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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Need Recommendations for New Romance Reader

I recently met a young woman who had read a Jade Lee, Harlequin Blaze romance. It was the first romance she’d ever read. She probably picked it up at one of the hotels or bars here on the island. Many have a spot where tourists can take a used book to read. Anyway, this young woman said she liked Jade’s book and wanted me to recommend other romances that she might like because, as she put it, “I don’t really know what my taste is.”

So, I need help. This young lady is a Science Professor at the University. My guess is she is late twenties. She is married and living in the Virgin Islands. She also has a grant to conduct scientific research. And she has just discovered romance novels. The book she read was The Tao of Sex which involved a Sex Goddess and a Dragon. As a Blaze it was hot. She didn’t seem to mind the heat, but said she loved the plot.

My question to you is, can you recommend any recently released (within the last year) romances that you think she might like? I’d love some suggestions as I offered to go with her to Undercover Books (the bookstore here) and help her choose some romances. So all recommendations are not only welcome, but definitely needed :-) Thank you for your help!



  1. Oh, she definately needs to dip into different genres to find her niche!
    I recently finished "Love in the Afternoon" by Lisa Kleypas. This is an emotionally intelligent historical romance with a good plot and satisfying characters. The hero is suffering from the Crimean equivalent of shell shock, and the heroine, who has a natural gift with animals, uses her patience and understanding to help him.
    Grace x
    'A Dead Man's Debt'

  2. Oh my goodness! So many books, so little time! Grace suggested Love in the Afternoon, which is excellent. Anything else written by Lisa Kleypas would be a good choice. Can't go wrong with anything by Jennifer Ashley or Kathryne Kennedy, either. I also love Jodi Thomas.

  3. Grace, good idea. I read that book and really enjoyed it. As you are a veterinarian and from the science field I can recommended it with confidence :-)

    Ah, Marie, you picked two of my favorite authors, Jennifer Ashley and Kathryne Kennedy. It's so great to hear from people who are not from the literary tradition I am from, because I know this young woman isn't either. Thank you!

  4. Great question. I know the suspense arena best and have a lot of science in my background amongst a pile of other things. Going for suspense, I pick Debra Webb, Sandra Brown, Lisa Jackson, and how about Karen Rose.

    What an undertaking, but I would want to help someone pick the "right" romances too! Have fun.

  5. Thank you, Dawn. Suspense is not my forte, so I really appreciate the recommendations. I will add these authors to the list :-)

  6. Alexis,

    The lady might like Hungry For You by Lynsay Sands. (It's part of her immortal/vampire series. These vamps are a happenstance of science not a curse.)

  7. Oh, vampires born of science? Now that does sound interesting. Thank you, Jess. I will definitely add that to the list.

  8. Just happened by to read today's post on Kimberly Killion, but I couldn't help but notice the Jade Lee mention!

    If she likes science, I think Courtney Milan's Proof by Seduction and Trial by Desire both go into scientific thinking with a Victorian perspective. Very intelligent romances.

  9. Thank you Jeannie! I hadn't heard of Courtney Milan's books. I will definitely add them to the list. I really appreciate the help :-)