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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Riveting Romance

“Alexis.” “Alexis.” “ Alexis!”

“Huh? Oh, what?”

This is how the start of a conversation usually goes between me and my husband if I’m reading a romance novel. For some reason when I delve into a great romance, I don’t hear anything. Many people may not find this surprising, but for me, anything that requires concentration requires silence, pure, uninterrupted silence. Whether I’m writing, preparing class, or going over my budget, I need complete quiet, no music, no lawn mowers, no people talking in the background.

But when reading a romance novel, all bets are off. I can read in the airport, the doctor’s office, standing in line waiting to buy tickets to the ballet. I can even read in front of the television. I start off by reading during commercials and before I know it, I’ve missed the last half of the movie!

Does anyone else experience this complete shut out of the real world while reading a romance? Or is my experience just a little out of the norm? Please, do chime in on this. I’d love to hear if you find romance novels as riveting as I do.



  1. I also can read a romance anywhere except I could care less if they were jackhammering right next to me. If I'm into a romance no noise really disturbs me. I think that's probably from having 4 kids and it is always noisy around me.
    I used to get annoyed if I wasn't able to finish the book all the way through without being interrupted by someone or just daily life things such as work, phone call, sleep, eating. Now I look forward to going back to the place I had to leave off due to feeding the kids or whatever dared disturbed my precious reading time.

    I am super lucky that I can be completely absorbed in my romance and yet answer a question from one of my kids or my husband while reading. Now if you ask me later what they asked me I might have no idea right away but it might be vaguely familiar. Except the time when one asked me what groundhogs ate and I responded "Birds" obviously I couldn't really be paying full attention to my child's question. A few seconds later I started laughing hysterically saying " I'm sorry, Emma they don't eats birds" picturing a groundhog trying to jump up with their tiny little arms and catch a bird flying by. I'd have to say sometimes I have the ability to be into a book and answer questions. Not always!

  2. Hi Paige,

    Your groundhog story is so funny. I wonder if your daughter will remember it when she's older. I know what you mean about vaguely remembering a conversation. It's almost like you're half awake. I think it's because our brain is still in the story and just can't get out :-)