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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Veronica Reviews: A DATE WITH DRACULA by Dakota Rebel

Date with Dracula
Dakota Rebel

5 Stars
“You are my mate.  My destiny.  I was created to love you, Tessa.  And you were made for me.  I will wait for you until the end of time, if you need me to.  But we will be together for eternity.”

Joel is the oldest unmated vampire and as such given the title “Dracula”.  The lore of this vampire isn’t the evil, soulless, blood drinking monsters everyone knows.  For Joel, it’s walking through Walmart feeding off emotions without being overwhelmed.  And who would have believed he’d find himself in the ice cream isle staring at his soulmate while she is climbing inside the freezer case.

Tessa has found herself becoming one of the typical people of Walmart.  Having a craving for ice cream in the wee hours of the night, Tessa forgoes regular clothes and leaves on her PJ’s.  With her fav flavor on the top shelf and no employee in sight, Tessa climbs in the freezer case to score her addiction.  But when she turns around, she finds herself face to face with the most amazing man…and her soul cries out “MINE”.  Who would have thunk it…Tessa just met the man of her dreams at the freakin’ Walmart of all places!

Joel knows convincing Tessa he’s a vampire, and she is his one true mate may take time, but time is a commodity he has in spades…and Tessa is well worth the wait…

Joel and Tessa’s insta-love romance is just a flat-out fun read.  Yes, it lacks in depth character development, and it’s not your typical vampire read.  But for a smexxy love at first bite quickie, I absolutely LOVED it!  Hoping Dakota Rebel takes this entertaining little tale and turns it into more!

Sharing what I love, 


Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Hello, gentle readers!
If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I love my routines and schedules, but things are changing with the current world situation. And I admit, I’m having some difficulty adjusting.
Like so many others, I am now working from home. This is new for me. I’ve never done it before (however, I will say I’m thankful to my company for allowing me and my co-workers to do this).
I know a lot of people who love it, staying home, never venturing far from their house. Until now, I hadn’t been one of them. I’m so used to keeping my writing life and the day job separate. That routine, you know? Write in the mornings before work. I’ve done it for years. Now? That has changed.
I miss my co-workers. I miss the camaraderie (I’m so fortunate that I work with a great group of people).
BUT…the advantages of staying home are many. I could sleep in a little (but I’m not…I don’t want to change that routine—too hard to get back into it). I could sit in my pajamas all day, if I want to. (I don’t do that either, but I will admit that leggings and a T-shirt are much more comfortable than dressing up! And I get to wear my slippers! No high heels for the time being!). I get to spend more time with my DH. Now, for some, I know, that wouldn’t be a good thing, but for me, it is. My DH, no matter the circumstances, can always make me laugh. Sometimes, even when I don’t feel like it. 
My dogs are loving having me home. That means they get extra snuggles. 
So I am, along with many others, adjusting, learning something new and different.
Keep your spirits up, gentle readers. Take it a little slower…stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Spend time (at a safe distance, of course) with those you love. Read a good book. Watch a few good movies (I recommend comedies because laughter is the best medicine). Most importantly, stay safe!
And remember to spread kindness wherever you go. It’s needed now more than ever!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Book on sale!

Well, this has been a crazy year and it's only March. I'm at home feeling like I'm stuck in a cage with a restless ten year old boy, while my husband braves the outside world to work at the dairy plant. 

But I know one thing that can help everyone's predicament: Books. And a lot of them!

Check out this collection of books that are on sale for a limited time. They are sure to make you forget this world for a little while as you delve into another.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Keeping living your best.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Magical Midlife Madness by KF Breene

Funny is good.  Funny is relief.  Funny is necessary when life has unexpected disruptions.
So if the global problems or personal issues cast a dark shadow, I suggest reading Magical Midlife Madness.
Jessie, forty, divorced, empty-nester, and looking for an adventure wants to take control of her life.
Staying with her kooky parents is out of the question, so she takes a position as a caretaker of the old, creepy house she knew from her childhood.  No pressure, no stress.
Austin Steele runs the sleepy town that the old house is situated in.  He's built better than any man in a magazine.  He's also protective of this town, and with Jessie moving into the Ivy House, he has mixed feelings.
A lot of strange things move and appear in the Ivy House as Jessie warms up to the comfort she feels.  This includes the live-in butler who is always around wearing his funny-looking cape and the gardener who has awfully long nails and teeth.  They're harmless.
Then there's the neighbor, Niamh, who's a hoot and can drink Jessie under the table even if she's 400 years old.  Magical Midlife Madness Paperback February 18 2020 By K.f. Breene
All the afore-mentioned are waiting to see if the Ivy House accepts Jessie.  Jessie has no knowledge of magic, but the magic in the house knows her.
Austin Steele can't help but smile, which he's never been known to do, every time Jessie is around.  Shifters of his kind get awfully protective of who they choose and Jessie needs a protector until she decides if she's staying or leaving.
And that's how the story goes.  Gradually, the shifters admit their magic.  Gradually Jessie allows herself to consider the reality of magic.
And gradually, with a gallon or two of wine tasting, Austin Steele and Jessie find an attraction hard to avoid.
The great part of the story is the comical actions of the old shifters bumping into a new battle while Jessie makes her own decisions.
I very much recommend this light-hearted read!

