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Monday, February 8, 2010

Special Guest - Kim Watters, Harlequin Author

This week I have a very special guest, Kim Watters. Known for writing sweet romances, she has just had her newest book ON WINGS OF LOVE come out under the Harlequin brand. Leave a comment and receive a chance to win her book.

Alexis: Hi Kim. Welcome to Happily Ever After Thoughts. Thank you so much for coming. Can you start by telling us why you decided to be a writer?

Kim: Thanks so much for inviting me, Alexis. The pleasure is all mine.

I love to read. Even as a child I'd almost always had a book in my hands. When I transitioned to category romance in my teens I had this habit of rewriting the endings, so it's only natural that I would eventually write my own stories.

Alexis: Your newest release ON WINGS OF LOVE is your first for Steeple Hill. I know you are very excited about this new publisher. Can you tell us a little about how you ended up with them?

Kim: I've been trying to become a Harlequin author for years. They've always been my dream publisher so I kept writing stories and submitted, each time getting closer. One night after my last rejection, I asked God for some direction. The next day I heard that the Love Inspired Line had gone from 4 to 6 books per month. It couldn't get any clearer than that. The next story that I sent to the Steeple Hill line sold. Now I'm part of the Harlequin family.

Alexis: So what is ON WINGS OF LOVE about?

Kim: Ruth Fontaine's job is to deliver lifesaving organs to those urgently in need. But the gruff pilot of her charter plane has no kind words for her work. And then she discovers the heartbreaking reason why. Noah Barton lost his wife and young son. Grieving, he gave in to pressure to donate his child's organs--a decision he regrets. He's bitter against those who "take advantage" of people's anguish. Yet he still flies her on her missions, with his beloved dog, Houston, as his copilot. Now Ruth will have to show Noah he has two other copilots: the Lord and her love.

Alexis: What inspired you to write on this topic?

Kim: Organ donation is a subject very near and dear to my heart. My sister-in-law, for whom the book is dedicated to, is a double recipient and is able to live a more normal life through the generous gift from a donor and his family. My hope is that people reading this book will also come away with a new appreciation for organ donation, the many people involved to make sure everything takes place, and the wonderful gift that each and every one of us has a chance to give to someone else.

Alexis: How is this book different from your others, or is it?

Kim: Tough question. Well, the obvious answer is that it's an inspirational. While my other stories are sweet, this one includes the faith element. Plus I'd like to think my character, their problems, and how they fall in love are different.

Alexis: What are your favorite character traits of Ruth and Noah?

Kim: For Noah, it would be his sense of honor and duty. He didn't want to fly the medical teams around, yet because the people that worked for his company depended on him, he put his own bias aside in order to fulfill the contract and keep his planes flying.

For Ruth, it would be her unwavering faith and devotion to helping those in need be it spiritual or physical.

Alexis: What’s on the horizon for you? Do you have any works in progress that we can look forward to?

Kim: Right now I'm working on another partial for Steeple Hill. This one revolves around a Victorian Mansion in need of series of renovations and a hero and heroine who are both up to the task. Of course if you can't wait for that one, there's always my back list at

Alexis: Kim is giving away a copy of her new release ON WINGS OF LOVE to one lucky commenter this week, so be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win. Also below are some handy links if you would like to buy her book.


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  1. Hi Kim - what a fascinating plot! Your blurb is great, and it really caught my interest. I definitely want to read On Wings of Love. Congratulations on becoming a Harlequin author, and best wishes in your career.

  2. Kim, I didn't get a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop Saturday -- boy, talk about a bunch of WONDERFUL resources! I heard someone telling her friend "you should've been at the inspirational chat; that was everything I ever needed to know and didn't know to ask."

    So you're doing a fabulous job in another area, as well!

  3. Kim, I was introduced to the love of books from my father. He actually lured us to a book store by saying we could only pick out one book, knowing we would want more. Of course he relented. And my brother, sister and I were hooked. I find your new book appealing for my father's organs were donated. There are definitely issues you don't think of while you are going through that devastating time. I can't wait to read what your characters are going through. My grandmother introduced me to romance books and she was a big Harlequin fan. Congrats to you and I can't wait to read your book!

  4. Kim

    What an inspirational blog. Your book sounds heartwarming and life affirming. I can't wait to read it. I've read all your books and short stories and loved each one.

    Good luck.

  5. As a former EMT, and 9-1-1 dispatcher, I understand both sides of the organ transplant equation. To make such a decision during the worst time of one's life is hard and I am glad to see Kim has brought it out in the open. Good luck! I love Harlequin!

  6. Hi and welcome Kim

    Noah is a person I'd love to get to know better. Organ donation is a gift of life but I understand the other side of the equation also. Dh wants to sign an organ donor card but hasn't yet.

  7. Hi all,

    I just heard from Kim and she had to run to a boyscout function this morning with her son, but as soon as she is free, she will be back on the blog.

  8. Hi Kim, Nice to see you on Alexis' blog and loved the description of your story. It's a very different conflict and a heartwrenching one at that. I'm looking forward to reading it. If I don't win your contest, I'll buy a copy. Imagine that :-)

  9. Phew. I made it back. I took my son to a cubscout/boyscout function today at the State Capital. A wonderful adventure. We got to see the the governor sign a bill to make Feb. 8, Boyscouts of America Day in AZ, a senator get sworn into office and a tour of the AZ Supreme Court and a quick visit to the AZ MIning and MIneral Museum I'm tired. Thanks for inviting me today Alexis, its such an honor.

    Thanks Laura. Wings is very near and dear to my heart because my SIL is a double recipient. Shucks Laurie, I'm blushing. Thanks for your kind words. Thanks anonymous. Your father is a true hero by giving the gift of life to another. Hi Carolyn, thanks for stopping by again. Hi Nancy, yes organ donation is a touchy subject and I want to make others aware of the goodness that can come from tragedy. Hi Robyn. Good to see you here , too. My dh hasn't signed his card either, so don't feel bad. I did mine when I had to get a new license a few years back. Thanks again Alexis. I had so much fun answering your questions.

    Kim Watters

  10. Aw shucks. Thanks Connie.
    Kim Watters

  11. Hi Kim,

    I sooooooooooo LOVE, the Love inspired books! This topic is such a double edge sword. How can anyone make such an impossible decision at the darkest time of their life? but, how can you not? If you can help someone, wouldn't you want too? My answer is yes, but being in the situation and speculating about what you would do are two very different things! You're book sounds wonderful, and what a great way to bring awareness to such a sensitive but important subject!!!

    I wish you all the best!!!


  12. Your book sounds great Kim! I can't wait to read it. I'm sure it will be as enlightening as it is uplifting.

  13. Thanks Andrea,
    You hit the conflict right on the head. My hope is as you said to bring awareness to this difficult subject. Your kind words made me smile today.

    Thanks Donna. :) Glad you stopped by.

    Kim Watters

  14. Great profile and congrats on joining the Harlequin team. The story sounds fulfilliing as an author and for readers!