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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Kicking Starters and Kicking Asses.


Good Morning!  How are ya’all doin’?  I’m hoping every last one of you are rockin’ it and rollin’ through life today with no obstacles…nothing but clear skies and roses everywhere. 

Okay, now that the formalities are out of the way, apologies are in order.  I was supposed to have blogged two days ago, but I’m on a wild roller coaster ride right now and drinking from a fire hose as I learn how to put together a Kickstarter campaign for the Butterscotch Martini Girls. So, my Friday blog turned into my Sunday blog. Forgive me, and let’s just go with better late than never.  😊 

Anyway…no, I am not really kicking starters (or asses), but I am putting together a Kickstarter campaign.  (See what I did there?)  Well, in all actuality, the BMGs are putting it together, but Dani Petrone and I are doing the legwork. 

The go-live is still a little way off, but you should be seeing a pre-launch page showing up in Kickstarter sometime in late June or early July. I promise to keep you posted as I try to bring ya’all along for the ride. 

But there are a lot of moving parts to a Kickstarter campaign. Which means if we are to put together the most kick-ass campaign we can, there is a lot of up-front work to do. 


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been learning the platform…well, 3 platforms, actually. It turns out that while you can do Kickstarter all by itself, there are other products/services that can be paired with it to simplify the process, increase revenue, or reduce cost. This turns out to be a good news-bad news scenario where there is assistance available, but it comes with a LOT to learn. 

Given the steepness of the learning curve, I managed to convince Dani Petrone that she was just dying to help. (She may never forgive me for the lies I told her.)  LOL 

Anyway, Dani and I have been researching process, graphics, costs, merchandise, vendors, promo, shipping methods, shipping rates, and a million other little things that tie into a Kickstarter campaign…not to mention that we are trying to wrangle nine authors so we can come up with a single, comprehensive and fun solution. 

(Sorta like herding lizards. Those little suckers are fast, and they can get away from
you in the blink of an eye…much like lizards.)

Over the past month, we put together some surveys to see what this group of authors would like to do…what they love, what they hate, what they don’t give a flying rat’s ass about. Good thing we did because there were some surprises in there that gave us a few things to sidestep and others to do a workaround for. But we have now nailed down our theme and our tagline…which I cannot yet reveal. But it is freaking awesome! So much so that it makes me almost giddy every time I think about it. 

The core of the campaign will be a special edition box set of five pre-published cowboy stories in the sensual to sizzling heat range. While most of these stories can be purchased separately online, we will be doing some special formatting and some really cool stuff that is exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign. 

We will NOT be making this box set available at online retailers. Those of you who have been fans of the BMG box sets in the past should plan to back a tier in this campaign if you want this special edition set with some of the fun extras we’ve never offered anywhere before. Wait and you will miss it. 

As I said earlier, we are digging deep into merchandise and goodies we think our readers will love, which means lots of late nights on the internet looking at things I’d give my eye teeth for and things I wouldn’t bury with my worst enemy. OMG, some of the stuff that is available is mind-boggling. 

Here are some of my top contenders for the WTF award…


That first one I don't even know what it is. The bendy pens are cute, but no one can concentrate with those weird-ass dudes waving and bobbing all over the  And those teeth...sometimes you just have to ask yourself…WHY? 

Well, I promise you we will NOT be including crap like this.  We are gonna offer really cool stuff.  So, you gotta stay close and watch for us to post the link to our campaign pre-launch page sometime in late June or early July. 

In the meantime, go set yourself up a Kickstarter account…free to all…and look around out there at book projects, which will be listed under publishing / fiction.  It might take a little bit to figure out how the site works, but I promise you it will be worth it. There are some really cool projects being worked out there and I heartily encourage you to find one you love and back it. I’ve backed about a dozen in the last month and it's so much fun when you run across one you can really get behind and you back a tier, then watch the process and cheer them across the finish line. 

As a backer, you end up owning a little bit of their success.  It’s fun. 

Remember, we indie authors work very hard and are often paid pennies on the dollar for very good books simply because our marketing skills have not yet caught up with our writing skills. This means that good books often go unnoticed or unwritten because the funding simply never comes. 

Kickstarter is a relatively new approach to marketing books. It allows us to involve our readers in the process by sharing with them and by offering special bonuses and spiffs along the way in exchange for their help in bringing these special projects to life. This is your chance to spend your reading dollars in a way that directly supports creators, a way that enables creators to bring new and deserving stories to life.  

Set Up An Account Today

I thank you for getting on the Lassiter Express (😊) and taking this little ride with me. Stay tuned for more information on this project. Just as a little glimpse inside the workshop…I’m looking today at the possibility of sourcing leather bookmarks with the BMG logo on it. 

How fun would that be if I can make it work?!

Well, that’s my story, ass-kicking and ass-tounding, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,  

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