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Sunday, May 2, 2010

STORMWALKER by Allyson James

Allyson James delivers again with a suspenseful, breathtaking, romantic ride in her new release, STORMWALKER, on bookshelves now. A fascinating combination of paranormal urban fantasy and romance, this story will have your heart from page one.

Janet Begay is a young, Harley riding, Native American with the ability to harness the power of storms, but the consequences for doing so are harsh unless she can release her magic into another magical being. Janet is in Magellan, Arizona to find a missing woman and to confront her goddess mother from the Beneath. Not an easy task. It’s a good thing she’s got help.

Her ex-boyfriend Mick shows up after five years and takes her out of the police station where she’s being questioned about an accident. Though Mick is shot, he quickly heals and takes the magic Janet must release, reveling in it. Mick has never told Janet what he is, but she assumes he’s some kind of Firewalker since he controls fire. She isn’t even close.

The cast of characters is fascinating, from Coyote, a trickster god, to Jamison the changer, (both were introduced in the novella “A Little Night Magic”), to a talking bi-sexual magic mirror. Also included are Sherriff Nash Jones who is an Unbeliever, but appears to be exceedingly powerful without even knowing it plus there's a cast of powerless humans. You never know who will show up next but will be anxiously awaiting them. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Trouble follows Janet wherever she goes, but then again, so do her companions . . . eventually. Mick is hotter than hot, while Nash seems to find a way to blame Janet for everything. Coyote is his usual undependable, cryptic self. Between Nightwalkers, Skinwalkers, and motorcycle druggies, Janet has her hands full, but when she recognizes another power within herself, separate from her storm abilities, she realizes how dangerous she can be to those she cares about. In the end, she must make a choice between complex opposites.

In STORMWALKER, Allyson James has built an earthly world with wonderful characters that is easy to follow. Each character is unique and interesting, and as a reader, you can’t help pulling for the “good guys,” once you figure out who they are. I’m thrilled to know that this story will be followed by another entitled FIREWALKER. If you like a conflicted, but strong heroine with a hunky hot protector, and lots of special powers, you’re going to love this series!

STORMWALKER has just been released and I highly recommend getting this one immediately! Check-out the series at:



  1. Wow - great synopsis, Alexis, and what an interesting book concept. I'll have to put that one on my wish list!


  2. GREAT Review, Alexis! I've not read this series and really want to now. I've added it to my TBB list, and you can blame yourself for it growing again! LOL!

    Hugs, Kari Thomas,, see "Kari's Korner Reviews" on my web site.

  3. Laura, Kari,

    Believe me, you will be happy you added this to your TBR list. I read "A Little Night Magic," the novella prequel to this series and couldn't wait for STORMWALKER to come out. At the end of the book is a scene from FIREWALKER and it was fantastic! Now, I can't wait for that one.

    I will gladly shoulder all the blame for making your TBR lists longer, I mean, really, someone had to do it :-)

  4. Wow, this sounds like an AMAZING series! I'm already wondering what comes after Firewalker...hmm, must go find out. :)

    Laurie, especially liking the line about how "She isn't even close."

  5. Hi Laurie,caught that did you? Well, I didn't want to give away the secret. You have to read it to find out ;-)