Happy reading,


Sunday, March 15, 2020

COWBOYS NEVER FOLD by Lexi Post is now FREE!

Big news!  

I'm excited to let you know that this first book in my Poker Flat series is now FREE on all retailers! There are 4 other books in this series after this one and a spin-off series (Last Chance) from the second book in the series just in case you fall in love with my cowboys. Just sayin’ 😊
I hope you enjoy!

Always, Lexi

Wade Johnson always pays his debts, even when it means working three months at a nudist resort for his best friend. Even when he’d rather be thrown from an angry bull… something he’s more familiar with. Now he has to discover why the last three stable mangers quit the resort while trying to keep his hands off the smart, sexy, unreadable owner. But even as his body and heart become more involved, new “unfortunate events” occur to threaten the enterprise.

When her childhood neighbors and surrogate parents were thrown out of the trailer park for being nudists, Kendra “Night Owl” Lowe swore that one day she’d build the best nudist resort ever. After her career as a professional poker player pays her back in spades, she can finally fulfill her vow. There will be resistance, but she’s determined to make Poker Flat successful, even if it means relying on her own two hands and a few misfit employees. All bets are off, however, when Wade arrives and her attention wanders to his broad shoulders, six-pack abs, and polite ways.  But she’s his boss. Giving in to temptation could mean jeopardizing her operation, and she won’t do that for anyone.

As Wade draws closer to learning the truth, his own truth is revealed. He realizes Kendra will do everything she can to make her resort a success, which could include letting him go. To win her heart and save her dream, he will have to go all-in and that could mean baring more than his soul.

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Cowboy's Match
Cowboy's Best Shot
Cowboy's Break
Wedding at Poker Flat

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

It's Movie Time!

Hello, gentle readers!
I love movies! They are my way of relaxing. Doesn’t matter if they’re romantic comedies or dramas or action adventure, black and white or full color. I have my favorites, ones that I will watch time after time. Steel Magnolias (yes, I know the dialogue by heart by now). Pretty Woman (another fantastic movie…I like Runaway Bride, too, which paired Julia Roberts and Richard Gere again). Anything with Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. Anything with Hugh Jackman (I will admit, this man makes me drool…did you see Austraila? Oh my gosh!). Anything with my new favorite, Jason Statham. The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson)? Need I say more?
I was flipping through channels the other day and happened upon The Ghost and Mrs. Muir on Turner Classic Movies. It’s an old black and white love story with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. I love this movie and yes, it really is a love story.
Ms. Tierney is a young widow who rents a house on the coast of England…which just happens to be haunted by the former owner, Captain Gregg, a sea-faring man who delights in trying to frighten this young woman…to no avail. She’s tougher and more stubborn than he plans on. There’s such tension between them…a living woman and a man who has passed on but can’t seem to leave the home he loved, but despite that and the fact that one is a spirit, one can definitely feel their growing affection for each other.
One of my other go-to movies is Silverado. Kevin Costner and Kevin Kline in the same movie…oh, be still my heart. As much as I love a good romance or the other genres, as previously mentioned, I love a good western, too, and this movie certainly fits the bill. It’s got everything I look for in a western, but most importantly, the good guys come out on top.
If you have a chance to see either one, I highly recommend them.
What are some of your favorite movies? Anything you’d like to recommend?

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.


Sunday, March 8, 2020

TO GUARD WITH LOVE by Roberta Bombonato has Released!

I am SO happy to announce that my novella: To Guard with Love is now available on Amazon (enrolled in kindle unlimited, too). It is a contemporary romance. *disclaimer, scenes of abuse*

I dedicated the book to my dog, Kent because he is the most beautiful soul. He chose me and helped me get over a very hard breakup. I married a veteran so he suffers from nightmares. Kent had never been formally trained, but he wakes me up so that I can be safe. Doctors advised me not to wake him during a nightmare because he could awaken still in battle mode. Kent is my guardian like Enomis is to Simone.

This was the first story I ever wrote, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Though it is told in the puppy's point of view, his love for Simone shows such empathy that you can see her go through the transformation from a victim to taking charge of her life. Enomis also helps her find true love in new neighbor Gary. 

Here is the Blurb:
A puppy is cute. A puppy is laughter. A puppy is joy. Simone needed the unconditional love only Enomis could provide to alleviate the constant heartache, pain, and fear permeating her life.How can a puppy save a woman from an abusive relationship and help her find the right kind of love? With heart.  

I hope that anyone struggling with abuse knows there is always a way out. Life is gone in the blink of an eye, even shorter for dogs. They are angels on earth in my opinion. Love them as long as you can. 

Thank you for the support, everyone, especially Lexi for allowing me to be a guest on the blog. Happily ever afters are beautiful escapes and it is my pleasure to keep writing new ones!

Roberta Bombonato