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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Thick as Thieves by Sandra Brown

The only thing to get thieves to rat on one another is the woman, no matter what the consequences to themselves.

Arden Maxwell returns to her home town and deserted childhood home.  Her mother passed when she was a child, and her father has been missing since the great heist of Caddo Lake, Texas.  Her father is blamed for the murder during the robbery, and she wants answers.

The small town immediately becomes on alert when she arrives.  Two co-conspirators of the heist remain in town, the corrupt district attorney, Rusty Dyle, and Ledge Burnet whom owns the local bar.  Not a word has been whispered between the thieves in the last twenty years.

They are both watching her closely.

Against Arden's sisters wishes, she immediately sets out to fix the dilapidated home.  No one will do the work except Ledge.  Grudgingly he agrees to be the contractor.  At least he can keep an eye on her.  

Although, Ledge loves what he sees and is afraid of bringing trouble her way.  Rusty has connections and gets rid of anyone he finds disagreeable.  

Arden and Ledge mutually fight their attraction, yet some things are too big to battle.

Sandra Brown masters the surprise in her story.  Whatever you think comes next, think again and you'll still be amazed.  Mystery, romance, deception, and death create the headline for this novel.

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