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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reading Over the Holidays

Who doesn’t look forward to having time off, a break from the same old routine? I know I do. This holiday season I’m not traveling, or visiting family or anything. When I realized I had 10 days to do whatever I wanted, my mind started racing so fast it made me light headed! Ten whole days, what could I do with all that time, in addition to writing that is :-) It took a whole three minutes to make a list longer than my pad of paper, so I thought I’d better just share what I hope to read over this holiday season.

First, I must read Nicole North’s KILTED LOVER. I bought this eBook as soon as it came out and it has been waiting for me for over a month! I’ve read a novella by Nicole and really enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to this next one by her. Besides, who can resist a guy in a kilt? But beware, this is a very hot novel.

Next, I just have to read Jennifer Ashley’s THE LONGEST NIGHT in the anthology A CHRISTMAS BALL. I absolutely love everything this amazing lady writes and I know reading her novella will add to my Christmas spirit! This story takes up where her novel HIGHLANDER EVER AFTER left off and that was a wonderful romance with a touch of paranormal.

I also plan on reading Kathryne Kennedy’s new book MY UNFAIR LADY. It’s set in 1885 London, but the heroine is from America and has come to England to get polished up. Her “tutor” so to speak, is an impoverished Lord and from what Kathryne has said, it is a fun and humorous book. I’m all for laughing during the holiday season!

In addition to these books, I simply have to read Denise Domning’s A LADY IN WHITE which has been re-released by CVS Pharmacy. Denise gave me some great pointers on improving one of my manuscripts so I can’t wait to read her book. With Queen Elizabeth pulling the strings, this book promises to be a great escape back in time.

This next book I want to read is Kayla Janz’ HEART OF GLASS which features a rock star and is an erotic romance. What a combination! This is the second book in her RIGHT MAN . . . RIGHT NOW series. Definitely want to read this one soon, especially as I will be joining Kayla’s critique group in January.

Lastly, of great importance and edification, but probably not quite as fun as the others, I plan to read Donald Maass’ new book THE FIRE IN FICTION. I’m hearing wonderful comments about this book by this agent extraordinaire, so I’m hoping to learn a lot to utilize in my own work.

So those are my reading plans for the holidays, how about you? Do you have any plans to read? If you do, please share. I would love to hear what you plan for your reading pleasure.


  1. I love reading holiday stories so now that my grades are all in and I'm off until January 4th, I'm reading 4 Christmas romance stories. I also bought the Dickens version of A Christmas Carol. It occurred to me that I love watching any and all versions of A Christmas Carol, but I've never actually read the original. Enjoy your time off!

  2. Hi Lexi, I love reading Christmas stories too. I wish I could read more but you can see my list is lengthy already :-) I envy you! I so like A Christmas Carol as well and got to read it when I was a literature major in grad school. It is such a classic. Always puts me in a Christmas mood.

  3. Alexis, I don't want to lock up your blog with my TBR pile.'s THAT huge. I've been caught up in edits and battling a bit of a health problem of late, not to mention the holidays. So, I'll just list a few that are at the top of my pile. Janet Chapman's Moolight Warrior and A Highlander Christmas. Also, Nicole North's Kilted Warrior. I'm afraid I've a weakness for men in kilts. Best wishes to you! Great blog!

  4. Really, that many Maeve? If my TBR pile gets too big, I cave under the pressure and read like crazy :-) I've read both these authors and you will be happy that you took a break from a crazy schedule to read them. I'm with you on the kilt thing. So glad my husband owns one :-) Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Happy Holidays, Alexis! Because I add titles faster than I read them, my TBR list is much too long to list here. Recently I finished Diana Gabaldon's latest novel, whose length alone made it worth three books. I read a variety of fiction genres and lots of nonfiction, but next on the romance list is Lord of the Highlands by Veronica Wolff. Enjoy your book binge, and all the best in 2010!

  6. Hi Alexis. I've been waiting to have some time to read Melissa Mayhue's latest in her Highlander series. But I wanted to have time to review her first books first, because it gives me a sense of connection to refresh my memory and continue the story.

  7. Hi Pat, Happy Holidays to you too! Ah yes, Veronica Wolff, I have one of hers on my TBR and hope to read it early in the year. You definitely get credit for 3 books after reading Diana Gabaldon's book! I'm through 4 of my 6 books so far and loving it. Pressure to read is definitely something I can enjoy :-)

  8. Hi Julie,

    I so understand where you are coming from. When I get a new book in a series, I always do a skim of the past books if it's been awhile since they came out. I love highlanders and faes so I'll be her series is wonderful. Hmmm, may have to add some more books to my TBR list.