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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wolf Runner by Constance O'Banyon

It was easy to figure out where the story took place, the Midwest from New Mexico to Colorado.  The difficult part was figuring out what century. 

The start of the story sounded contemporary, yet it took a hundred pages to assure me that the early 1900’s were a better bet. 

Wolf Runner is a hotty Blackfoot Indian, which held me in the story.  I say this because I’m highly impressed and interested in the Indian culture, yet I’m not a historian and the failure to let me know as a reader what time frame the story covered left me wondering.

Wolf Runner is a half-breed and is ordered by his family to help Cheyenne, who is also a half-breed left to herself after her adoptive grandmother passes. 

They both wear contemporary clothing, vehicles exist, what years I’m not sure, and later (after the first hundred or so pages again) Wolf Runner and Cheyenne ride horses from New Mexico to Colorado.

I very much enjoyed the last half of the book when Wolfy and Cheyenne are able to meet and have to ride horses far and long through the wilderness with nothing but each other and the landscape to survive by.  This half of the book was seductive, genuine, and full of romantic tension. 

I’m glad I didn’t put it down, but the beginning confused me and Wolf Runner and Cheyenne didn’t meet till long in the story.  The first hundred pages are necessary to understand the conflicts, yet to summarize them in two or three chapters would’ve brought us into the romance and story a lot faster and with more satisfaction.    

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