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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guest Author: Caris Roane

Alexis: Happy May Day everyone!  Our guest author today is Paranormal Romance writer Caris Roane and she's giving away two signed books, so be sure to leave a comment. 

Hi Caris. Welcome to Happily Ever After Thoughts.  Thank you so much for coming.  You had a long career writing Regency Romances before you moved into the Paranormal realm. Can you tell us what, if anything, you have brought from your Regency days to your Paranormal work?

Caris:  I would have to say that I brought a love of world-building into my paranormal work.  When you write either a Regency or a Paranormal, it’s all about the world. 
So, let me give you an example of my favorite part of any ‘world’ and how world-building helps with that:  SUPER HUNKY GORGEOUS MEN!  There…I’ve said it!

So you take a Regency buck and put him in a shoulder-fitting coat made of blue superfine (and naturally he has broad muscular shoulders) then you add a pair of snug buckskins and of course he’s lean, muscular, and fit from riding horses his entire life!  So…we’re talking Regency yummy, a hero fit for his Regency world!

Now, in a paranormal, you take a hunky vampire warrior and deck him out in a black leather kilt, black leather wrist guards spiked with silver studs, and a weapons harness.  Put a thirty-inch sword in his hand and let the battle fly.  He’s now fit for his paranormal world!

Voila—totally different genres but the same essential details necessary to building the world—or would that be man-building… *knees turning to water here*! 

Must cool down…next question??? 

Alexis:  Oh, I much prefer man-building!
You have a new romance being released this month, Burning Skies. How does this book fit into the Guardians of Ascension Series?
Caris:  Burning Skies is book #2 in my Guardians of Ascension series.  The story develops the relationship between Warrior Marcus and his woman, Havily.  Both characters, and their intense attraction to each other, began in the first book, Ascension.  However, if you pick up Burning Skies first, don’t worry…this is a stand-alone read! 

The overall idea behind the series—other than the super-hot romance of each novel—is that Second Earth, or the second dimension, has reached a point of crisis in which all may be lost if the ruler of the world, Endelle, and her elite band of warriors, fail to hold the villain at bay. 

As for the storyline of Burning Skies, Havily experiences a sudden emergence of unusual preternatural power and because of this, the enemy decides she must be destroyed.  After she’s seriously attacked by a death vampire and could have been killed, our gorgeous vampire hero, Marcus, must make one of the toughest decisions of his life; should he leave behind the life he’s built for himself as an exile on Mortal Earth, or should he return to Second Earth to serve as Havily’s Guardian of Ascension?    In the process of battling the enemy, Marcus and Havily fall deeply in love and very deeply *ahem* into bed!

Alexis: I read the first book, Ascension.  Actually, I put my review of that book in my last post. I really can’t wait to see Marcus and Havily's story. Since she wasn’t too happy about him having abandoned Second Earth, I’m sure the sparks are going to fly. Where did you get the idea for this series?

Caris:   When I first read Sherrilyn Kenyon a few years ago, I was completely enchanted with her Dark Hunter series so I started toying with the idea of creating my own vampire warrior series.  Of course, I didn’t want to go the mythology route as Sherrilyn did, although I was seriously tempted, but I did want to create a world as big as the one Sherrilyn had constructed.  I thought if I could develop the concept of ascending dimensions, to which people were called through longings and through dreams, then we could possibly move through all six dimensions in the course of a very long series.  Will I actually get to do that?  I have noooo idea, although I’d love to.  I see this first part of the series on Second Earth going the length of ten books in order to create a final vanquishing of our super-villain—and yes, I already have these books planned out.  But after that, if the readers want more, I really want to go to Third Earth, with a whole new set of hunky warriors, new powers, and an even larger world-based conflict than the one on Second Earth.  And it would be soooo much fun!

Alexis: That sounds absolutely awesome, Caris!  I love a series that keeps going. I think it gives a reader a chance to get comfortable with a whole cast of characters. What are your favorite character traits, physical traits, powers, of Havily and Marcus?

Caris:  From early on, I had this image burned into my mind about Marcus, that he had this slash of eyebrows over light brown eyes.  He’s a very intense man, something he ought to be having lived on Second Earth 4,000 years and having created a financial empire on Mortal Earth.  As for Havily, she has a wonderful and very positive fashion sense.  She prefers Ralph Lauren and always has her make-up done perfectly.  These traits made her exactly right for Marcus, who basically has lived in the public eye for centuries, and as the story progresses this becomes even more significant.  But beyond all that, what ends up driving the story is her ability to do darkening work, to move through nether-space, and to do a split-self!  And by the way, all of those powers really begin to make sense as Burning Skies cooks along!

Alexis: Hmm, then what kind of research did you have to do for this novel?

