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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guest Author Interview: Jennifer Loy

Today we are interviewing Jennifer Loy, romantic comedy author.

Alexis: Hi Jennifer, thank you for visiting Happily Ever After Thoughts :-) As one island girl to another (though completely different islands) what was it about your island that inspired you to start writing?

Jennifer: Well, I had moved from Southern California to Oahu in 2005 following a tragedy that happened in my family where I lost my mother.  I had so many feelings that I wanted to write down but when I went to write my mother’s story out, I ended up writing something completely different. It was obviously too soon to write about my mother and what had happened to her so I wrote the funniest damn fiction story I could think of. And you know what? It was the best thing for me. Therapeutic really. A zany woman character that finds love, goes through an adventure and has a happily ever after. I love writing because I can always control the ending and make it happy.

Alexis: That is fascinating. I don't blame you for taking control and insuring a happily ever after. That's why I write romance myself. I guess, in a way, your entire romance career is a tribute to your mother :-) Speaking of career, I understand you just released a new book Sunset Sizzle. Can you tell our readers a little about it?

Jennifer: I’m just going to post the blurb here because it’s hilarious and I want to get the readers excited about it.

To keep her job, Sarah Hart needs a sizzling article for her romance column. While on vacation in Hawaii, she grabs the first handsome tourist on Waikiki Beach, and makes him a deal. She’ll set him up on a few dates, all expenses paid, and watch him fall in love. Then she'll take his story, say sayonara, and still have a job. But Keith Hanover is no player, he’d rather charm Sarah. His deal is if she can’t find him true love, then she must meet him on Sunset Beach for a date.

Her search for his perfect match begins an unruly adventure of close talkers, criers and a few Abbey-normals. There's shark diving, a mad scientist, crazy roadside fruit stand kids, Dole ice cream lickers, and paparazzi. Will Keith even make it to the date with Sarah before running from her set-ups? 

Just too funny. 

Alexis: Oh, that does sound fun! Where did you get the idea for this story?

Jennifer: You know I’m tellin’ you my life is never boring. I get these ideas from my real life. I live back in Southern California now but wherever I go, funny things happen to me and strangers, neighbors, and sometimes friends inspire my stories and the crazy adventures I include in them. But while in Oahu, I actually met a mad scientist on turtle beach there and I include every detail of it in this story, I did go shark diving and my top really came undone in the cage, there are fruit stands all along the route to the North Shore, I did lick Dole Ice cream which I miss, and I have met some close talkers, criers, and many Abbey-normals! But most of all I did enjoy memorable moments at Sunset Beach and all over the island with my husband and family and I wanted to include bits of my time there in this novel. 

Alexis: I see. That all makes sense is some strange way :-) What are your favorite character traits of Sarah and Keith?

Jennifer: Sarah’s best quality is her motivation to find Keith this “love of his life” while staying creative in her setups. Keith’s best quality is his endearing patience for Sarah while he does whatever she says to please her but the whole time falling for her. It’s a cute story about how sometimes what we want is clearly right in front of us but we stubbornly have to have a certain way in which we must play the whole thing out.

Alexis: Oh yes, I can relate to that message! Now, in addition to romantic comedy, you have also written in another subgenre. Are you still able to slip in a little humor?

Jennifer: I have written romantic fantasy suspense. Shoreline. A story about a female Dr. that spends time on Oahu at a medical conference and meets a Merman. And Yes, everywhere I could, I would slip in a little humor to keep it light and real.

Alexis: So what can we expect next from you? Do you have any new releases coming or a work in progress?

Jennifer: No new release coming…I have to get crackin’.  I’m trying out a YA fantasy right now, seeing if I can do it. But of course it will have adventure, humor, and romance for the older teens.

Alexis: Sounds perfect. I'll have to let my niece know ;-) Thank you so much for sharing your upbeat stories with us. It's a pleasure having you visit.

Jennifer: Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I really appreciate it.

Alexis: For a chance to win one of Jennifer's books be sure to leave a comment for her.  If I have contact information, I will let you know when you win, otherwise, check the side column for your name on Wednesday under WINNERS :-)


“I have to be honest with you, Keith, because I don’t have much time with you.” I continued to scan the poolside. “Once we find you a girl to ask out, you really have to make an effort to pursue her. I mean, life is too short to let that special someone get away, you know? Romance doesn’t come easily, and if you wait, you just might miss your opportunity to start up a long intimate affair. Do you get what I’m telling you? Find a girl here, ask her out, kiss her passionately with plenty of tongue, and take her to bed for a night to remember.”

Keith jumped in the pool causing a giant splash beside me.

I stepped to the pool’s edge, leaned down, and watched Keith surface.

He wiped the water from his face, took in a deep breath, and glanced at my cleavage. He covered his eyes and turned around.

“What is the matter with you? Did you hear anything I said?”

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Well, are you gonna do it?” I asked.

Keith turned around slowly as I lifted my sunglasses. He held out his hand.

“What?” I asked.

He quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me in.

I let out a quick startled scream and plunged into the cool water. When I surfaced his face was close to mine. “I wasn’t actually going to swim. I usually only lay out.” I went to swim for the stairs.

Keith blocked my path and wrapped his arm around my waist. He looked into my eyes and quickly moved in. His lips met mine as he closed his eyes.

I hadn’t been kissed in a long time. What was he doing? His lips were soft and strong, and his broad shoulders were drawing me closer. I closed my eyes and felt his mouth open. I wanted more. I hadn’t given out more since my last mistake with Max, the real photographer of The Southern Shore. He wanted nude pictures of me so he could submit them to Playboy. What a bad judge of character I was. Keith’s tongue slowly entered my mouth, and my heart raced. I pulled back quickly. “What is happening here?” I asked, pushing him back.

