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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romance Novel Cover Art

I was in my local grocery store the other day (well, I’m in there all the time, it seems) but I cruised by the book selection like I always do. You know me…even though my TBR pile is huge and threatening to overwhelm my house, I still need to see who has a new book out (yes, so I can add to my pile because, you know, I just have to). What caught me this time though, was the cover art on new titles. They’re beautiful. Miniature works of art. 

Take a look at Johanna Lindsey’s “When Passion Rules.” I love this cover. He is turned away from us and we don’t see his face so it gives me the opportunity to visualize the face of anyone I want to complete the picture. 

Take a look at any of Caris Roane’s covers or Jennifer Ashley’s or Kathryne Kennedy’s.  Are these gorgeous or what? 

 I also like covers that just show a picture or symbol, not a model. Amanda Quick’s “Crystal Gardens” is a beautiful cover. So is Nora Roberts’ “The Last Boyfriend” and Sherilyn Kenyon’s “Born of Silence.”

So what about you? What do you like to see on a cover? A handsome man (or just his body)? A beautiful woman? Flowers? A scene from the story?

As always, happy reading!


  1. Hi Marie,
    You know, it's funny because I never "pre-imagine" what I'm looking for on a cover(unless it's my own:), but some just catch my eye.
    I think the mystery of a cover such as Lindsey's with the man's face not showing Or "misty" edges to the picture give an allure to the story.
    The only thing I find that I don't care for much are covers with just the heroine on them. I guess I just like looking at the men!
    Covers are definitely important and kudos to the fantastic artists who create them.

  2. Hi Dawn!
    I, too, love imagining what my covers will look like (and I've had the good fortune to work with some really wonderful artists). I like looking at the men too. There are some really gorgeous guys out there, don't you agree?


  3. Hi Marie, I like the men, but prefer a couple if possible. I don't care for headless torso's at all. I want a face on my man :-) I also like the cover to reflect the genre of romance. Have to admit that flowers or jewelry alone disappoint me.

  4. So agree with you about the headless torsos, Alexis. I like a face on my man, too, especially if he's a great looking man. Jewelry or flowers are okay (IMHO...some are really beautiful). The best covers, also in my opinion, are the ones where there is a couple embracing. *sigh*


  5. Yeah, I guess I can't get enough of those good looking cover men. I do like a shot of the couple, also.
    Alexis, I'm not too wild about the inanimate objects either. Although, I do like scenery. Must be that it gives me a bigger "picture."