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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do You Buy E-Books Online?

My first guest blogger, Laura Breck had her first book, SECRET VEGAS LIVES, published by Red Rose Publishing. Her next book, SCANDALOUS L.A. DESIRES, will also be published by this well established epublisher. I have always been an old fashioned book buyer. You know the kind. I'm the one who hears about a book coming out and goes to the book store to buy it, only to leave with three more books than I planned on. Yup, that’s me. But with so many romance writers publishing with epublishers, I realized I was behind the times. So recently I bought my very first book from an epublisher. It was sooooo easy, I couldn’t believe it! That made me wonder if I was the last to discover the ease of buying from epublishers. Have you bought a book from an epublisher? How many ebooks have you bought electronically?

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have another guest blogger coming to Happily Ever After Thoughts next week! Her name is Wendy Ely and her new Romantic Suspense, CONFESSIONS, came out this week by Lyrical Press. She’s actually going to give away a copy of her book to one lucky commenter, so be sure to stop by next week.


  1. Hi Alexis, thank you for the nice blurb! Secret Vegas Lives is now available for Kindle too! You can find it on my website,

    I've downloaded two contemporary fiction e-books written by my blog sisters, and sadly haven't found time to read them yet. But this week I was home ill with a head cold, and decided to download a paranormal short romantica to expand my horizons. It was great! Now I'm looking into a Kindle, and dropping audacious holiday gift hints to my hubby. (And we know how guys love to buy their wives gadgets!)

  2. What a great idea, a Kindle for a gift. I hadn't thought of that. I haven't read the book I downloaded yet either, but I will as soon as I finish revising my current WIP. Isn't it amazing how much reading we can get done when we're sick :-)