Caris:  Fashion research for one because of Havily’s preferences, but that was a lot of fun.  I first got the idea by glancing through Vanity Fair.  I remember opening the cover and seeing an outfit and knowing that I was looking at something Havily would wear.  That was awesome.  It was a fairly simple leap after that, to put Marcus in Tom Ford.  BTW, some of the Tom Ford products have the sexiest ads ever, just sayin’.

Alexis: I’m not too in tune with the latest fashions, but I think I may just have to check out those ads J This series is so exciting! When can we expect the next book and do you have any other romance novels in the works that we can look forward to?

Caris:  Burning Skies was just released on April 26th!  Isn’t that fantastic!  With this series, St. Martin’s and I were committed from the beginning to bring three books a year to the marketplace.  My reason for three books was simple:  if the fans loved the series, I didn’t want them to have to wait that long for the next installment!!!  So far, it’s working out really well.  As a matter of fact, I just finished the fourth book, Born of Ashes, which will hit the shelves early next year.  The third book, Wings of Fire, is a September release.  I will also have a novella out sometime in May, based on the series, called, Brink of Eternity.

Alexis: We all know that writing is lonely, hard, committed work. What would say is your favorite part of being a Romance Novelist?

Caris:  I’m very fortunate, because in so many respects I’m extremely well-suited to being a novelist.  For one thing, I love being alone.  I gain a tremendous amount of nourishment from my alone time so in that respect writing has never been a hardship.  But my absolute favorite part about being a romance novelist is that I get to write the books I love the most, the ones, like your blog’s name, with the Happily Ever After.  Come on, what’s better than that?!?

Alexis: Good point J Thank you so much Caris, for visiting Happily Ever After Thoughts. We like talking about romance novels here and learning about the wonderful authors who write them.

Caris:  And thank you for having me!  I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you and your readers today! 

Something I always like to know from those readers who love paranormals is what power they’d like to have above all others…or even powers as in plural!  I’d love the power to heal, that would be awesome.  But I’d also love to be able to dematerialize from place to place.  Talk about saving on traveling costs!   So readers, what power would really turn you on!?!
Alexis: Be sure to comment for a chance to win a signed copy of one of Caris' books. She's giving away Ascension and Burning Skies.  Winner will be picked Wednesday morning.
If you want to learn more about Caris Roane and her fascinating series, go to


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Happily Ever After Thoughts, Caris. I must tell you, I absolutely adored Ascension and I'll be picking up my copy of Burning Skies today. I fell in love with Marcus in the first book, when the sparks began to fly with Havily. I'm hooked on these warrior vampires!


  2. One of the powers that I find interesting is the one where the vampire can feel what their consort feels after blood was shared. To know when one character is excited, sad, or several things all at once must be difficult for a vampire who may or may not be able help especially if they are detained in someway.


  3. Marie,
    Don't you just love Marcus!?! I mean we totally get why he exiled himself on Mortal Earth, but at the same time he's needed back in his vampire world!!! Pronto! Can anything bring him back??? Only one thing has a chance...LOVE...of course!
    Writing these stories has been a blast. A writer friend of mine asked recently if I'm getting burned out and I responded NOOOOOOOO! I might even have thrown in a &^*%$! I can't tell you how much I love writing this series. It's a world I never want to leave...which of course is why I'm hoping I get to write lots and lots of books. Hope you enjoy reading BURNING SKIES as much as loved writing it!


  4. mlljenkins,
    I love this concept of 'intimacy'. I think it would drive us bonkers here on Mortal Earth, but with these vampires and their extensive powers, they can handle it. But wouldn't it be something to know what your significant other is experiencing?!? It would really change the dynamic of a relationship...maybe it would even create a depth of understanding that we as 'mere mortals' really struggle with.
    Ah...I'll have to explore that in the next book...must make note to self...whew, just made note!


  5. I love this series, it gets better and better and the warriors are sooo rockin' it, go out and buy the books, you'll love them!

  6. Caris,

    I LOVE this new world you've created with levels to move through! Life feels exactly like a journey with levels. Maybe that's why so many readers identify with your work! I can't wait to read Ascension and Burning Skies!

    If I had my choice of super powers, I'd be a healer. Being able to help so many people, ease their suffering, could only make the world a better place!

  7. Renee,
    You've said it exactly feels like a journey with levels. We're forced constantly to move up to the next level or fall behind...what a ride this is!!!
    What I love about the paranormal genre is that when I introduce a special power, it's meant to reflect something that we experience as mortals, but super exaggerated. I mean have you ever had that moment when you just know what someone is going to say? Or have you ever felt someone's words like a slap to the face? That's one reason the sex in these books is outrageous! (Thought I should warn you!) I wanted every aspect of life reflected in my World of Ascension--just wonderfully exaggerated!


