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Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Bother Me . . . Please

This cat knows how to relax. For him it means nothing more than an afternoon nap on his back, but for some of us two legged creatures, relaxing can be difficult, especially when under the stress of deadlines, jobs, family responsibilities, etc. Unfortunately, I’m not one who can meditate or enjoy a good massage; however, I can enjoy a good romance novel.

What I do to relax is take a day to read. I sit down with a great romance novel and read all day. I do nothing but read. Forget about the laundry, Monday’s lesson plan, or the bills that need to be reviewed and just relax with a good story. When I allow myself this indulgence (not often), I usually have the book finished by dinner. I always take a day to read whenever I have to work an event on the weekend or help a friend move. I take the only day of my true weekend and read. It’s as if I’ve been away from work a week. I feel completely refreshed by Monday. Of course, I’ve traveled back in time, gone to Scotland, and fell in love, so of course I feel as if I’ve been away from work for a long time.

We don’t often treat ourselves to a guilty pleasure, but it seems there are a lot more expensive and time consuming addictions than reading romance novels. Are there tasks you push aside when you want to read? I’d love to know I’m not alone in shirking my daily chores once in awhile for a good read. Do you ever take day and tell your loved ones not to bother you so you can read? Do tell.


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