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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who's on your Keeper Shelf?

There are some romance novels that I just can't bear to part with after I've finished them. Unfortunately, because I live on a houseboat I have limited space and have to make tough decisions about which romances I can keep on my shelves. Some of my keeper authors are Julia Garwood, Karen Marie Moning, Jennifer Ashley, Jo Beverley, Johanna Lindsey, and Kathryn Kennedy, just to name a few. There's actually about 50. I live on a big boat :-)
Who is on your Keeper Shelf? We all have them. Those amazing authors that we just can't give up. Do you have Oldies but Goodies, Up and Comers, both?


  1. Alexis, like you, I have limited space, and I've long ago given away most of my keeper shelf. But I live and work within a few blocks of a library, and I've made that my giant, personal bookshelf. What remains on my keeper shelf are Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and signed signed copies of books from my fiction writer's groups. Oh, and there's an empty space waiting for my signed copies of Alexis Walker novels!
    Best wishes, Alexis!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Ahhh, you keep the classics on hand as well as very current fellow authors. Truly a wide range of writers. About that space for my books, better get that dusted off just in case. I like to think positively :-) And when your book comes out you will have to do a guest blog spot here!