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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day! And more . . .

Happy Father's Day!!!

My posts seem to have the good fortune of falling on or near special days. But even as I write this the day before, I'm trying to think of traditions that my family celebrates on Father's Day. I can't think of one other than grilling out. Which is special in the fact that I make my dad and father-in-law work on their day. Lol. But they seem to love it! Do you do anything to mark to occasion in your family? Let me know in the comments!

Now, books! I'm super excited to announce When Rio Surrenders is up for preorder and will be released on 6/27/19. The ebook is marked at special Father's Day price of only 99¢. Get it before the price go up.

When Rio Surrenders

Rio Reese has a strict no-dating policy at his newly opened gym. However, that doesn’t stop him from noticing the newest member, Gina. From the moment he sees her, he is drawn to her. When he finds out she’s an experienced accountant, he enlists her help to straighten out his bookkeeping. But that makes her off-limits in two categories: member and staff. A double whammy.

All Gina wants is an exercise routine that will get rid of her love handles. What she finds is a class that’s way too difficult and a sinfully attractive gym owner who is interested in her accounting skills. She accepts Rio’s temporary job offer. Thinking he is solely interested in her for her expertise, Gina attempts to keep her growing feelings for him at bay.

While Rio makes a valiant effort to keep Gina out of his own reach, he finds that when she’s around, things just don’t go as planned. He’s falling hard for her and is about to shred his no-dating policy when he discovers that Gina is keeping a secret from him that threatens his business. While his heart sways in one direction, his bruised ego runs in another. Between running a fragile startup business and finding the truth, Rio must make a hard decision. But will he make the right one?

When Rio Surrenders is the first book of the Loved by Reese series that will launch this summer!

You can find your copy here!

Exciting Giveaway Alert!

I will be giving away an awesome prize in my new group, Pierce Patrol! I haven't announced it yet to the group, but it will be a Kindle Paperwhite. To enter, simply head over to the group Facebook page and click join. I will announce the giveaway there soon. Right now, the group is still forming, so you'll be the first know!

Pierce Patrol

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