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Monday, April 19, 2010

Donna Hatch, Guest Blogger Today

I'm thrilled to welcome my guest blogger today, Donna Hatch, author of the newly released THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN. In researching this books, she discovered some great information on pirates. All yours, Donna!

Few words conjure up more dramatic, terrifying, and romantic images than pirates. They captured the imagination of Robert Lewis Stevenson, J.M. Barrie, Walt Disney, and many, many others. I even used pirates in my newest Regency Romance Novel, The Guise of a Gentleman. But what is it, exactly that makes a pirate both the perfect villain, and the perfect hero?
As a kid, one of my favorite rides at Disneyland was "The Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved Peter Pan, Treasure Island, and any other pirate story I found. The Pirates of the Caribbean movie made millions with fans divided between Captain Jack Sparrow and Will, who pretty much turned pirate to save Elizabeth. When my husband and I were in Las Vegas, we went to the (then) new Treasure Island Hotel which used to (maybe still does) put on a great show outside with a reenactment of the navy battling pirates. When the pirates defeated the navy, everybody cheered.

Are we all a bunch of sociopaths?

Nah. I think it goes back to the bad boy allure. They were non-conformists. They had the courage to buck the system. They wore blousy white shirts instead of those stuffy coats and ugly hats and white powdered wigs. They were totally free to go where ever they pleased and do anything they wanted. And they had the money to do it, thanks to the plunder they took. In the case of Las Vegas, the pirate captain was hunky and drop dead gorgeous, which never hurts.

We think of pirates as swashbuckling hunks who carried big curved swords, although having an eye patch and a parrot on the shoulder never hurts. Not to mention a certain allure in a map with an X that marks the spot to buried booty. Maybe we all secretly wish we could steal from the rich, throw social norms out the window and make our enemies walk the plank.It's really just a fantasy. Real pirates are nothing like the men in the stories.

I did extensive research for my newest Regency Romance Novel, The Guise of a Gentleman and discovered that pirates were first and foremost sailors. They had a hard life and faced many dangers. They also preyed upon any ship that had the misfortune of crossing their path. Then, they'd go to a nearby port and waste their money. They also often ransacked the town, tortured the men, and ravished the women. And they were notorious slave traders. Not very glamorous, is it?

In my novel, I created a fictional problem of having a lot of out of work sailors and captains of privateering ships now that the Napoleonic War was over. So some turned to piracy and created a pirate ring led by a peer of the realm. In my novel, the hero has to become a pirate in order to infiltrate the ring and expose the leader. After studying real life pirates like Black Beard, Calico Jack, and others, I decided pirates make better villains than heroes. They were for the most part, ruthless and unconscionable. Yet, I still cheered for Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.
So enjoy the fantasy.
And "Argh, matey! Don' forgit yer sword!"
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Best Wishes, Donna

Thank you, Donna for joining us at Happily Ever After Thoughts. It has been a pleasure. You can find Donna’s books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Queen in Exile is also available at Costcos across the country and any Deseret Bookstore. The Guise of a Gentleman is also available at Here is the direct link to Donna's book page.


  1. Sounds like your career is off and running, Donna! And to think, I knew you when. :) Your new book sounds fabulous! Congratulations!

  2. Hey Donna! I loved the post and rather meet fantasy pirates than real ones any day.

    Is this a sequel to the Stranger She Married?

  3. Donna - I know how you feel about Disney and their pirate-related rides. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan ride. We try to do those at least twice each visit!

    Congratulations on your new release. The Guise of a Gentleman sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it!


  4. Hi Linda, yes, this is a sequel to the first book in the series, The Stranger she Married. thanks for stopping by.

    Great to see you here, Erin!

    Thanks, Laura! I hope you like it ;-)