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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Orphan Collector by Ellen Marie Wiseman

 The Philadelphia homes and streets are ravaged by the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.  Pia Lange loves her home, family, and life before the autumn and the sickness prevails in everyone's life.

As a young teen, Pia lives in the countryside of Pennsylvania until her father moves the family to the city for new work.  He leaves for WWI in Europe and her mother and twin baby brothers are left to fight the flu and their German ancestry.

Flynn is the only friend Pia can rely on.  As a young man, he walks her to school and stands up for her when anti-German slurs are yelled.   

Many months pass and Pia is separated from Flynn.  Neither is aware of why, whether it's the flu, lack of home, food, or doings of police or orphan authorities.  

There is one suspicious person, Bernice Groves, who plays an integral part in the separation of Pia and Flynn.  Groves takes advantage of the weak during a crisis and focuses on babies and children.  She is unnoticed in her activities until odd pieces of information begin to collect in Pia's experiences.

I just hope the information can reunite Pia and Flynn after a scarring existence and endurance of family losses.  Love and happiness can be a great healer.

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