  8. Hi Caris,

    As an avid comic book reader from way back, my power needs are few. I would like to be ridiculously strong, able to wield a sword expertly, fly, see in the dark, freeze people, and have access to an Eden for rest and relaxation. Oh yes, and of course, immortality. No rush though, whenever you can make that happen fits with my schedule ;-)

  9. Alexis,
    That's so awesome! Just let me wave my magic wand... Are you feeling any different yet?!?

    I truly would love to be able to fly, to soar over a cliff and through a canyon. How awesome would that be???


  10. I've never read Roane's novels, but I've been hearing alot of buzz about them lately. (The good type of buzz). Just downloaded the sample of Burning Skies on my Kindle. I like her writing style.


  11. Hey, Witchy Woman,
    Soooo glad the buzz is good! I hope you enjoy the, wait...I hope you get hooked on the series!!!


  12. Caris,

    I LOVE this world you have created and have heart palpitations just thinking about the Warriors of Ascension! They really make me melt. Burning Skies was a wonderful follow up to Ascension and I can not wait for this series to play out. I love how you throw in the future teasers in each book to get us guessing where the storyline will be going. Sept. is just so far away for the next book!!! Thanks for writing such an awesome paranormal story with HOT men and strong women! Blessings to you!

  13. Michele,
    You're a sweetheart and I'm sooo glad you found BURNING SKIES. Yay!!!
    Parisa and Medichi will star in WINGS OF FIRE in September...I think you'll love the direction the series takes...I'm just so sorry that September is 'miles' away from today!!!

    Blessings back atcha,

  14. Caris,

    I like how you brought something fresh to vampire romance. Ascension was a hard book to put down and I stayed up late reading it. Also, loved the setting. By the way, I live in the Phoenix area. LOL In fact a person I bumped into at a local bookstore recommended you as I was looking at the new release section.

    As for special abilities, flying would be cool. Dematerializing would be even better. Wouldn't have to deal with rush hour traffic. The most erotic thing about being a vampire that is ultra sexy is feeding from your mate.

    Burning Skies sounds like a hot book to read. Nothing like an alpha vampire to spice things up!


  15. Anna,
    That is very cool about someone in the same book section recommending my books to you! That's awesome!
    And shall I say an amen to 'alpha vampires', or as a friend of mine says, 'hubba, hubba'!
    But I do enjoy writing these warriors and discovering the exact right woman for each. Hope you enjoy BURNING SKIES!


  16. Hi Caris,

    I've been looking forward to your chat day! Your series sounds fabulous and what a great plan to not make us wait a whole year for each book.
    Okay, I'll admit that my fav part of paranormal life is when the totally hot and mentally and physically powerful male can have and give great sex for soooo many years! Slap my hand, but I like being honest:)
    I have a question, too...As you are writing a fantastic series, what is a good length-word count-for series readers? Also, before you sold to St Martins did you have the first three stories finished already?

  17. Dawn,
    You are soooo my kind of woman! <...totally hot and mentally and physically powerful male...> Uh, what else did you write? *fans her face repeatedly and takes deep breaths* you had a question about length. (Oh, wait...that doesn't sound right!) A-n-y-w-a-y, I can only speak for my series and these books are looooong, 145,000 words! I know, I know. I didn't exactly plan it this way, but in the process of writing a book that also includes a major sub-plot for setting up the subsequent book, well that's just how many words it takes! Most paranormals aren't this long...most appear to be in the range of 90,000 to 100,000 words.
    As for the proposal to St. Martin's, I didn't have any of the novels finished. Although, I'd been through at least 3 full renditions of ASCENSION. However, the final product was a new book and 30,000 words longer than the original. Also, my agent and I worked on the proposal together. It was quite complex at 143 pages. I'm not sure how much of this is usable information for you. I think every sale is different.
    I hope this answers your questions!


  18. Thanks for the info, Caris. And it is very useful. Sounds like you have the Harry Potter of paranormal romance going on!
    I couldn't help but laugh when you "caught" me on my "length"-hee hee-question!
    Great luck to you and I'm looking forward to reading your series:)

  19. Well, this is my last comment tonight. I always feel a little sad. It's been great getting your comments and feedback! As you can tell, I LOVE writing my GUARDIANS OF ASCENSION series! You can always contact me directly at Also, visit my website at: And friend me on FaceBook. We have a lot of fun over there.

    I want to thank Alexis, Donna, and Dawn for having me on this beautiful blog today!!! You guys were great!

    Happy reading, happy writing, and many, many blessings,
    Caris Roane

  20. I loved Ascension and I'm really looking forward to reading Burning Skies. I've got a burning desire to see Marcus and Havily get their happily ever after!

  21. Hi, Libby!

    So glad to know that you loved ASCENSION! It was sooo much fun to write! And now you have a BURNING desire to read about Marcus and Havily in BURNING SKIES, LOL! Well, it's one hot read, so yes, there will be some fire somewhere in all those pages!