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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Golden by Shannon Mayer

 A wickedly cute read!  Cats, dogs, wolves, and witches collide to figure out how to kick ass on the bad members of the community.

Cin is nearly murdered in a violent display from her wolf brothers directed by her witch of a mother.  And her mother has a powerful enemy who takes it out on Cin.

The curse Cin isn't able to avoid turns her into a golden retriever by day and she's herself for the nighttime with the codicil that she can't talk.  This is quite the problem when her appointed mate, Havoc, adopts her fury self.  Havoc's brother Han is a lot nicer to her, in a way.

Cin makes a handful of great friends after she leaves her pack and is in hiding from the relatives.  Great friends with great magic and schemes to save her, but with the constant and treacherous scenes that seem inescapable.  

Back to Havoc and Han and their family feud.  Can the fight between the brothers help Cin and lead her to a loving mate?  As long as she doesn't get killed.  I like to believe love is stronger than murder and root for Cin and her gangly group of friends to bring love as the final straw.

Happy reading,


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Editing Can Be Brutal


        Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
Hope you all had a Happy Fourth of July weekend! My respect, as always, to those who fought for freedom…and continue to fight for that freedom to this day.
        It’s early Sunday morning as I write this (and already hot…but what do I expect living in Phoenix?). Apparently, we broke a record recently (I think it was 118 degrees on Friday…not really the kind of record I want to see broken). It’s all good though. I’ve been hibernating in my house…in the air conditioning (yes, listening to the constant hum, praying it will last the rest of this year).  
So, what have I been doing while I’ve been hibernating? I took advantage of the holiday and added a day of PTO so I’ve had four days off from the day job (which is really nice but I’ll be paying for it on Monday…and probably the rest of the week) and printed out Wife By Surprise. You may remember that I finished writing the story in May, but I’ve been letting it sit for a bit before I begin editing. That’s part of my process. That space of time lets me look at the story with fresh —sorta—though I’m always surprised when I read something I wrote and it’s particularly striking and I wonder ‘who wrote that?'. The opposite is true as well. The dogs can vouch for me when I frequently  ask aloud, ‘who wrote this $&#$#*&$?’ as I brutally cross it out with my red pen.
Yeah, sometimes there’s a lot of red on my pages (I can be pretty ruthless with that red pen) but that’s all right. It’s part of the whole writing thing. And it’s an opportunity to make the story better (and find those too often repeated words and phrases), which is the whole point. I read the entire thing out loud on Thursday (no, I had no voice left after that) and made all my corrections on Friday (with the help of several very good writing tools, books I cannot live without).
Now that all the corrections have been made (and I'm still happy with the results), I’m ready to send it off to my beta readers, the next part of the process. And while they are reading and making comments, I’ll continue working on The Marshal and Mrs. Morgan, which is coming along pretty well.  
Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Make Me Shiver by Heather Slade

 There are still dukes and duchesses, spies, and assassins in the current world.

The Duke of Wells, nicknamed Shiver, is in line to move up when his ailing father dies.  Intelligent and iconically good looking, he has a problem that keeps him on his toes other than running a county in the near future.  His problem comes in the female form with a lot of metaphorical fires to put out.  

Losha is her name.  The rest about her is unimaginable such as she is a former Russian assassin on the run with her baby.  Once the property of Russia, it's impossible to divorce yourself from the government's grip.  She has a bounty on her head and only a few people she can trust to help her escape.  

With a large team to help him find Losha, Shiver will not stop his search and believes he can save her and the baby, no matter who the father is.  

Their past, filled with intensity and lust and love, does not allow Losha to give in to Shiver.  It's a path of deception, killing, and hiding until a romance may have a chance if the heart wins on both sides of the game.

Happy reading,