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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Support Your Local Authors

Cathy McDavid at book signing
As a group, writers spend much of their time writing, searching for the perfect idea, the perfect characters, the perfect words and committing those ideas to their computers (or pads of paper). Sometimes, it can be lonely. 

Yes, characters talk to them, but it’s not quite the same as hearing another human voice. In other words, unless they have a day job as well, writers don’t get out much. But we love to get out and meet those who love our stories and we usually do that in the form of book signings.

Each February, the city of Glendale in Arizona, hosts the Chocolate Affaire and romance writers (and writers of other genres) converge on this small city to meet and greet and indulge in chocolate. It’s a fun event. After all, what could be better than romance and chocolate? They sort of go hand in hand. There are workshops, too, where an aspiring author can learn all about writing and maybe, a little about the author whose stories they love.

I’ve been fortunate. Even before I became published (and now sign at this event), I visited the writer’s booth and satisfied my craving for romance, horror, true crime, etc. and of course, meeting the authors who have such incredible imaginations was (and still is) a thrill.

So, if you see that your favorite author is signing his or her book somewhere, stop by and chat. They’d love to see you!

Happy Reading!

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