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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Secrets Hidden in the Glass by Cate Beauman

 Callie Davis wants nothing more than a way out of her rich life created by world renowned glass art.  Amazing that a gift of talent can result in anxiety and the need to flee.

Leaving the glam of Manhattan, Callie rents a cabin on a quiet, touristy island in Massachusetts.  Maybe she'll get her muse for art back or disappear into a world she's not known.

Her new landlord is more than a plumber who fixes her sink but also the town sheriff.  She can't get around Carter Island without his influence.  Nate Carter is either related to or knows everyone.  He wants to get to know the beautiful visitor.

Couldn't imagine a couple getting along any better at first sight.  Yet, Callie has secrets from her childhood that keep appearing in her attempts at art and to fit in with the locals.  She's leery of getting into a relationship as she digs for answers of her past.

Which, might I add, would be the perfect tension in the romance, but that strain is missing in the story.  Nate has no reason to not pursue their relationship, and Callie constantly decides it's okay to continue.

I love a good relationship, although in a story I want to be on the edge of my sofa wondering how they're going to make it work.  Callie's origins and job are up in the air, but not her romantic feelings.  Nate cannot imagine letting Callie out of his arms, even with her unknowns and former lifestyle.  

The romance is solid, but if you're interested in answers to the side problems, it's an enjoyable read.

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