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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Escape by Barbara Delinsky

This is the perfect primer for those of you who want, need, or search for a break from a hectic lifestyle.

Delinsky dives the reader into the most hectic place imaginable, Emily’s life as a lawyer in Manhattan, all the way to a miniscule township in New Hampshire where she escapes.

Sounds like an easy solution until you consider what Emily tries to leave behind.  She takes more than a mini-vacation from clients, cell phones, computers, and twenty-four hour connections.  And let’s not forget the husband she loves, James who is also an attorney not interested in small town life.

During Emily’s Escape, she runs into her former first love.  Now she needs to consider how to handle her husband’s view and the tug of a former boyfriend.  Emily has a criss-cross of feelings, which will ultimately reveal the best man for her and the best lifestyle to pursue.

It’s a delightful read full of true love and how it can help those in a middle of a crisis.    


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