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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Madeleine's Ghost by Robert Girardi

 It may not be Christmas, but if a ghost from your past wants to give you a gift, then take it.  

Ned Conti needs a part-time gig. He lives in the slums of Brooklyn near a church.  His apartment is haunted, he knows this from moving objects, but it takes a while to decipher the unspoken code.

The nearby church needs Ned to research a stone tomb in the back property.  The priest is sure the research will produce the miracles of a dead nun; therefore, a saint will be born.  The priest will have fulfilled his mission.  This still leaves Ned on a dead-end road.

He wants to figure his life out, what he should do with it.  Under the duress of the house ghost, Ned returns to New Orleans, where the love of his life left him.  Maybe he can resolve the questions of his heart, and then he can move forward.

Ned visits his old hang outs and friends.  Friends don't have to be talkative, just there when needed.  He meets new friends, too.  Antoinette is annoying, talkative, and maybe a lot of trouble.  Trouble that can be tamed and loved.  

Antoinette is like an open book, take it or leave it.  Ned thinks taking her to Brooklynn would be an exchange for harboring past life and moving into a new and better future.  

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