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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Taking on Twins by Cathy McDavid

What happens when a former military woman meets a laid back professional fisherman? Let’s just say it gets interesting as is proven in Cathy McDavid’s recent novel TAKING ON TWINS. This Harlequin American Romance is, by definition, pure summer fun.

Corinne Sweetwater, one of the Tucker family who owns the Bear Creek Ranch, has just come home from the military and is having a rough time adjusting to civilian life. She quickly discovers that running the Bear Creek kitchen like a platoon doesn’t work.

To make matters worse, Greg Pfitser, a professional fisherman and television star is hosting a large fishing tournament at the ranch. This is great for the Tucker family, but tough on Corrine who can’t seem to keep her employees on track. When a mangy dog and two five year-olds invade her kitchen, followed by their breathtakingly handsome father, she is not happy.

But Greg has his own problems, like the fact that he just discovered he’s the father of twin five-year-olds less than three months earlier. As he works on developing a relationship with his children, he must come to terms with his own childhood and plan a major tournament that is critical to the Ranch.

As Corrine and Greg develop feelings for each other, the twins get into mischief, and the dog doesn’t help. Add to that the pressures of two strenuous jobs and the twins’ Mom visiting, and this book delivers a great roller coaster ride that has you rooting for everyone.

With great characters anyone can relate to, it takes the reader on a journey over the emotional gambit that includes everything from irritation to embarrassment to pure joy. A great summer read about a fun summer getaway with a happy summer love story. What more can a reader ask for?

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  1. Cathy's book is a winner. I was lucky enough to read it during it's conception, nine months of developing, and then at it's birth, Cathy gave me a copy LOL

  2. Really Pam? You were there at the conception? So I guess it's true, our books are our babies.