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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Veronica Reviews: HOLD BACK THE DAWN by Amanda Ashley

Hold Back the Dawn
Amanda Ashley

3.5 Stars

Roan is everything you could want in a hero…well almost everything since he’s dead.  But if you don’t mind the pesky vampire business, he’s darn near perfect.  Dark and mysterious with a kind and tortured soul, he has a power to gift the dying with reliving their most cherished memories.  When he finds a beautiful maiden near death after a carriage accident, he looks into her mind searching for her favorite memory, and discovers she is just as lost as he is.  Unsure if it will cure or curse the beauty in his arms, Roan offers her his vampire blood…and waits…

Kathryn Winterbourne is distraught.  Having to leave her home out of fear, she now has no money, nor anywhere to go.  Lost in her thoughts and walking the streets trying to find a solution to her problem, Kathryn becomes a victim of a careless carriage driver, and is struck down, left to die.  When she awakens and finds herself in the arms of a devilish handsome man, Kathryn knows her life has been changed forever…but for better or worse?

I’ve been reading Amanda Ashley’s vampire stories for years and have an entire shelf filled with her wonderful vampire novels.  While reading Hold Back the Dawn, I found myself aggravated over Kathryn’s inability to make a decision, and what Roan saw in her.  Kathryn is one of those heroines that you love to hate…and that, dear reader, is good writing.  Being able to craft a character to the extent you want to reach in the book and smack them for being so irritating and indecisive!  Roan had me hooked from page one, and was the main reason I stuck through reading the rest of the book…I just had to know if he got his much deserved happily ever after!

Amanda Ashley is a gifted storyteller when it comes to vampire romance, and I would recommend to those that enjoy reading paranormal.

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