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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dawn Kunda Reviews: THE HOT LADIES MURDER CLUB by Ann Major

The Hot Ladies Murder Club has nothing to do with the heat in Corpus Christi, Texas, but rather the look of the women involved.  Four women all have problems with lawyers butting into their lives and accusing them of preposterous illegalities.

Alcohol relieves stress, or does it cause stress?  Hannah Smith-sounds like an alias to me-lets herself get pulled into a bar, flush with bikers all around, along with the other women who decide to create a club. That would be a club to murder their opposing lawyers.

They really didn’t mean it, but someone else loves the idea.

Joe Campbell pulls out all the tricks to appear as an on-the-edge lawyer when he interrogates Hannah, although he can’t get past her looks and splash of Chanel.  And she does want him dead.  At first.  Until she can’t take her eyes off him or keep away.

Joe and Hannah better figure out their chemistry fast and before the unkown target shooter splatters their DNA against the wall.

This is a delightful read with a little love, lust, and possible death thrown in for seasoning.  Did I forget to mention that one of the club members is a sex addict, romance author?  At least there’s an excuse for the creative ideas tossed in this salad.


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