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Friday, June 21, 2024

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A COWBOY by Lexi Post is available for Preorder


Between a Rock and a Cowboy (Rocky Road Ranch: Book 1) 

by Lexi Post

is now available for Preorder

Releasing June 25th

Tanner Dunn must take the reins of the Rocky Road cattle ranch after his father’s stroke. With a brother long gone, a brother deployed, and his youngest brother wanting to leave for his own career, he has his hands full. Still, he’s adamant his father receives the best care. But when their adversary’s daughter, Amanda Hayden Davis, arrives to provide his father’s therapy because she’s the best, it becomes more than he’s willing to shoulder.

Amanda is not happy she’s been assigned to the patriarch of the Dunn family, nor that she is the first Hayden to step foot on Rocky Road Ranch in over twenty years. But she’s a ray of sunshine compared to the grumpy eldest son. When she’s told to leave before she’s started her work, she doesn’t budge. No one tells her what to do. She willingly argues with Tanner, often winning. Despite that, she finds herself respecting his work ethic, his moral compass, and his heart. It doesn’t help that he also has the shoulders of her dreams and looks amazing in a suit.

Tanner admits he’s grateful for Amanda’s efforts with his dad, but that doesn’t mitigate the damage her family has done to them over the years. It’s the Hayden’s fault Rocky Road may have to become a Dude ranch, something Tanner has fought against for the last year. The problem is, he’s fighting his attraction to Amanda as well. Not only is she kind, but she has a zest for life that he can’t resist. But if he gives in to her, will he lose the ranch? Or will resisting her be the biggest mistake of his life?


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Releasing June 25th!

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Need vs Want


        Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are all well and staying safe!
Here’s a question, one I’d never thought I’d ask myself because I’m genuinely thankful for what I have.
What do I want?
Let me tell you what happened and why I’m asking this. I was having lunch with a co-worker and we were discussing mundane little things like coffee makers and such (hahahahaha, I’m not even sure how we got on the subject). Anyway, I mentioned that I have the basic version of Mr. Coffee. You know the one. No bells, no whistles, nothing fancy—the one that costs $19.99. She was telling me about this coffee maker that costs about a grand and makes the perfect cup of coffee every time. I don’t need that. And I would never spend that kind of money on a coffee maker.  
Like most of you, I work to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. Pay my debts, etc. Save a little money if I can (I have a thing about my savings account…once money goes in there, it doesn’t come out). I know how to budget and do without because the DH and I have hit hard times in the past (like most of us) and I promised myself I’d never go there again. I’m pretty proud that I can squeeze a nickel so hard I can get a dime. I am frugal (my DH says cheap but I’m not cheap…I’m just cautious when it comes to spending money—I work too darned hard to just throw it away).
So her question—if I had five thousand dollars just sitting around with nothing to do (hahahaha, like that would ever happen!), what would I do with it? Can’t be to pay bills. Can’t be to get something necessary (need as opposed to want). Has to be something frivolous just for myself.
I couldn’t answer the question. As I said earlier, I’m very fortunate that I have what I need and I’m so grateful for that.
She insisted that there must be something that I want and lowered the amount. I still couldn’t answer and I realized it was because the things I want cannot be purchased with cold, hard cash.
So, what do I want? I want my family and those I love to be happy and healthy. I want more kindness in the world. I want those who struggle to not have to struggle anymore. I want those that live in pain to be pain-free. There’s more, but you get the gist.
She finally accepted my answer because those are the things I truly want but…I gotta tell you, that question has been on my mind since she asked it so I’m going to ask you, gentle reader. What would you want?
Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


Eloise and the Grump Next Door by Emma St. Claire and Jenny Proctor

 Eloise, let's call her Lo, presents us with a humorous and delightful summer romance.

She recently graduated from college, and the post-graduate degree she hopes for isn't available.

To add to her non-acceptance for a masters, her beloved grandmother passes.  The grandmother she always promised to visit yet couldn't find the time or air fare to get there.  Lo did write to grandma, which is a tiny consolation in Lo's mind.  

Her and her two successful sisters inherit grandma's old home on Oakley Island with the codicil that they revamp the construction and open a B&B.  After that, keep or sell.  Her sisters decide Lo should stay and take care of the situation because she has nothing better to do.

Grandma's lawyer poses another issue.  Jake accidently meets Lo on her twenty-first birthday.  I won't say more about that embarrassing scene, but you get the idea, I'm sure.  

Jake keeps his friendly, inner self hidden well under a grumpy exterior.  Even if he needs to be close at side to Lo through the remodeling and spending.  Not to mention he lives in the duplex next to where she will stay.  

Lo's kind and innocent heart may be a catalyst to melt the ice at Jake's core.  Although, she hasn't given up getting her masters degree, and Jake won't stand in her way.

What happens when life, work, education, and love entangle themselves?  It may take more time to make a plan, but it's definitely a possibility to fit the puzzle together and make everything happily fit together.

Happy reading,


Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende

As Europe enters the war in 1939, Alma Belasco's parents send her to relatives in San Fransico where she continues the rest of her life.

Alma befriends Ichimei Fukuda, the Japanese gardener's son.  The friendship turns into a love affair hidden from their community and everyone around them because even in America, it's not acceptable.  

Alma and Ichimei continue their lives on the outside along with a hidden romance for seven decades.

When Alma is near the end of her life, Irina, her caretaker, and Alma's grandson, Seth, find a mystery in the flowers, notes, and secret escapades dependably repeated by Alma.

With a little spying and digging around, Irina and Seth discover the relationship.  

To hide such a beautiful love should never need to happen.   The funny thing about love is that you don't choose it, it chooses you.  True love always brings peace and conquers war.  Spread the word.

Happy reading,