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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: TWICE KISSED by Lisa Jackson

The only similarities between twins, Maggie and Mary Theresa, are their California upbringing and their looks.  Oh yeah, and Mary married the man Maggie loved.

Thane Walker lived on the other side of the tracks from the twin’s family.  He’s rugged with an attitude and a killer body.  Maggie can’t keep her eyes or hands off him after she discovers him working on the ranch her horse is boarded at. 

Thane and Maggie.  True love forever until Mary steps in as her sister and seduces an unknowing Thane into marriage.

That’s the beginning of Mary’s dark side and the many-sided faces she portrays for fame. 

Many years later Mary disappears.  Now her ex-, Thane travels far to confront Maggie and ask for help.

 The years evaporate when Thane and Maggie are reunited, yet how can Maggie, with a still wounded heart, trust the man who’s the number one suspect in her sister’s disappearance?

Jackson creates a luckless life for former lovers and finds a way to twist their worlds back together.  As a master at suspense, Jackson makes it hard to imagine Maggie and Thane can ever resolve the past, but I cheered for the unimaginable.       



  1. Dawn,
    I love Lisa Jackson's novels. They're always fantastic, don't you think? She has such a way of bringing one right to the edge! Good thing I'm working my way through my TBR pile because Twice Kissed just got a spot.


  2. Good to hear that I can make your pile bigger!
    I was just going to order some new books, and I can't find my list:{ I will just close my eyes for a moment and it will come to me!