Keith opened his eyes. “I’m sorry. Was that too forward, too fast?”

I ignored his question and swam to the steps. Marching toward my towel I felt confused. How dare he kiss me? What did he think he was doing? Adam was right, people only came here for flings, and I was not one of them. I yanked the towel from the chair and dried off my hair and face.

Keith strode toward me. “With all that stuff you said, I thought you wanted me to kiss you,” he said, with his hands out, looking confused.

I burst out into laughter. “Not me. Stay focused. You’re supposed to find someone else! Wow, you are forward. Are you like this all the time?”

Keith shook his head then ran his hand slowly down my arm. “Why can’t you be the someone else?”

“Because I’m the writer for the romance article. I scope out people falling in love and post their unusual encounters, romantic courtships, proposals, stuff like that. I can’t be the story. Do you want me to write about you or should I find someone else?”

He combed his hand through his hair and picked up his towel. “Here, I thought you were interested in me and practically begging me to be aggressive. I haven’t met a romantic interest in two years, and I’m not about to just pick up anyone, sleep with her, and give you a story.” He wrapped the towel around his waist and picked up his key card. “Good luck, finding a fling to follow.”

I grabbed my notepad and hurried behind him. “Wait!”

Keith turned around. “What?”

“You mean, you’re telling me if you found a woman on your vacation and ended up in bed with her that you would fly home and not consider it a fling?”

Keith moved in, hooked his index finger on my bikini bottom at my hip, and tugged me closer, his answer breathing into my ear. “I only go to bed with women I’m in love with. If I fell in love on my vacation and ended up in her bed, I’d fly to the ends of the earth to follow her home.”

A chill went up my spine.

He quickly released me, and without looking back, walked away.

I flipped open my writing pad. Not a fling man. His honorable philosophy intrigued me but left me without a story. I rushed up to his side. 
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  1. Love the excerpt, Jennifer. Esp the line, not a fling man. Made me chuckle. I appreciate your ability to translate detail like that onto paper. And good luck w the venture into YA.

  2. Jennifer,
    Great excerpt! I'm a happily ever after girl, too and Sunset Sizzle sounds like somethng I would enjoy reading (but not on the bus...I have a habit of laughing out loud and people look at me strangely!).


  3. Sunset Sizzle looks really good!


  4. The type of writing that mystifies me, comedy! I can't imagine being able to write a whole story that's light, fun, and laughable. Are you able to write something funny even if it doesn't match your mood for the day?

    1. Dawn, I can be in a bad mood and get back to my computer, and my story can completely change my mood. Writing romance and especially comedy really brightens my day. I love it!

  5. What a great way to work through a tragedy. Good luck with your writing!

    1. Laura, It really was a good way to work through it and it continues to help me work through other stressful times in my life. And thank you, I always need good luck.:D

  6. Great interview and excerpt! The book sounds very fun and enjoyable.


    1. Thanks!It is really fun to read. Great beach read! :D

  7. Great interview and all your books are a great read cant wait unitl i get them all to read them :)

    1. Thanks mom of two! :D I hope you enjoy them all.

  8. Loved the interview and it really does sound like a great beach read! i live in florida so i love to have good books to read at the beach!

    not sure how to enter since i have none of the things listed but my name is Lisa and my email is

    1. Lisa, they are great beach reads I promise! ;-) your name is included in the contest and thank you for commenting.

  9. Bringon TheQ's says... Love the interview. And would love to win one of your books, I'm eager to know what else that you have to write about.

    FB name Brinon TheQ's and my email address is: Thank you so much.

    1. I will have my new website up soon but you can see what else I have at amazon right now. More comedy and a mermen fantasy. 5 books total. Got your entry. ;-)

    2. Congratulations on being the winner of my contest! I will email you offpost for details on receiving your book!

  10. Love the interview! Jennifer is so sweet! I love her books, they give me that laugh just when I need them.... and love isn't that far! :)

    Keep up the great work Jennifer!

    Vanetta at ymail dot com

    1. Thanks vanetta! I'm so glad you have enjoyed them.

  11. Sounds like a very funny book with romance and love; in other words, a great read! Jennifer is a new author to me and I look forward to learning more about her work.


    books4me67 at ymail dot com

    1. Thanks for the comments Wendy. Got your entry for the contest. ;-)

  12. I have loved every book, that I've read of Jennifer's.

    1. Thank you so much Pam. I'm glad your enjoying my novels. Got your entry.

  13. Hilarious about Sarah, Keith, sharks, and the rest!!! Looking forward to reading your work!

    My mom died last May 18, 2011, so the grief underscoring your work is familiar.

    Romantic comedies sustain life - light on the surface, but the best comedy is usually written by those who survive the gravest heart wounds. Voila - Jennifer Loy!

    Thx for the FB add! Grt to be connected, and all the best with your work!

  14. Thank you Denise for your heartfelt words. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and anyone who has lost their mother especially at a young age. There are things I didn't ask, things I didnt get to say, grandchildren she didn't get to spend time with and it still hurts, but yes my writing is a blessing that I need very much in my life. I do hope you enjoy whatever book you choose of mine. I recommend Rodeo Drive first as the character expresses her feelings about her mom being gone and how she has to deal with it. Have a wonderful evening my new FB friend ;D

  15. Thank you again to Happily Ever After Thoughts for inviting me onto this fabulous blog site! Also, thank you to all who left comments :D Have a wonderful evening and stay tuned for my new website to be up at
    Jennifer Loy