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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Scot Mess by Caroline Lee

 A mess of doubles is what you'll find as Finn Oliphant and his brothers, half of them twins (Haha), looking for brides by order of their father.

Finn's father insists that the first son to sire a son will inherit the kingdom.  Great to have the kingdom, but Finn already has his mind on a beautiful lass regardless.

Fiona MacIan is the deal maker for her family, sister of a laird, where she bargains for materials and meats.  She and Finn encountered each other over an ale after an afternoon of bargaining, with laughs and blushes, and a kiss.

After a long wait over many miles, Finn calls on Fiona.  He wants to wed her and bring her to his land.

Fiona is ecstatic and nervous all at the same time.  What if he's not what she remembers?  What if he doesn't feel the same about her anymore?  Fiona's identical twin sister accompanies her.

How can a multitude of identical twins figure out who they're talking with, or who they're kissing?  Let's leave it at that.

Mixed hearts or mixed twins, the blunders and misconceptions mount.  Read this delightful story to find out who knows who their match is.

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