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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Heart of Lies by M.L. Malcolm

How unfortunate to find the love of your life when you have to run to save your own.

Leo attempted to live outside the political pressures of WWI in Hungary. His Jewish faith, communist adoptive parents, and even his talent with languages worked against him. Offered an opportunity to serve as a multi-language interpreter for a business meeting, Leo assumed he made the right decision to accept.

Waiting for the meeting, he met Martha and left his heart in her lap.

He wasn’t informed of the national security and counterfeiting of the meeting. Murder or be murdered. He chose the first and then defected to Shanghai, the only country that accepted new residents with little concern for their past. Yet he left Martha with a promise.

Years later Leo made his fortune in the Asian city and sent for his love. She traveled to his side and they lived with love, money, and everything they wanted.

The beginning of WWII with Japan’s invasion brought on the Great Depression and Leo lost his fortune. Love was most important, yet he had to begin again.

A great read to experience the strength of love and to follow a man of great talent through the myriad of lives he was forced to live, some favorable and some not. Grab some tissues because tears are inevitable.


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