t necessarily swoon worthy handsome, but has a kind heart, and a heroine that “sees” all the good in the world and has a way of sharing her sight with those she’s around.  Loved and highly recommend!

Sharing what I love, 


**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Dark Tides by Philippa Gregory

 So many lives and loves at stake in 1670 at a shabby area of London on the Thames.

After two decades, Lord Avery returns to London to reclaim his love and son.  Alinor is tested with her heart and mind.  Can she forget or forgive that Avery left her for dead when he realized she was pregnant with his child?  

Livia voyages to London from Venice with a dire message.  Alinor's son, Rob, has drowned. As his widow, she claims she will help the family become rich in return for a place in Rob's English family.  Livia doesn't seem to be without the need for a man at her side and thinks Avery would be a better match for herself than Alinor.

Sarah, Alinor's granddaughter, is suspicious of Livia's intent, and plans a trip to Venice.  This will give her proof of Livia's past.  Sarah has a long itinerary to verify the death of her uncle and to check the history Livia proclaims.  

Sarah meets a man with many stories of Livia and her occupation.  Felipe holds Sarah's heart if she will agree he's a reformed man.

With a casual pace to the beginning of the story, the intrigue tumbles in from all sides as the characters reveal their true personalities and intents.  People do change, some for the better.

Happy reading,