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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Love Like Dandelion Roots by Katie Nelson

Moving back to your small hometown can be a bit nerve racking.  It's great to revisit your youthful memories, but the questions of "What brings you back?" can get annoying and embarrassing.

 Melissa, Mel, returns to Aspen Hill, Minnesota and its two stop light intersections.  To be around her mother and father is a treat, and amazingly, a job as a grade school teacher falls in her lap.  Not too bad of a start.

When her father falls ill, Mel jumps to help at the gas station he owns of which she had worked during high school.

 It is unavoidable in a small town to not bump into her former flame, Trey.  He was more than a fling.  He had pulled her out of her shyness and had created a relationship she had thought was promising.  That ended as fast as it started.

Now, Trey's son is in her classroom and Trey is in the gas station.

There may be a lot of explaining to do, so is it worth the time and understanding?  That's how love works.  Patience, time, getting to know one another, and an undeniable heart flutter does so much!

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