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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Death in Cold Water by Patricia Skalka

Back to one of my favorite places, Door County, Wisconsin.  The setting is real, only I hope the death never happens as in the novel.   The romance takes a good turn, so I'm all for that.

Dave Cubiak, former Chicago PD homicide, moved to Door County, a little New England, and is elected Sheriff.  Just when things should be festive, warm, and colorful in autumn, arrests are made.  

Gerald Schnieder, heralded philanthropist, is missing.  Schnieder formerly ran a Home for wayward children, too.  When human bones wash up on the beach, Cubiak has an instinct they're related to Schnieder and not in a good way.

It would be nice to have Cate at home, but Cubiak knows she's on a photo shoot and isn't sure she wants to be around.  Their relationship still has a lot of work to be done along with secrets dealt with.

I enjoy the twists and surprises Skalka directs the mystery and the romance.  Hidden history and a pull of gossip give Schnieder a whole new persona, and a meaning to the bones.  Needing Cate's help with photos, there's an opportunity for a meaningful discussion.  Let's hope this leads to a solved mystery and a strengthened romance.

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