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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Temptation of the Warrior by Margo Maguire

If it’s hard for you to decide whether your next read will be a historical or paranormal, try Maguire’s Temptation of the Warrior because it’s both. She blends an ancient culture from a thousand years ago with nineteenth century England-actually two historical venues- and brings to life a warrior, Merrick, and a woman running from an abusive life, Jenny.

Here comes the tricky and magical part.  Merrick’s ancient clan transports him ahead in time in order to retrieve magical gems to save his clan.  In this “future time” one of the gems is owned by Jenny.  And she doesn’t know it.

By fate, Merrick arrives in England just in time to save Jenny from a band of ruffian horsemen.  During the fight, Merrick looses his memory and has to go by instinct to carry out his purpose in this strange land.  A bond immediately grows between the beautiful and innocent Jenny and the chivalrous and gorgeous Merrick along with conflicts on both sides.

Merrick’s problem is that he must find the gem and then return home to marry the woman his family chose.  Even if he wants to break tradition and ask for Jenny’s hand, there’s a problem transporting a human back one thousand years.

If that’s not enough, Jenny has issues with trusting men and thinks Merrick may have a wife that he’s forgotten. 

And the enemy has followed Merrick into the future while Jenny’s enemy is right behind them.

Merrick and Jenny have a bag full of conflicts to overcome with a scattering of magic to help.  It’s an exciting ride right up to the end and a story that’s hard to put to sleep.  Or is it that it’s hard to get yourself to sleep without knowing what happens next? 


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