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Sunday, July 4, 2010

What makes a hero?

Happy July 4th! It seems like the perfect week to talk about heroes as we celebrate America’s independence which couldn’t have been achieved without the courage of our ancestors, soldiers and statesman alike. There are everyday heroes that receive little notice and then there are those who are splashed across the internet for their great deeds. But we don't need the media to tell us who is heroic. So if we are reading a romance novel, what makes a hero?

One of my favorite authors asked her readers which of her heroes was their favorite. I immediately replied as I knew who I liked the best, despite having read at least a dozen of her romances. Afterwards, I started wondering why that particular hero stood out to me. He was, of course, the usual hunk with a lot of power who found the heroine fascinating, but there was one quality that truly took hold of my heart. He made the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of the heroine and his community. No, of course he didn’t die, this is romance after all, but he did give up his freedom and by freedom I don’t mean bachelorhood!

But other readers of Jennifer Ashley had different choices for their favorite heroes which told me many specific virtues spoke to other people. I’m curious as to what makes a hero a favorite for you? Are there one or two qualities that really tip the scales toward having a favorite hero? Please share, my curiosity is driving me crazy :-)


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