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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cowboys Never Fold by Lexi Post

Let’s open the new year with a sure hit in romance, Cowboys Never Fold by our classic erotic romance author, Lexi Post! 

A buff and handsome cowboy, Wade Johnson, is sent on a job at Kendra Lowe’s soon-to-open nudist resort.  Wade has no intentions of taking his clothes off, but rather he investigates why Kendra’s former horse managers abruptly leave the establishment.

Kendra, a former poker expert, has no intentions of taking her clothes off either.  She’s intent on opening a successful business.

Wade has a hard time keeping his mind on the job between sabotages on the business, a list of suspects, and no reason for former employees to quit.  Kendra’s sexy transformation into a cowgirl-with clothes on-distracts the mission…for both of them.Cowboys Never Fold

This novella is packed full of conflicts and concerns for Kendra’s business, coupled by the immediate lust between Wade and Kendra.  Lust that turns to love I must sayJ

It’s amazing how many times and variations of intense love-making Wade and Kendra invent and while they’re trying to solve the mystery surrounding the resort!

Sometimes mixing business and pleasure can make a person extremely happy.  Cowboys Never Fold is a grand and fantastic story not to be missed from your book shelf or virtual library!

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  1. Aw, thank you Dawn. That is so nice of you. I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)