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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What to read next?

Wow, what a great blog last week with guest blogger Laura Breck. Thank you everyone who commented. The winner of the goody bag was Hannah Howell! Congratulations, Hannah.

Since I’ve already read Laura’s book, I was looking at my “To Be Read” shelf and wondering what to read next when I decided to expand my horizons and see what others might recommend. So that’s my question for this week. What have you read recently that you just couldn’t put down and think I should read? I’m open to all possibilities as long as it’s romance and it is available for purchase now. Give me the name and author of the book and a little about the story to wet my appetite. Whichever commenter’s book I choose will win a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble so she can buy her own next book. Don’t be shy. I need some suggestions!

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  1. Hi Alexis, I'm going to recommend one of my RWA chapter friends' book. Her name is JL Wilson, and her tagline is: "Mystery with a touch of romance, romance with a touch of gray."

    A blurb from her bio: "Romances about older women who are interested in men and sex and having a good relationship."

    Her newest, Nowhere to Run, takes place in our home state of Minnesota in the winter. Snow and ice, cozy fires, hot chocolate, and a suspenseful mystery.

    I reviewed it recently for our chapter newsletter:

    Nowhere To Run is another great romantic suspense novel by JL Wilson. In the middle of a cold Minnesota winter, Mac Shefflington, a woman in hiding, needs help. Her ex-boyfriend, who tried to kill her ten years earlier, has found her, and is playing cat-and-mouse games with her.

    She asks retired sheriff Harry Mortenson for help, and he reluctantly agrees to consider it, but he’s plunged into the middle of the dangerous game when the killer, Tom Donaldson, sees Harry with Mac. Harry stays close to Mac to protect her, and the passion they find heats up the snowy northern nights.

    Harry’s a confirmed bachelor, but sweet, brave Mac is everything he’d never imagined he could find in a woman, and he scares himself when his thoughts turn toward making a life with her. Mac knows she can’t become serious about anyone until Donaldson is permanently behind bars. She pushes Harry away, and denies her feelings.

    Harry finds out Mac is being used as bait by a government agency intent on catching Donaldson, and there’s no one willing to help them as they try to outmaneuver Donaldson. But Donaldson threatens to kill Harry, and Mac realizes she loves him too much to risk his life to save her own. She agrees to Donaldson’s demands, sacrificing herself to save Harry.

    JL Wilson writes an amazingly tight, well plotted story, with likable characters, and vivid scene descriptions, all the while teasing readers with glimpses of clues, and ominous character behavior, that make the story irresistible, and the conclusion unexpected and clever.

    I think you'd like it, Alexis!