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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Banks brings a touch of her well-known erotic flavor to the Highlands where the time period clothes the men in armor of a frighteningly gorgeous stature and the only peek at a women’s beauty is in the eyes or at the top of her corset.

Keeley McDonald is banned from her clan for an act she didn’t commit.  Her family and best friend didn’t stand up for her, causing her to be vanquished to a shabby hut outside the clan’s territory.  To survive, she became a healer receiving payment in food and necessities.

Lucky for Alaric McCabe because he fell at her doorstep in serious need of healing the deep sword wound across his torso, and Keeley never turned away a patient.

Alternating between calling her a devil and an angel in his delirium, he must have settled on the idea of her being something in-between as he gave her no choice but to return to his clan as they were in desperate need of a healer.

As the clan began to need, trust, and revere Keeley’s abilities, Alaric also saw and wanted more than just a savior.  He’d found ways to see and experience all the parts of her body, which mounted in a secret seduction they couldn’t tear themselves away from.

The only problem with that was he was soon to marry a member of another clan for a much needed alliance.  Alaric’s bride would be Keeley’s former best friend.

It’s amazing what a man will do for his true love.  Will Alaric defy the arranged marriage?  What are Keeley’s thoughts of the friend who betrayed her and is to marry the one man she let herself love?  Will Alaric and Keeley dare to admit their love and what will the clan do with this knowledge?                 
Maya Banks raises a mountain of conflicts and skillfully leaves the solutions to the Highlanders.

Enjoy, Dawn

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