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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special Guest - Vijaya Schartz

Meet my guest author today Vijaya Schartz, who has been around the blog circuit a few times and has a lot of questions to answer from readers, so take a look and feel free to ask your own. And remember, if you comment you may win one of her books :-)

Thank you so much, Alexis for inviting me to your lovely blog. Here are a few questions I was recently asked and their answers, of course.

Vijaya, what is your latest release, and your current project?
The Chronicles of Kassouk is my current sci-fi romance series with Desert Breeze Publishing. Book One, White Tiger, came out in 2009, Book Two, Red Leopard came out in April, and Black Jaguar is out this month. Two more books will follow, in 2011 and 2012. Black Jaguar is a story of exploration, not unlike the discovery of the Americas, except that my natives can read minds and are controlled by aliens with an agenda. Where would be the sci-fi otherwise?

Sci-fi romance?
Yes, I mix genres. My heroines are high-octane, kick-butt warriors who are not afraid of challenges. And of course, they need heroes who can take the challenge. No matter how strong, a woman needs to find a stronger partner, which is sometimes a challenge for a woman warrior.

Lots of new covers on your website. What’s happening to your out of print books?
They are being reissued in eBooks by a new Canadian publisher, BWLPP. They love sci-fi and romance. They are creating fresh new covers for my older titles, except for Ashes for the Elephant God, which kept the same cover. You can see my kick-butt, gun-toting heroines on the new covers of ALIEN LOCKDOWN, ANAZ-VOOHRI, AND RELICS.

Is this new publisher going to issue new titles as well?
Absolutely. In January of 2011, look for the third book in the Ancient Enemy series (one of the translations of the word Anasazi). After Anaz-voohri and Relics, the third and last book, contracted but never released by my defunct publisher, is coming under the title: KICKING BOTS. Also, look for a brand new sci-fi romance adventure titled SNATCHED, involving a modern woman warrior turned Amazon, and a deliciously sexy Viking, both snatched out of their own time and propelled into a parallel universe.

Vijaya, do you have any other series brewing in the back of your mind?
I always have other books and series on the back burner. The Chronicles of Kassouk's last book is scheduled for the spring of 2012, but I already have other projects. I have a fantasy Historical series (medieval faeries) I've been working on for years. I also have an angel series in mind, but it's only a twinkle in my eye at this time, although it is calling to me.

Do you ever work on more than one book at a time?I can't concentrate on two novels at one time. I can only have one story in mind. I write it, dream it, it never leaves my mind until the very end. I can do edits on one finished book while writing a new one, but I can’t focus on developing two stories at once. I guess it's one of my limitations.

Do you ever struggle with burnout, and if so, how do you overcome it?
Burnout to me is like writers' block. Just get over it and get your butt back in the chair. But sometimes after working too much, the writer just needs a vacation. Stress and overworking can deplete the imagination. Good sleep and relaxation are important to keep body and mind in tip top shape and the creative juices flowing.

What is the most effective means of promotion for your e-books?
eBooks are sold on the web, so that's where the readers are. Promotion should be done there. I used to promote on yahoo groups, but I recently discovered that Facebook and Twitter reach more people faster with a better volume of response. Blogs work, too, but it depends greatly on the traffic of that particular blog. In my experience, however, what sells the most books is a great cover and a great blurb. After all, that’s all the reader has to go by when they make their choice.

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Thanks again, Alexis, for letting me share.

Vijaya Schartz
Award-winning Sci-fi and Romance with a Kick


  1. Hi Vijaya,
    I have been struggling to get my 'butt back in the chair' and your points on that topic are really a helpful reminder. I need to do things that stimulate the creative side of my brain. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Lyndee. We all need to be reminded once in a while. My publisher just shortened my current deadline by one month, and that's the best motivator for me. No more procrastination until this book is done.