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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

There's Something About Greece by Sue Roberts

 One last summer read.  The warm weather feel does not have to traditionally end with Labor Day weekend!

The island of Crete, Greece is a scene of sandy beaches, tropical colors, and warmth of the sun.  Tania randomly visits her Aunt Judith on the island and currently accepts an offer to help Judith with her animal rescue farm while Judith undergoes an operation.  

Right there is the perfect summer! 

The workers at the farm are typically young volunteers.  After tending to the dogs and a few random donkeys and pigs, the twenty-somethings and a few older helpers sightsee, have bonfires and cocktails, and check out adventures on the island.  

Nicos has a beautiful home near the farm where he tends to his adopted dog.  Dogs may be chick magnets, but they are guy magnets, too!  Nicos and Tania meet, yet Tania isn't sure she should pursue the handsome young man because she doesn't know how long she'll be on the island.  Why start something you can't finish?

I'll tell you why.  Tania doesn't have permanent plans for her future, so she has the option of creating plans in any direction.  

As for Nicos, she needs to find out his future plans and see if she fits in.  

Although, another volunteer seems to have caught her eye, so it's time to make a choice.  A choice of either one, or no one at all.  Let's skip the "no one" choice because who can resist a romance on an island.   That leaves Tania to kindle a relationship with divorced Nicos or fun loving Euan.

As I read the story, I lean back and forth between either man until the decision is easy.  Easy for me as the reader, not necessarily as easy for Tania, but she made a great decision!

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