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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Split Second by Catherine Coulter

Split Second by Catherine Coulter is a landslide of suspense and heart stopping complications.  Program 911 into your speed-dial as Coulter reveals an astounding and frightening FBI thriller where the action may be right outside your door.

Scattered over the U.S. women are getting murdered.  Ted Bundy did it before and the FBI came out the winner.  Agents Cooper McKnight and Lucy Carlyle have their doubts on who will win this new game.

Ted Bundy has a daughter, Kerstin.  She murders women and enjoys it.  And she does little to hide her identity.  After she follows a pattern of killings and gets the attention of the FBI, she tosses her common procedure and kills anyone in her way.  In any manner.

Lucy inherits a deadly chunk of jewelry.  She has a split second to think and use it to save lives.  Which lives does she save?  Which lives can’t she or won’t she save?  It’s all in the timing.

Lucy and Cooper are partners in this deadly game and honesty is integral in staying alive.  Yet Lucy won’t reveal the special quality of the ugly jewelry, which may cause a rift in the simmering romance Cooper provokes.  

And Kerstin keeps killing.

The characters came to life and I urged them to get ahead of the incessant killer as I watched them pursue her in the United States capital and surrounding areas.  Numerous subplots tangle the clues and the clock winds down as the clues need to be tied in order to stop the murders. 

The seventeenth addition to Coulter’s series of FBI thrillers is a masterpiece of chills.


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