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Monday, February 15, 2010


And the winner from last week’s blog posting is . . .

PAIGE WOOD, who wrote in as anonymous because she couldn’t get her account to work. Congratulations, Paige! You have won a copy of Kim Watters new release ON WINGS OF LOVE.

Of course, having Kim Watters here all last week was such a treat. And after hearing so much about her book, I just had to read it. Now, I have to say I have never read an inspirational romance before, so this was my first one. Oh gosh, I have to admit, it made me cry, but in a happy way! Who would have thought it with a book where the conflict is centered on organ donation?

From setting to characters, Kim excelled with this romance. First, her setting was so realistic I found myself getting uncomfortable with the hot Arizona sun. And she did such a great job with the heroine’s exhaustion (she works some 24 hour shifts) that I was feeling completely wiped out. And I so loved the dog who was realistically messy and impossible not to love. How can you not love a dog named “Houston?”

Second, her characters were well developed (I hope Houston doesn’t take offense to not being in this paragraph). There is the hero, a good looking pilot with a boat-load of guilt and anger, who is trying to live life in limbo. On the other hand, the heroine is very compassionate and determined to make life better for everyone, but has her own insecurities cluttering up her brain. When these two come together, the mixture is trying, uplifting, and a true picture of character growth.
The crying part? Well, it’s not about someone dying if that’s what you think, but other than my telling you that, you’ll just have to read the book to figure it out. If you like children, dogs, people who care, and a happy ending, this book is for you. As a treat, I’ve included an excerpt below.

To find ON WINGS OF LOVE go to


Noah had come for her.
Ruth stepped toward the plane and the man standing near the doorway. She gazed at Noah, at his muscular chest, at his firm lips. The cold, remote look etched across his features signaled that his attitude about her profession hadn't changed.

Sighing, Ruth grabbed the plane's railing and pulled her tired body up the steps. At the top, she held out her hand to his waiting one. "Thanks for coming, Noah. I didn't think anyone would be able to get through in that storm."

Her fingers tingled as they remained connected with his. Without his sunglasses on, Ruth noticed his blue irises deepened to the color of the clearing sky before they darkened like the receding monsoon clouds.

Her need to soothe away his anguish intensified, but somehow she sensed that Noah wouldn't appreciate her attempt.

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