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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper

Karen Harper’s MISTRESS SHAKESPEARE is a historical romance not to miss.  I had a hard time getting to bed on time as I was in the midst of the life of William Shakespeare’s “other” Anne.

There has always been the rumor that Anne Hathaway, known wife of Shakespeare, had competition.  The theory is that Anne Whateley was his other wife residing in London where Shakespeare spent his time becoming the famously revered playwright for tragic romance and other dramas.

In MISTRESS SHAKESPEARE Anne Whately tells her story.  She is a strong minded woman and incredibly independent for her time.  By her account, Shakespeare had secretly wed her the day before he was forced into a marriage with the other Anne who had a baby on the way.

Whately’s parents passed and she took on her father’s courier business.  With or without Shakespeare, she would survive.  Yet, when Shakespeare appeared in London to act and write, she understood his predicament and gave him a chance. 

It may appear that she’s the other woman and weak, but considering the seventeenth century she understood his dilemma in protecting the Shakespeare family name.  Shakespeare made every attempt to be with his true love, Anne Whateley.  Except for the necessity of his family and random visits to his known wife-Anne Hathaway-his attentions were directed to Whateley.

Of course, they had unavoidable conflicts, which made me love this story for their deep desires to live their dream and to work around the demands of society.  To get a renewed understanding of the power of love, definitely read this story.


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